Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 3 & 4: The Korean drama series – Revenge of Others narrates a teenage girl’s journey toward finding her twin brother’s murderers. However, this mystery thriller narrative touches upon sensitive subjects about the lives of such characters and intriguingly presents them. While you wish the mystery to be revealed, you also want the characters to get their due justice in the issues from their lives. Lee Hee Myung serves as a screenwriter for this K-Drama, while Kim Yoo Jin serves as the director. The series, starring Shin Ye-Eun, Lomon, Seo Ji-hoon, and Lee Soo-min in the lead roles, is streaming on Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

The previous episode of Revenge of Others ends on a cliffhanger when Chan-mi bumps into Soo Heon when he jumps out from the wall outside their school. The ending made me assume various possibilities – whether she was in on Soo Heon’s plan or whether she would take him to the authorities after catching him red-handed. However, it happens to be just a coincidence of her driving by that road and surprisingly finding him there. She does not seem to have any evident purpose for her travel either. He does not even cook up a reason for his rather suspicious action. So, they go their separate ways.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episode 4

Later, they met each other in a memorial park while he was paying respect to his older brother – Ji Soo-Min, who passed away three years. He asks her whether she knows Soo-Min, and she is left with no other option but to reveal her relationship with Park Won Seok. After telling him about being Won Seok’s twin, she requests him to keep it a secret. While they were candid, he shared the frightening bullying incident his brother was subjected to, which led to his suicide. They bond over the death of their brothers and walk back.

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Meanwhile, at school, the students learn that a hooded figure beat Sa Jung Kyung. They are happy to see this sexual molester made to leave their school. While none of them has an idea who the figure is, they are thankful for what this person did. Later, during a basketball match, she comes across Gi Osung, the guy who was accused of getting Hong Ajung pregnant. While playing, Soo Heon suddenly faints and falls on the floor. Kuk Ji-Hyeon gets enraged by this and accuses Gi Osung he made it happen. Meanwhile, we also sense her jealousy towards Chan-mi since they have been close in the recent past.

Chan-mi later meets Gi Osung outside their school and tries to make him open up about the accusation and also about Won Seok’s death. He does not share anything and leaves the place but forgets to take his phone while leaving. Upon reaching his house, she follows him to return it and learns that Kuk Ji-Hyeon lives in the same place. She realizes that they are part of the same family. Meanwhile, Mr. Min thanked So Yeon for making Sa Jung Kyung leave the school and sharing money as promised before. She keeps the extra amount he gave in Soo Heon’s locker to help with his financial issues.

The next day, Gi Osung meets Chan-mi outside the school and informs her that his father married Kuk Ji-Hyeon’s mother, which is why they live in the same house. He asks her to keep it a secret, and she agrees to do so. Meanwhile, Sa Jung Kyung is brought back to the school in a wheelchair, and the police officers are trying to find the culprit. The students are against it since they consider this person to be ‘A hero.’ However, they also feel that this might be the same person behind Won Seok’s death because of some similarities in the incidents, and both have a negative reputation among them.

Upon hearing it, Chan-mi remembers Soo Heon’s white shoes with blood drops and goes to his place. Since he is not there, she walks right inside and looks for the same shoes. When she finds it and tries to get out, she senses him being outside. While playing with his cat, he has an attack. However, she decides to sneak out while he is unaware of her presence. She does not wish for him to know about this incident since she broke in and entered, and she also wants to keep her relationship with Won Seok hidden from him. Helping him with his medical issue would have made him aware that she had followed him before.

However, he sees her from the top floor while she walks past his neighborhood. He goes back to his room and finds his shoe missing. Meanwhile, the police officers notice her motorcycle driving past the schoolyard that night and inquire about it and the person she met there. Since she stopped there for a bit, they deduced that she knew this person. She sees no option but to say that it was Soo Heon. The officers then question him, who cooks up a lie related to his martial arts practice. The female officer sees blood on his shoes right before he leaves their car and gets suspicious of him.

The next day, he confronts Chan-mi for making the officers come to question him. She notes that she did not have any other option and gives back the shoe that he assumed she gave them as evidence. She gives them right back to him and apologizes for stealing them before. While leaving, he shares his knowledge about her being Won Seok’s twin sister and her decision to come to their school to seek his murderer. He tells her that ‘the hero’ had nothing to do with it and she should leave right away. Afterward, at school, a nude photo of Kuk Ji-Hyeon is shared online, and every student from their school sees it.

