In episodes 11 and 12 of “Queen of Tears,” we see Hae-in’s health deteriorating, but her relationship with Hyun-woo is improving. Hae-in and Hyun-woo confess how they feel about each other, but Hae-in’s illness is getting in the way of a happily ever after. Eun-seong’s plans fail miserably. However, that does not stop him from taking advantage of Hae-in’s illness and getting close to her. The Hong family receives a clue about the location of the secret fund. Da-hye makes an appearance again.

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Queen of Tears Episode 11 Recap:

The episode begins with Du-gwan and the Hong family reading news articles about Hae-in’s illness. Everyone is devastated and shocked as none of them had any clue about her terminal illness. Hae-in and Hyun-woo lock eyes, and she goes down the stairs towards him, but she faints. As she faints, she wants to apologize to everyone and confess her love for Hyun-woo. She is rushed to the hospital and put in the intensive care unit (ICU).

The family finds out about Hae-in’s illness

Hyun-woo has an emotional breakdown, seeing Hae-in struggle with her illness. Hong’s family and Hyun-woo’s family visit Hae-in and are upset seeing her in the ICU. Seon Hwa asks Hyun-woo what is wrong with her, and the Hong family realizes it’s a tumor. Seon Hwa, in her frustration and guilt, blames Hyun-woo for hiding her illness. She blames him for deceiving them yet again and accuses him of scheming something.

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Beom Jun stops Seon Hwa and tells her they are in no position to be upset, realizing it is their fault for not realizing their child is sick. The doctor tells them that there is swelling in the brain caused by the tumor. Seon Hwa breaks down, and Hyun-woo consoles her and apologizes for not telling them. Hyun-woo also consoles Beom Jun by saying Hae-in does not want her family to be heartbroken, so she keeps it a secret until she feels better. He apologizes to him for telling the family. Beom-ja consoles Seon Hwa, but Seon Hwa feels guilty for ill-treating her daughter and not giving her the required care. Soo-cheol blames himself for Hae-in’s illness and tells Hyun-woo about the talisman he carries to drop Hae-in’s energy. He tears the talisman to pieces.

Man-Dae wakes up from his coma

Beom-ja and Grace reach the hospital. Man-dae is transferred, but Seul Hee catches up with them. She throws them out of the lift, but Beom-ja takes the stairs and reaches his room. Seul Hee does not let her inside, and Beom-ja breaks down and pleads to Seul Hee to let her see him once. Seul Hee lets her in but asks her to leave immediately; if she does not, she will be kicked out. Beom-ja agrees.

Beom-ja rushes in and finds Man-Dae sitting on the hospital bed. She hugs her father and cries. She starts bad-mouthing Seul Hee and tells her she is no longer the guardian. Beom-ja asks Man-dae if Seul Hee is the one who harmed him, but Man-dae responds by asking who she is. Seul Hee is happy, and Beom-ja is kicked out. Seul Hee makes sure people notice how she is taking care of Man-dae.

Grace has switched sides and is with Seul Hee. At home, Seul Hee calls a meeting and ensures every document goes through her before it goes to Eun-seong. Man-dae sees a game in the bedroom, and he starts feeling uncomfortable. Seul Hee sends everyone outside and screams at Man-dae to tell her where the secret fund is. Grace overhears it.

Hae-in bonds with her family

Soo-cheol tears the talisman, and Hae-in wakes up. She scoffs at him for his absurd ideas and apologizes to him. Hae-in tells Hyun-woo she loves him and apologizes for not treating him right. She also tells him that she is getting everything out in case she dies. Hyun-woo promises not to let her die, and they hug it out. He also tells her that he is praying and that if she dies, he will live on the streets and lose himself to alcohol. Beom Jun tells Hae-in not to worry and that he will get help.

Seon Hwa is not ready to meet her daughter, as she feels guilty for giving her stress and not treating her right their entire life. Seon Hwa opens up and tells Hyun-woo that she never held her daughter, even once when she reached out. Hae-in listens and scolds her mother, saying the tumor is not because of stress. She tells her she was a problematic daughter as well. Secretary Na visits Hae-in, asks her to return to work and hugs her.

Hae-in and Eun-seong meet, and Hae-in tells him she is with Hyun-woo and warns him not to provoke her ever again. Eun-seong tries to provoke Hyun-woo, and he almost hits him, and this hurts Eun-seong’s ego. He tries to hit Hyun-woo but gets beat up instead. Eun-seong calls the broker and asks him to get rid of Hyun-woo. Hong’s family and Hyun-woo’s family have a meal together; this time, it feels like a real family. Seon Hwa prepares a diet plan for Hae-in to improve her white blood cells. Meanwhile, Soo-cheol decides to learn how to box to protect his family. Da-hye is worried about Soo-cheol.

