The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 5 “Blank Expression”: Constance was missing, the water polo team was on the hunt, and Dr. L.D had taken Mr. Benedict. Curtain’s mind control happiness. While last week’s episode seemed a tad slow, the ending picked up steam. This week’s recap also included elements from the season 1 finale to provide a hint to audiences that big things were incoming.


The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 5: “Blank Expression” Recap

Reynie, George, and Kate got off the train and stood on a countryside train platform. Constance was without them and had definitely vanished. George seemed shocked, and Reynie kept trying to take the blame on himself. At that point, Kate came in and urged the boys to focus on rectifying the situation. When the duo wanted to alert the cops, she told them why it wouldn’t be a good idea and even reminded them to start thinking like Europeans: kilometers and not miles.

The trio came across five potential spots (train checkpoints) and set about on their rescue mission.

The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episodes 5

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Kate contacted Martina, who used her semi-pro team’s tetherball van to help the trio cover the distance they needed to investigate Constance’s disappearance. Martina revealed she ditched her team while warming the bench due to politics. Her life has changed due to Dr. Curtain, and she said her college transcripts were ridiculed.

They reached the first checkpoint and saw it undisturbed, leading to Martina, George, and Kate wanting to visit the following location. However, further investigation there led to the discovery of tire tracks, a car with different tires on the left and the right. They followed it to a village and came across the abandoned vehicle in the middle of nowhere.


In an unknown location, Constance, asleep with a teddy bear in her hands, awoke and tossed it aside. A figure with boots arrived and picked it up, revealing herself as Dr. Garrison.


She revealed she isn’t working with Dr. Curtain after he blames the emergency on her. This, per her, occurred after she refused to test the happiness invention on humans without further results. Hence, she rebuilt ‘The Whisperer’ and procured Constance to identify the one flaw in her story. When the young girl refused to destroy ‘The Whisperer,’ Garrison revealed she had rebuilt another machine, one more choice for Constance. ‘The Whisperer’ or ‘The Brainsweeper.’ Constance picked ‘The Whisperer’ and continued to troll the water polo team.

We now understand why ‘The Grays’ and the water polo quartet walked right past each other at the train station in the previous episode.

They also revealed they were underfunded, but Dr. Garrison urged them to be patient for a day or two. She then turned on the machine, and ‘The Whisperer’ welcomed Constance back. 

Constance refused to comply with Garrison’s demands and cooperated with ‘The Whisperer.’ A furious Dr. Garrison then instructed Constance to obey. The young girl interpreted the command in her way, took off the helmet, and tossed it at the machine to destroy it. Undeterred, the doctor took Constance to a room and asked her to use her inner eye to guess what was behind the card. The insults continued until Dr. Garrison broke down.


Rhonda, Milligan, and Miss Perumal were at the train station, having not boarded the same train as the children and the water polo team. Once there, they learned of the kids’ destination. Rhonda then offered to split from the two as she found out someone had been purchasing material to reconstruct ‘The Whisperer.’ Milligan wasn’t on board initially but agreed to it. Rhonda visited a location to learn the address of the one purchasing raw materials for ‘The Whisperer’ and got an address. Meanwhile, Perumal revealed her first name to Milligan at Burgrub station, just seconds before ‘The Grays’ surrounded them.


Number Two barged into Curtain’s office and asked him to free her and Benedict. He calmly sat down for lunch, offered her a plate, and spoke about how he saved his brother. Curtain even offered to let Mr. Benedict go if he so desired it. Still, Number Two told him her employer wasn’t pleased as joy triggered his narcolepsy, an episode he had yet to suffer while in a state of artificial happiness. They watched a session at Curtain’s farm before Mr. Benedict displayed signs of it being an act. He even changed his usual attire and got into a completely relaxed state to leave Number Two exasperated.


The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 5: Ending Explained 

The ending saw Martina, Kate, Reynie, and George go through the trapdoor into the root cellar. They discovered Constance and a sobbing Dr. Garrison. As soon as they announced they would leave, the villain gathered herself, and the water polo team surrounded the kids. 

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Is Mr. Benedict putting on an act?

Mr. Benedict kept dropping hints that he was in control and not a victim of Dr. Curtain’s scheme. However, his attire change and lack of narcoleptic episodes proved worrying. He does seem in his element and is talking to his associate as though he is still keen on stopping his brother. Benedict even speaks about how he has gotten close to his brother. The Trojan horse theory may still exist; given the looks of things, this will only stop once Mr. Benedict becomes a statue. Given how things are going on the farm with particular subjects, this seems to be just a matter of time.


Did Dr. Garrison plan to capture the children? 

Dr. Garrison could have taken all four children off the train during George’s watch. However, she just wanted Constance as she had destroyed ‘The Whisperer.’ The other four children could be seen as collateral, but then again, picking up four children, especially someone like Kate, could have been dangerous. Also, they could have easily captured Constance from Mr. Benedict’s villa rather than waiting for all four of them to be together. 

Hence, a theory is that Dr. Garrison planted a trial to get the children to come to her. The different tires on each side of the car were an obvious clue, one she would have been certain The Mysterious Benedict Society would spot and follow. After all, she was at Dr. Curtain’s school and knew exactly what to expect from children who gained acceptance there.


Where will Miss Perumal and Milligan be taken? 

The obvious answer to this would be Mr. Benedict’s farm. But they are in Germany, and Number Two spoke to gendarmes when she sneaked off the farm. Hence, Germany isn’t the location as gendarme is the term used in French-speaking countries. Getting Milligan and Perumal, first name Dipika, across the border may be challenging, even if they are outnumbered 8 to 2.


As Milligan spoke to Perumal about her surprising him, ‘The Grays’ showed up, seemingly setting up a situation for the educator to dazzle her companion with her insane and unseen fighting abilities. 

To answer the question, Miss Perumal and Milligan will not be taken anywhere. 


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