Episode 4 of AMC+’s Parish is titled “Impimpi” and revolves around the gang trying to figure out who the mole is within their own system. Gray’s family is in grave danger after Anton shows up on their doorsteps, and he is forced to take the final plunge into something that he has avoided thus far. In comparison to the last couple of episodes, this one feels slightly more pertinent and polished, but it still doesn’t quite hold up as a thriller featuring Giancarlo Esposito as the lead. For starters, the characters feel pretty single-faceted in spite of so much happening in their life. Sadly, you don’t care for Gray or his family in spite of all the tragedy befalling him. That’s the failure in how the writers have planted seeds of trauma in the narrative but are never able to truly make it important. 

Anyway, the following article will examine what transpires in Parish Episode 4 in detail. Please be aware of spoilers

Parish Episode 4 Recap:

Parish Episode 4 opens up seven years in the past with Gray on one of his regular duties as a limo driver. Only this time, he has been hired by Anton, who wants to ask if he is eager to get back to the old life since he has been putting up a crew. When Gray declines, he warns him about not getting back to his old life, and if he does get to know that he did, he will not be too happy. Fast forward to now when Anton is sitting in Gray’s house with Rose and Gray’s daughter scared.

What does Anton want from Gray?

When Gray questions Anton why he has come to his house, Anton tells him that he wants Gray to get closer to Horse, who has essentially taken over his business after working under him. He wants Gray to kill him right away because the time has now arrived, and he can’t let Horse overpower him. Anton threatens him with his family’s life that would be under his custody until Gray kills Horse. This is when we realize that Gray was the ‘Impimpi’ and he had been working with Anton and his men who ambushed the Horse’s car. 

Anyway, Gray decides to go through with killing Horse now that Anton has got his family. He drives straight to Horse’s place and then calls Colin to tell him about the situation and what he gotta do if things go southways.

Gray reaches Horse’s office, where Zenzo tells him that they have identified him as the traitor, thanks to the detective that they had in place. He wants Gray to lose his grip and confess because they had found a tracker in the car he was driving when they were ambushed. However, Gray turns the accusation around and tells them that he saved Horse when he could have easily let him die. Horse, at this point, is very angry that Anton tried killing his son, so he orders Zenzo and Shamisho to stop wasting time and get him.

Paula Malcolmson as Rose Bourgeois and Arica Himmel as Makayla Bourgeois - Parish _ Season 1, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Alyssa Moran/AMC
Paula Malcolmson as Rose and Arica Himmel as Makayla – Parish _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Alyssa Moran/AMC

We briefly see Gray almost taking the plunge and killing Horse, but he is not able to. Meanwhile, Zenzo is beating one of Anton’s men to a pulp so that he can reveal the identity of the ‘impimpi.’ The man gives up Colin’s name instead of Gray’s (a thing that Anton must have told him to do in case he is caught). Gray is thus forced to make a call to Colin, but he smartly tips him off. This makes Zenzo mad, and he hits Gray.  

Back at Gray’s place, things get tense when Rose suggests that she and Mak make a run for their life or at least attack the people who have placed them under their eyes. At one point, a cop car shows up, too. Later, when Rose realizes that Gray is taking too much time and Anton’s men are getting impatient and might harm her daughter, she waits for one of them to go make a call as she hits the other men over the head and hides in the house.

Parish Episode 4 Ending, Explained:  

Does Gray kill Horse?

When Colin shows up, Horse asks Zenzo and the others to leave him alone with the guy who is being tortured along with Colin and Gray. He then slits the throat of the informant and asks Gray what he thinks of Colin. Gray tricks Horse and takes away his blade, pointing it right to his throat. He then receives a call, but when it is not from the guys who were keeping an eye on his family but from Rose, who had killed the other guy with the gun she found in the previous episode, Gray realizes that he can’t be keeping secrets from Horse anymore. So, he almost threatens him about why he came there to kill him and tells him how Anton threatened to kill his family. 

Gray then takes Colin with him and leaves Horse’s place, saying that he is done with people taking him for granted and that from here on out, he will have control over his life. At the end of Parish Episode 4, Gray arrives home, visibly anxious, only to find his family safe. Meanwhile, Horse approaches Anton directly at one of his events and cheekily offers his own head to him as that is what he desires. 

Will Anton enter into a treaty with Horse, and might it get scary for Gray again? It seems like it. 

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