Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 10: The latest episode of Not Dead Yet shows the characters at their most vulnerable. While some are ashamed to embrace their true self and rely on other people, the rest of the characters stand confident in being true to who they truly are. The show, at this point, makes us believe in ourselves and wants us to sometime let go of our shame and feeling of being judged and understand that our loved ones are always there for us.

Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 10 Recap:

Episode 10: Not Well Yet

The episode begins with Sam and Denis discussing Nell’s legendary chugging at the bar the previous night. When Lexi overhears their conversation, they share how Nell got sloshed. Lexi, who wasn’t invited to the party, gets defensive and says for future reference, she should also be called for having ‘fun,’ and with her usual uptight tone, she even gets proof from her employee.

When Lexi enquires about Nell coming late to work due to her hangover, Sam tells her that the woman has an indestructible liver that never causes her a hangover. Right then, the elevator door dings, and Nell is seen completely sloshed. When they ask her if it is the hangover, she says that she has a cold and would like to like to immediately get over the assigned obituary about an annoying poet who keeps on reciting random verses based on words he picks up.

Looking at Nell’s condition, Lexi wants her to take the day off, even though Nell wants to finish her obituary. In the following scene, we see Nell completely covered in a blanket and ‘mucus’ as she tries hard to finish her assignment, working from home.

After finishing her assignment, Nell takes a deep sigh, and Edward enters the living room where she had been working. The over-precautious nature of Edward demands Nell to quarantine in her room as he doesn’t like germs of any kind in his surrounding.

Back at the office, Denis and Sam are having their lunch break, and Denis shares that he is nervous about the adoption. When Sam enquires about the last time he asked for a raise, he shares that it was about two years ago, and every time he musters the courage to ask Lexi for a promotion, he always breaks into an English accent to please her. That is when Lexi enters the office cafeteria and asks both of them to blow off their lunch and join her at her club to have fun. Denis and Sam decline her offer claiming they have lots of work to do, but Lexi’s authoritative temperament doesn’t take no for an answer. Eventually, Sam and Denis give in and join Lexi for lunch at her clubhouse.

At Nell’s apartment, she finally gets to be on her own, but Edward storms into her room and demands some chicken noodle soup and lemon honey tea because he is also feeling under the weather and doesn’t have anyone to take care of him (in the last episode we witnessed Edward calling it off with his overcaring girlfriend). Even though Nell wants to rest it off, she agrees to do things according to the ‘man baby’ Edwad has become.

At the country club, after having their lunch, it seems Sam and Denis want to retire. However, Lexi is adamant that they both stay with her and have ‘fun.’ Sam points at Denis in their coded signals to talk about his promotion, but he is obviously scared of Lexi. In this scene, we can also sense that Lexi might be dealing with something personal and finds solace in the company of her friends.

After tucking Edward to bed like a burrito, just the way he wants, Nell finally retires to her room but gets an email about her next assignment, which looks like a migraine gone wrong. It seems Nell’s nightmare is totally sucking her in. The next assignment involves writing an obituary about two dead musicians who are currently decomposing.

It seems Nell is not ready to take up any work, so she calls Denis, who tells her that the next assignment is about  Suzi and Bill Irwin, who were married for 40 years and worked as high school music teachers. Sadly, they passed away, getting crushed under a piano while it was being moved. Unfortunately for Nell, she cannot tell Denis that with every new assignment, she sees the dead people, and until she submits it, the ghosts keep hovering around her, sometimes even irritating her to an extent she can’t take.

Denis wants Nell to rest and do the assignment and disconnects the call, leaving Nell with no option but to deal with her situation. To quickly get over with her work, Nell asks the two dead people to share their life stories with her. The ghosts of Suzi and Bill theatrically explain their life with lots of pop singing that leaves Nell shocked and irritated.

On the other hand, Lexi tries to woo Sam and Denis by ordering a party bus as a regular taxi ride. Sam is taken by surprise and she tells Denis that she understands Lexi is sensitive about her friendship with Nell, but she didn’t know that Lexi would stretch herself to this extent. Meanwhile, Denis finds this as an opportunity to get loaded and ask for a raise.

