Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System, also known as Psycho-Pass SS, comprises a trilogy of Japanese anime films derived from characters in the Psycho-Pass television series. Initially revealed in 2018, the films were rolled out by Production I.G in Japan in early 2019 under the helm of director Naoyoshi Shiotani.

The first film, “Crime and Punishment,” follows Reinforcer Nobuchika Ginoza and Inspector Mika Shimotsuki investigating a seemingly cheerful prison. The second, “First Guardian,” delves into the connection between Tomomi Masaoka and Teppei Sugo following the demise of the latter’s friends. The concluding film, “On the Other Side of Love and Hate,” shifts focus to mercenary Shinya Kogami’s life in Eastern countries, where he mentors a vengeful young girl.

Although different writers contributed to each film, director Naoyoshi Shiotani maintained consistency across all three, incorporating hints about the narrative direction of the subsequent season, Psycho-Pass 3.

Voice Cast:

The voice cast of “Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System” trilogy brought depth and emotion to their characters, enriching the narrative experience for viewers. Ayane Sakura, known for her portrayal of Mika Shimotsuki, acknowledged Shimotsuki’s evolution into a more fitting heroine, attributing it to her character’s growth and experiences throughout the series. Kenji Nojima, who voiced Ginoza, expressed similar sentiments, noting the evolution of his character’s traits, particularly a more upbeat demeanor compared to “Psycho-Pass 2.”

One poignant aspect was Kinryū Arimoto’s portrayal of Tomomi Masaoka, serving as a fatherly figure to Ginoza and Kogami. Arimoto’s performance was particularly significant as it marked his final contribution before his passing, leaving a lasting impact on the cast and audience alike.

Hiroki Touchi, the voice behind Teppei Sugo, emphasized the dramatic elements of his character’s story, aiming to appeal to both male and female audiences. Tomokazu Seki, who lent his voice to Shinya Kogami, recognized the pressure associated with portraying such a beloved character, yet appreciated the unique storytelling opportunities presented in the trilogy.

Sumire Morohoshi’s portrayal of Tenzing Wangchuk complemented Seki’s work as Kogami, creating a cohesive dynamic between their characters. Kana Hanazawa’s portrayal of Akane Tsunemori and Akira Ishida’s depiction of Shūsei Kagari added depth to the ensemble cast, while other talented actors like Hiroe Oka, Masaki Terasoma, and Miyuki Sawashiro contributed to the rich tapestry of characters within the franchise.

The English dub cast includes Cherami Leigh, Josh Grelle, and Jason Douglas, among others.

Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Trilogy Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The trilogy of films explores the backstories of characters from the Psycho-Pass television series.

Crime and Punishment

In “Crime and Punishment,” Enforcer Nobuchika Ginoza and Inspector Mika Shimotsuki from Unit 1 encounter a traumatized woman whose state of mind has been altered by a mysterious drug. Upon realizing that the woman worked as a therapist in a special experimental prison, Akane Tsunemori’s team is tasked with returning her there. Inspector Shimotsuki, accompanied by Enforcers Ginoza and Kunizuka, investigates the prison while the rest of the team handles the case in Tokyo.

Within the prison, they discover a unique society where latent criminal prisoners, through a combination of drugs, therapy, and labor, maintain their criminal coefficients below 90 and contribute valuable work to society. Initially viewing the woman as a criminal, Shimotsuki and Ginoza come to understand her actions were to protect a child. Further investigation reveals that the prison warden is exploiting the prisoners to harvest nuclear waste buried beneath the facility, leading to their deaths from radiation poisoning.

Shimotsuki records the warden’s confession and exposes her actions to the prisoners, inciting a riot. Despite the chaos, Shimotsuki and Ginoza hunt down the complicit staff and work to protect the prisoners. They eventually learn that the Sybil System was aware of the warden’s motives, as the prison is situated above the system’s former nuclear waste dumping ground.

First Guardian

Enforcer Teppei Sugo, once esteemed in the military, served as aerial support alongside Itsuki Otomo and Rin, forming a close-knit unit. In a mission outside Japan, Sugo loses Itsuki, leaving him tormented by questions surrounding his abandonment of the squad. MWPSB officers Aoyanagi and Masaoka accuse him of involvement in a terrorist act allegedly by Itsuki. Investigation reveals the military’s use of a bio weapon, killing the team, including Itsuki. Itsuki, aware of the plot, implants his memories into an android for revenge, thwarted by the Bureau. Rin’s attempt to assassinate the commander leads to her death. The Bureau, recognizing the commander’s unstable psyche, terminates him. These events push Sugo to join the MWPSB as an enforcer.

On the Other Side of Love and Hate

In “First Guardian,” Shinya Kogami, now a freelance mercenary, roams the Tibet-Himalaya region. During his travels, he rescues a group of refugees, including Tenzing Wangchuk, a young girl seeking vengeance for her parents’ murder. Despite cautioning Tenzing against the perils of revenge, Kogami agrees to train her in combat.

Their paths intersect with Frederica Hanashiro from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ostensibly on a mission to locate stranded Japanese citizens, known as kimin. Frederica aids Kogami in safeguarding the refugees, but he sustains injuries in the process, necessitating assistance from Garcia, a former UN peacekeeper turned mercenary.

Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Trilogy Ending, Explained:

As Kogami reflects on his past, particularly his pursuit of revenge against Shogo Makishima, he comes to terms with his divergence from the Sybil System. Meanwhile, amidst delicate peace negotiations, Tenzing uncovers Garcia’s malicious intentions, resulting in a confrontation where she sustains severe injuries. Despite her condition, Tenzing manages to relay Garcia’s treachery to Kogami.

With Frederica’s aid and their collaboration secured, Kogami confronts and defeats Garcia, putting an end to his sinister schemes. In the aftermath, Kogami agrees to accompany Frederica back to Japan, marking a significant shift in his journey as he reengages with his homeland and potentially navigates new paths within the complex dynamics of the Sybil System.

Where to Watch Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Trilogy?

The Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System trilogy is available for viewing across various platforms in different regions. Selecta Vision has made the trilogy accessible on Blu-Ray and DVD for Spanish-speaking countries, while Kaze Germany has done the same for German-speaking regions.

In French-speaking countries, Kana Home Video has released the trilogy in both Blu-Ray and DVD formats. For viewers in the UK and Ireland, Anime Limited obtained the licensing rights.

Additionally, for audiences wondering how to stream Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System trilogy, don’t look any further. Crunchyroll is streaming the entire trilogy on their platform.

Watch the trailer here:

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