Hyun Woo’s internal audit

Queen of Tears Episodes 11 & 12
A still from “Queen of Tears” Episode 11

It is time for Hyun-woo’s audit, and the company’s people are hell-bent on firing him. However, his friends, who are attorneys, come to represent him. The company people are unwilling, but the attorneys state the law. Yang-gi and the others have enough proof that everything they accuse Hyun-woo of is fabricated, including his signatures. Hyun-woo and his friends grab a bite, and he asks his friend to find out about the secret fund movements.

Man-Dae’s secret fund

Eun-seong or Seul Hee don’t know where the secret fund is, but Hyun-woo gives Hae-in an idea of where it might be. They call Grace in for a meeting, and she confirms that Seul Hee has no idea where it is, but the funds are in her name. They feel the money is currently in Korea, and they disguise themselves as buyers of the place to see if the money is stashed away somewhere. Eun-seong also sees a letter and realizes the location. He tries to call, but Hyun-woo unplugs the phone. Hyun-woo makes sure he brings a tech guy to check the computer.

Hae-in’s health is deteriorating

Hae-in confesses to Hyun-woo that she is having problems. Hae-in tells him it took time for her to recognize Soo-cheol at the hospital, and she couldn’t find her way to the room. She assumed these things might happen to other people. But as the doctor predicted, it also happened to her. She tells him to leave her side when all the symptoms start to occur and that it is her wish. After visiting the place where the secret fund might be, it starts raining. Hyun-woo goes away to get the car.

Hae-in closes her eyes for a moment, and she opens them, hearing Hyun-woo. She goes to the car with him but realizes someone is tailing them. The other person blocks their vehicle. From the other car, Hyun-woo emerges, and Hae-in is scared. In the reflection, she sees her sitting in the car with Eun-seong. Eun-seong locks the car doors. Hyun-woo yells out her name, and she is in shock. In the epilogue, we see Hyun-woo getting worked over negative comments about Hae-in.

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Recap:

The episode begins with Hyun-woo and Hae-in copying data from the building. Hae-in recognizes the truck seen in one of the footage. She remembers Man-dae asking everyone to leave the house, and she had seen the same truck in front of their house. They realize the money is probably at home. It starts raining, and Hyun-woo walks away to get his car. Eun-seong is driving by, finds Hae-in, and helps her. Hae-in thinks Eun-seong is Hyun-woo. Eun-seong lets Hae-in think he is Hyun-woo and helps her inside the car. Hyun-woo stops them from driving away, and Eun-seong tells Hae-in to lie to Hyun-woo so he is not shocked.

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Eun-seong takes advantage of Hae-in’s illness

Hae-in lies to Hyun-woo, saying she is going with Eun-seong to meet her grandfather. Eun-seong insists that Hae-in get changed and have a meal with him before meeting Man-dae. Hae-in refuses to eat or drink as she is uncomfortable being around Eun-seong. Eun-seong tells Hae-in he wants to clarify any misunderstanding between them. He reminds her about the incident with the dog when they were children.

Eun-seong also says he saved her from drowning when she was a child. Hae-in softens after listening to it. She then meets Man-dae and realizes he does not recognize Hae-in. She gives him a pen that he had gifted her when she became a CEO and tells him to go near it and talk, as the pen can take in audio. Seul Hee asks her about the secret fund indirectly, and Hae-in brushes her off and storms out of the house. Eun-seong gets a call saying Hyun-woo is dead.

Hyun-woo’s escape

Hyun-woo lets Hae-in drive with Eun-seong, but as soon as they leave, someone hits Hyun-woo on his head. He wakes up after a while and realizes he is tied and put inside his car by Mr. Pyeon. Mr. Pyeon is ready to inject him with something, but Hyun-woo stops him and tells him to kill him after five minutes. He asks him to confirm with the person who ordered him to kill him and check if he will keep his end of the promise. Mr. Pyeon calls Eun-seong and asks him about the money. Eun-seong tells him to lie low and that it will be dangerous to meet as people will get suspicious.

Hyun-woo reminds Mr. Pyeon about the charges he will have to face if he kills him. Mr. Pyeon lets him go, and Hyun-woo enters the forest to find Hae-in. Eun-seong can see Hyun-woo from the CCTV cameras and calls Mr.Pyeon. Mr. Pyeon relays everything that happened and blackmails Eun-seong to send the money; otherwise, he will take him down with him.

