The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2), Episode 6: George, Kate, Constance, Martina, and Reynie were at the mercy of Dr. Garrison and ‘The Water Polo Team.’ Milligan and Ms. Perumal were surrounded by ‘The Grays.’ Things didn’t look good for The Mysterious Benedict Society heading into this episode, and despite small wins, it seems they are running into every possible trap.


The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 6:

‘A Commitment to All Things Cozy’ Recap

The episode begins with the water polo team telling the five children to stay still as it won’t hurt them. One of the quartet displays handcuffs before a smoke grenade gets into the room. It affects every adult, and Rhonda subdues the villains when the smoke clears. The children greeted her enthusiastically, and then the water polo team claimed they were independent contractors.

The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 6

Dr. Garrison kept quiet about Curtain’s location, but she offered it in exchange for her freedom. She blamed him for her position and living situation, claiming that his destruction was in her best interests. This was a situation of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Once they got the information about the location, they heard another noise. Seconds later, ‘The Grays’ arrive but collapse thanks to darts fired at the back of their necks. It is revealed that Milligan and Ms. Perumal overcame adversity at the train station and decided the children’s location based on clues from one of the ‘Gray’ units.

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Dr. Curtain had sent out numerous henchmen to trail the group (his worthy adversaries). They fled into the night and split into three groups. Milligan, Kate, and Martina fled in a van, escaping just in the nick of time as Milligan took an electric shock to his thigh. George, Constance, and Ms. Perumal fled in another direction, with the latter sacrificing herself and allowing the two children to escape. Rhonda and Reynie went off on the scooter that Perumal had used to get them from the parked blimp to the station.


Rhonda and Reynie’s scooter sputtered and stopped, delaying their journey to Curtain’s farm. Here, Rhonda helped Reynie work through his frustrations and feel better. He even took off his precious sweater vest in frustration. Milligan, Kate, and Martina stopped for food. Martina purchased fruits while Milligan and Kate and a father-daughter moment about being them and being concerned. Kate didn’t want the concern; as she had learned to take care of herself over the years, she assumed she had been abandoned at the beach. Milligan brought up the time she fell off the cliff and into his arms on Curtain’s island in season 1. 

Once at the farm, Kate and Martina spoke about how the former should understand that her father is trying to be involved in her life and not just around but disinterested. Kate understood this and allowed the plans to go ahead as envisioned. Martina sensed the tension and pep-talked the father-daughter duo before returning to the van.


Martina snuck onto the farm and ran into Jackson and Jillson. They called her a traitor, but she convinced them she returned to make amends. Initially, they refused to believe this, as Martina is a wanted criminal for fleeing with her Tetherball team’s can. They eventually bought her story and shared an embrace where Martina swiped a key. Martina sprinted out of the building as Jackson and Jillson headed to find the necessary paperwork. 

On the outside, Milligan and Kate moved to a rendezvous where they encountered Reynie and Rhonda. Where were George and Constance?

They hitched a ride on a chicken truck to Italy and got off in the middle of nowhere. The duo found refuge in a Danish couple’s house and received a rather over-friendly welcome. Constance dismissed the scone she got there and earned George’s frustration. She then picked up a remote and watched Curtain’s show. It seemed to have an effect on her mind as she put on a happy face, i.e., something totally against her nature. She even praised the couple’s subsequent attempt to give her food and urged George (calling him Sticky) to tell her about the Boatwright Academy. Constance even praised him for narrating the story to her. George sensed something was way off, but before he could act on it, ‘The Grays’ emerged and surrounded the house.


On the farm, Dr. Curtain seemed to be training a new youngster (Auguste) with his control technique to induce a state of artificial happiness. He then chatted with Nicholas and tried to keep him away from Number Two by positioning her as someone who could be a problem. Dr. L.D. Curtain then got a call from his men, informing him of Ms. Perumal’s capture. Nathaniel didn’t seem impressed and ordered his men to find the children. Jackson and Jillson then showed Curtain the frozen individuals, which he dismissed as an anomaly, and reminded his two helpers that they could not share the information. In true villain fashion, he even dismissed the findings of the doctor.


The lead member of ‘The Grays’ then succeeded in 50% of his goal as he got hold of George and Constance. 

Simultaneously, Mr. Benedict put into motion Number Two’s plan to capture his twin. Nicholas summoned Nathaniel, got him at ease, and then Number Two served him tea. Just as Dr. Curtain was about to drink it, Benedict stopped him and suggested that he add sugar to it to make the sip sweet. Number Two rolled her eyes and answered the knock on her door.


The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 6: Ending Explained 

The ending saw Kate, Milligan, Rhonda, and Reynie make it to the farm. Martina left as she understood her actions (driving away with her tetherball team’s van in frustration at being benched by politics) caused problems that had made the newspapers. 

Number Two seemingly fell victim to the happiness-inducing technique just as the credits rolled. 

Will Dr. Garrison return?

Dr. Garrison’s absence seemed a tad odd, as one believed she would do more than share Curtain’s location with the team. As the happiness experiment was her creation, and she knew the risks, it is obvious she would have a way to reverse the effects or counter the procedure. Hence, one can expect Dr. Garrison to feature at some point over the next two episodes.


Is Number Two in a state of artificial happiness?

With people as sharp as Mr. Benedict and Number Two, it is difficult to say if the trick has worked on them. However, as it worked on Constance, all bets are off. It seems likely that Number Two will ooze happiness to balance the scales with the arrival of the Benedict Society at Curtain’s farm. 

Who are all still there to fight Dr. Curtain’s evil scheme?

This is important as with all the back and forth and sacrifices; it becomes confusing to know who is on who’s the team. Imagine the sight of a turned Constance dissuading Kate from acting on a plan to stop Dr. Curtain.

At this point, based purely on what has happened on screen, Number Two, Mr. Benedict, Ms. Perumal, George, and Constance are either captured or in a state of induced happiness. Hence, they will be unknowingly used against the group comprising Kate, Milligan, Rhonda, and Reynie. As most (all) of the leading players are in North Italy on Curtain’s farm, it’s fair to say we are in the endgame.


This episode was more like the fourth one, i.e., the calm before the storm. Just two episodes remain, and anything is possible now. More questions will emerge, with the penultimate episode being an absolute blockbuster.



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