She gets enraged, traces the source she could find, and confronts her. It happens to be Chan-mi’s friend – Da Yeon, who says she sent the photo. When Kuk Ji-Hyeon goes to confront Chan-mi about it and slaps her, Soo Heon stops her from any further attack and takes Chan-mi away from the crowd of spectators. While they go outside, he threatens her to leave the school as he advised, or such things will keep happening to her. Later, Da Yeon apologizes for telling her name, but she is not angry at her.

She sees the messages sent from her contact to Da Yeon’s phone and finds the timing of that image being sent, colliding with when she collapsed in their school auditorium. That is when Jae Beom saves her and takes her to a hospital owned by his family. She asks him if he can look through the security footage to see who the attacker is. While he sees a hooded figure going inside before him in the footage, he tells her that only he came in that day after her. Later at school, a detail about Kuk Ji-Hyeon is shared across the school, indicating her to be Gi Osung’s sister.

She gets angry at Chan-mi yet again, considering her to be behind spreading this news about her. However, Chan-mi does not pay heed to her anger. That enrages Ji-Hyeon even more, who tells Gi Osung to share a detail about Chan-mi with the school committee, saying that she is living illegally at a place. While the hostel she was staying at only allowed college students, the warden made an exception for this school-going girl. That costs her now because of the reveal.

While Chan-mi is on her way back to her hostel, Ji-Hyeon and some of her friends stop her and attack her left and right. She fights back these bullies and ends up getting severely injured. Soo Heon sees this from his terrace home and feels pity for her. Meanwhile, when she goes to her hostel, the warden says that he has been ordered to escort her out with all her stuff that night. By that time, several nude photos of her are also shared and pasted on a board next to her hostel.

While she is busy removing them, Soo Heon pops up behind her, who has been following her all this time, offers her to stay at his place for the night. She initially rejects this offer but eventually agrees. Since she did not have a meal after lunch, they went out to have some food. Since his home is right on the terrace of his boxing classes, he gives her a patch used by them to help her with her body pain. The following day, she cooks up a delicious breakfast for both of them, and they both savor it.

Later at school, Chan-mi confronts Ji-Hyeon about the attacks on her and informs her that she did neither of the things from the day before. She still does not believe her. Outside their class, while the sexual molester Sa Jung Kyung has a heated conversation with Gi Osung, he enters their auditorium and finds Jae Beom. His bully peers start attacking Jae Beom due to an old conflict between them, and Soo Heon comes by to save him. He fights them back to the point of almost punching one of them dead.

That’s when Jae Beom stops him from committing a crime. And while both were jealous of each other’s closeness with Chan-mi, they bonded in this unity against Jung Kyung. Later, when Chan-mi goes to her gym locker, she finds a note that asks her to meet in the auditorium at 5 PM. At the same time, all the students were brought in to hear a guest speaker speak; the presentation video glitched and started showing a different video instead. In this video, Won Seok is being dropped down from one of the floors.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episode 4 Ending Explained

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 3 & 4

Upon seeing that video, Chan-mi gets terrified and stays frozen in her seat for a while. The police officers, meanwhile, also see the video and find that Chan-mi’s claim about the death being a murder was right. While the female officer – Jin So Jung, is determined to investigate the case, her next superior stops her since she does not belong to a homicide department. However, her superior appoints Jin So Jung as the lead investigator on this case, noting her better understanding.

Later, Jae Beom meets Gi Osung and confronts him about following Chan-mi to the auditorium, attacking her, and later sending Ji-Hyeon’s nude photo through her phone. In the video he saw, he recognizes the shoes he gifted to Gi Osung, which are limited edition. As a result, Gi Osung confesses to it and tells him about Chan-mi being Won Seok’s twin sister, which is why he hates her. Meanwhile, the bullies who attacked Chan-mi also harass So Yeon on the order of Ji-Hyeon.

The next day, a pair of shoes is hung on a tree next to their school. While Jae Beom is trying to deduce how it got there, Gi Osung pops by and shows an identical pair – indicating that the limited-edition shoes he spoke about are not limited in reality – and that he cannot be pinned down as the sole suspect. It seems like a sign of the beginning of a conflict between both. Meanwhile, Chan-mi gets another note in her locker, asking her to meet at the shooting range sometime later. Surprisingly, she finds Jae Beom standing there when she reaches there.

Through these two new episodes, many new relations from the past are disclosed, furthering our understanding of the characters in order to think about the motives behind their actions. It also showcases a brewing relationship between Chan-mi and Soo Heon, who both are looking to find a way out of their misery. The official investigation case is yet to unravel, and the subsequent episodes will take us forward in revealing the culprit.

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