The truth about Eun-seong’s childhood

Queen of Tears Episodes 11 & 12
Another still from “Queen of Tears” Episode 11

Eun-seong is furious and breaks all the cutlery at home. Seul Hee finds him in this sorry state and asks if he realizes Hae-in has been using him. Eun-seong is dejected but tells her he always knew and let her use him as it is his habit since his mother has permanently abandoned him and used him as well. Seul Hee breaks the truth to Eun-seong.

She tells him she always knew what was happening with Eun-seong even though they never spoke. Moreover, she talks to him about the parents in the US who were abusive, how they died, and the director of the orphanage’s death. She tells him that was her way of taking care of him. She also tells him not to get used by Hae-in even though he loves her.

Hae-in and Hyun-woo’s rocky relationship

Hyun-woo finds Hae-in, but she is unable to recognize Hyun-woo properly. She asks him about his wound, and listening to his reply, she is sure it is Hyun-woo. He takes her to his house after the divorce and cooks for her. She tells him about the pen she has given Man-dae. They wake up, and Hyun-woo hugs her. Then, Hyun-woo goes back to sleep for a little while. He takes her to a beautiful sunset spot and requests her to withdraw the divorce request. Hae-in puts the ring on but returns it, saying she can’t do it.

Hyun-woo reminds her of her comment the previous night about wanting to marry him in every rebirth. Hae-in tells her about her illness and how she is getting worse by the day. She tells him that she is unable to recognize him, and as it is her wish, he stops being by her side when things get worse. Hae-in tries on the ring the following day, and Hyun-woo wants to return it. Hyun-woo understands Hae-in’s sentiments and decides against them.

The Panic Room

Grace meets Seul Hee and Eun-seong, who know she helped Hyun-woo enter the woods from the back gate. Grace tells them Hyun-woo thinks the secret fund is at home. Seul Hee and Eun-seong are alerted. At the same time, Hyun-woo meets with the Hong family. Hae-in tells them that when she met Man-dae, he told her something bizarre. Man-dae asked Hae-in to come home if there was a war, as there was an air raid at home. The family remembers Man-dae mentioning a panic room, but none of them have seen it. Hyun-woo tells them about all the floor plans he tried to see, but none of them showed a secret room.

Hyun-woo takes Yang-gi’s help and meets the builder. They see something peculiar, and Hyun-woo tells the family that the lifts in the house are made differently. The lift from Man-dae’s room seems to have two doors, and the other door probably leads to the panic room. Meanwhile, Beom-ja and Yeong-song bond over their relationship with their parents. Eun-seong remembers Soo-Cheol mentioning the panic room and getting people to check the house.

Da-hye’s return

Da-Hye hides from her real husband, Jun-ho, but he finds her. Jun-ho is abusive, and he does not care about their son. He only cares about money. Furthermore, he tells Da-hye that he has arranged for Soo-cheol to be arrested. The abuse starts to get to Da-hye, and she decides to drug him and leave. She looks to Soo-cheol for help. Seon Hwa is mad at her, but Da-hye tells her she is returning everything she took from them. She also tells Soo-cheol that she is ashamed and can’t live with him, but she wants to warn him about the arrest. Soo-cheol tells her that she must live with him regardless of what happens.

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Ending Explained:

Is Man-dae alive?

Man-dae is not taking his medication and hides it in his pill box. Seul Hee catches him one day and asks if he has short moments of remembrance. He asks Seul Hee if this is the reason she has been with him all these years, and Seul Hee tells him it is because she has never loved him. She physically tries to hurt him so he can reveal the location of the secret fund, but he remains quiet. Hong’s family and Hyun-woo decide to call the cops the next morning, report captivity, and enter the house to find the money.

They reach the location, and they find out that Man-dae is dead. We see that he has taken his own life. The funeral is held, and everyone in the family is mourning. Hyun-woo tells Seul Hee that she needs to return all the money and shares as Man-dae is dead, and it is effective immediately. They enter the house and get inside the lift. Hyun-woo tries to find the secret door, and as expected, the lift has two doors, and it opens. In the epilogue, we see Seon Hwa and Bong-ae looking at photo albums, and in a flashback, we see Hyun-woo as the one who had saved Hae-in from drowning.

Man-dae is seen going near the pen, and in the coming episodes, he says anything on it can help the family get revenge on Seul Hee and Eun-seong. Da-hye may play a crucial role in trapping Eun-seong. Hae-in may or may not die in the end, but her sickness can become a weakness for Hyun-woo and Hong’s family. Considering her evil nature, Seul Hee may not return the money or shares that easily. The next four episodes will be filled with each side making a move on the other. The revelation of the secret fund may create more chaos.

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