While Nell is waiting for a reply to her email from Emma Cornish, who knew Suzi and Bill to share a quote about them, Lexi calls Nell to know how they had fun in their own way when they usually hang out. Nell tells one of her fond memory of randomly driving to Vegas, but before she can tell more details, Lexi disconnects the call. It seems she might have already made up her mind for what to do next.

Bill requests Nell not to talk to Emma Cornish about them, saying that is not a good idea because Emma was part of a past that he doesn’t want to discuss and let Suzi find it out.

After learning that Lexi is taking both Sam and Denis to Vegas, Sam finally gets furious and calls out Lexi. She tells her she understands that Lexi wants them to have fun with her, but keeping friends hostage just to compete with Nell is not a good idea, according to her. She says that doing this on a Tuesday is specifically odd.

Back at Nell’s place, we learn that Emma had spoken really high about the couple and even shared that they were offered a spot in the London orchestra. After learning this, Susie gets mad at her husband for lying to her. Bill, however, thinks it is pointless to discuss now that they are dead, but when he sees that his wife is not giving up, he tells her that the spot was only given to him and the chair members thought that Susie was not good enough. At the same, Ewards continues to be a man-baby and every now and then demands Nell’s attention. Nell is fed up with the constant chaos around her, so she flips out at Edward, telling him that it is his fault that his compulsive behavior doesn’t allow him to have a social circle and she cannot be the one to fix everything for him.

In the living room, Nell is sandwiched between the dead couple’s fight and Edward’s peculiar behavior. We know Nell is a caregiver, and she cannot let things go off easily, taking everything on her shoulders. Edward tries to find some soup in the kitchen, and when he is unable to find it, Nell very casually points to the direction where the soup is usually kept. This scene shows us that even though Edward and Nell are not romantically connected, they have a strong bond which is the foundation of their odd relationship. This is what we see from the perspective of the dead couple’s petty fight.

Tina (the odd online editor/party cab driver) drops all of them back at the office. Lexi asks Sam if she is angry at her. To which Sam replies that Lexi should be herself as she doesn’t need another Nell in her life when she already has one. It seems that Lexi wants to share what is bothering her, but since she doesn’t want to break character and be vulnerable so she doesn’t share anything.

Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 10 Ending, Explained:

What is going on with Lexi?

Lexi visits Nell at her apartment and is surprised to see her really content with her life. Without wasting a minute, Lexi asks Nell how she is so proud to live such a ‘garbage’ life. Nell asks her to leave because she has not in a good state of mind, and taking Lexi’s shit is the last thing she wants to do right now. This is when Lexi confesses that the only reason she tried to have a fun day with Nell’s best friends is to be away from the despair of her separation from her husband. It is also he first night that her child Kendall will be staying at her husband’s new condo, and she doesn’t want to go home to an empty house.

This is almost the second time Lexi has unveiled her vulnerable side in front of Nell.  To Lexi, Nell is someone who is always acting her genuine self, and it seems like Lexi wants this kind of character as well, but her strict upbringing doesn’t allow her to show weakness in front of people. For Lexi, being true to herself in front of others is not an option. She finds it odd and is at the same time amused by the fact that Nell can be so effortlessly honest. Nell shares that there is no formula to it, and it’s just that one needs to be how they are at all times.

Lexi thinks people would judge her if she is honest, but Lexi corrects her by telling her that it could mean people are there for you. Nell understands that Lexi looks up to Sam and advises her to share her circumstance with her friend as she would definitely understand her.

The ending of Episode 10 of Not Dead Yet Season 1, we see Nell telling Edward that they both should lean on each other and, especially at the time of their being unwell, they should take care of each other. On the other hand, we also see Lexi sharing her story with Sam and Nell, writing the couple’s obituary, ultimately telling us that our loved ones are not here to judge us but to be present in our vulnerable times.

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