Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage is known for his versatility. His participation in various genre films like Mandy, Willy’s Wonderland, Leaving Las Vegas, and more has gained him a cult following. Now, the actor will be seen in an all-new genre, as his upcoming movie will explore the childhood of Jesus Christ. Cage is all set to lead the star-studded cast of Lotfy Nathan’s directorial film The Carpenter’s Son. Nicolas Cage’s upcoming film explores the rarely told story of the biblical entity with a horror take.

Deadline reports that the movie has found North American distribution with Anonymous Content and WME, and production company Goodfellas is currently seeking distribution for international markets.

What to Expect from Nicolas Cage’s Upcoming Biblical Horror Film?

Before we dive into what is in store for the upcoming horror film, first, let’s explore the man behind the film, Lotfy Nathan. Nathan made his feature directorial debut with the 2022 drama film Harka. Nathan, who also penned the screenplay of the film, took inspiration from Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation that sparked the Tunisian revolution and Arab Spring in 2010 and 2011. The movie garnered praise for its layered and human approach. Before making his directorial debut with Harka, Nathan directed the 2014 documentary feature film 12 O’Clock Boys, for which he won the HBO Emerging Artist award.

Now, coming back to his new project, The Carpenter’s Son, it is reportedly inspired by the Gospel of Thomas from the Bible, which primarily takes place when Jesus was a boy. The official synopsis of the film reads:  “The Carpenter’s Son tells the dark story of a family hiding out in Roman Egypt. The son, known only as ‘the Boy,’ is driven to doubt by another mysterious child and rebels against his guardian, the Carpenter, revealing inherent powers and a fate beyond his comprehension. As he exercises his own power, the Boy and his family become the target of horrors, natural and divine.”

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Precisely stated, The Carpenter’s Son follows a family of three living in the 2nd Century AD. The film will follow the family’s patriarch and titular patriarch (Nicolas Cage) as he and his wife (FKA Twigs) begin to notice some seemingly supernatural developments within their son (Noah Jupe). The resulting unexplainable events will undoubtedly change the family’s life forever.

As of now, it has not been made explicitly clear if the main family the film will follow are indeed Jesus, Mary, and Joseph from the Bible or if they are connected to the biblical setting in a different capacity.

The Carpenter’s Son is set to begin filming in Summer 2024.

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