Rain Dogs (Season 1) Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: After spending some time in the refuge home, Costello and Iris had to move out due to an unfortunate accident. Costello was already struggling to adjust to her new surroundings in London because she was spending loads of time in a peaceful village. Still, she refused to move to a flat in another town and saw her future only in London.

Now in the latest episode of ‘Rain Dogs,’ Costello chooses to move to the countryside because of a lucrative deal. She now faces another set of battles due to her sudden fame. On the other hand, Selby has a heated conversation with his therapist while still hoping to reunite with Iris and Costello.

Spoilers ahead.

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Rain Dogs (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7: You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby

Costello (Daisy May Cooper) sits in a posh exhibition, gazing at the paintings with her perverse friend, Lenny (Adrian Edmondson). Apparently, there has been more than one positive development in her life. Her cry of revolt against the Pashmina lady was recorded, put online, and became viral over time. That’s when a man from Bloomsbury Publishing named Barnaby took notice of her and then approached her to buy her book.

Now he is her editor, and she is considered to be a modern Joan of Arc. She hates that. She hates it more than she is poor despite the fame. Besides, the council has offered her a place in Somerset. If she does not take it, she will be homeless due to her own fault. However, the need to move out of the city upsets her. She hopes her book deal will get her back to the city. Still, she will only consider that she made it once she sees her book out for sale. Lenny shares a pearl of wisdom – ‘Perfection doesn’t last. It isn’t meant to.’ Perhaps it is his way to make her manage her expectations in the future – not be a wreck if she does not get it just right.

In the asylum, Fen (Daniel Phung) gives Selby (Jack Farthing) a visit after ages. During their small talk, Selby complains about the lack of broadband and microwaved food. Fen offers him some food and then shares the news of Costello’s new deal. It mentions her as an authentic, working-class, single mom. Selby knows she will hate that. On the other hand, he looks at it as her not depending on him for money. Then, why would she need him henceforth? Anyhow, he lets go of that thought and takes Fen to have sex.

Gloria (Ronke Adekoluejo) drives Costello to her place in Somerset. Costello hates being the cliché rich lady who moves to the countryside for writing. She now also loathes silence and embraces the freedom from the city, where she can shout at people and be a part of something that is always in motion.

During their irreverent dialogue, Gloria starts to drive to and fro. So, they get pulled over, and the police arrest her for public nuisance since she had alcohol the night before. Costello sees no need for that charge in a place where there are hardly any people. Still, she stops arguing with the fella and unloads all her stuff on the roadside.

While sitting on their sofa couch with Iris, she ruminates over her ambitions for her book so that she can take them out of the shithole in the countryside. Soon after, a buggy passes by, and she asks for a lift to her place. The rider offers her the ride in exchange for some money. She promises to pay him back later, and he agrees.

Costello finally reaches the apartment building where she is supposed to reside with Iris. They look at the shadowy spaces and try to make peace with them. She then goes to seek a job as a debt collector from Simon (Karl Pilkington). She says she wants it out of desperation. By then, he had already googled her and saw her as a working-class character from a Ken Loach film.

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Besides her pashmina-lady video, she became a known figure also for her video on the fetish website – ‘battered bitches’. Anyhow, Simon sees her as an intimidating figure based on her past of assault and criminal damage, which can come in handy for their job. So, the moral of the story is – Costello gets the job. Later, when they actually go to do the work, Costello cannot see herself terrorizing poor civilians. So she leaves the same job within a matter of moments. She does not want to knock on their doors to terrify them but to connect.

Iris walks to her new school with Tennessee (Archie McCormick), who shares the inside scoop about the residents around them. Afterward, Costello takes these two kids and her new friend – Grey (Siobhan Redmond), to get relatively expensive ice cream. She looks at it as an extravagance that her published author status can afford.

She talks about her book, which takes inspiration from her own stories from the refuge but isn’t autobiographical. It’s a satire, and she is tired of people expecting a woman like her to speak only the truth about their lives. It is tiring and frustrating for her, but the expecters get their share of poverty porn. She wants to defy those conventions.

However, she checks the online comments about her that say she is benefitting from a sad story that’s not hers. She calls Gloria to vent about it. Gloria says she is going to have a girl and still had alcohol because she could not handle the stress. Speaking about the shit-talking online mob, Gloria says Costello should ignore the bedroom activists who find satisfaction in needless banters.

In the asylum, Selby has a word with his therapist, Kenneth (Ken Nwosu). He opens with his recent sexual encounter with Fen and then takes Kenneth to a series of his past sexual encounters. He opens up about how he engaged in meaningless sex with powerful men and how these experiences have scarred him for life. Besides, he talks about the trauma of witnessing one of his father’s suicide attempts – the time he died.

After unloading such an enormous horror, Selby starts playing a board game with Kenneth. Kenneth brings up the subject of Selby’s relationship with Costello. He asks whether that made him feel powerful. Then he psychoanalyses how Selby has a pattern of sabotaging his relationship with her before she can leave him. That makes Selby erupt and push Kenneth down the chair. Kenneth pulls himself back, calls out Selby’s privilege, and then makes him understand the boundaries of their patient-therapist relationship.

Rain Dogs (Season 1), Episode 7 Ending Explained

Costello goes home and starts reading the terrible comments people are making about her. She gets devastated since she understands the importance of her stories. So, she goes live online and shares her resentment toward their needless taunts. She shares her experience as a child when she was rejected by a boy who called her a pig. She still suffers from its emotional wreckage but stays resilient. It pains her to see people question the legitimacy of her experiences. She lashes out at these women and calls them – cunts.

However, it ends up damaging the deal for her book – Diamond Beavers. Barnaby says that he does not want to risk publishing it, considering the rising doubt about her authenticity. He implies that for her experience to be considered a legitimate working-class woman experience, she needs to be a meek figure, not upfront. But who created these expectations? She wants to scream that out into the world. Alas, she does that to Barnaby, who still does not pay heed to it. So, she hits rock bottom yet again in her life.

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She drinks some wine and lights up a cigarette to ease her pain. Then, she returns home to sleep on the mattress like she hasn’t slept for ages. Iris walks into the room, notices that, and puts a rug over Costello. She empties out the wine bottle and runs up to Tennessee’s place to use his landline. She calls Selby asking him to come there to help her out with Costello’s depression. He sees it as a sign to take charge of his life and do something that is not destructive. Alas, by then, Costello succumbs to her alcoholism. She buys yet another bottle of wine and sneaks it into her apartment.

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