In episodes 3 and 4 of “Red Swan,” Oh Wansoo finds herself in a difficult situation against the manipulative Mi-ran. Despite Mi-ran’s interference, Oh Wansoo is determined to protect her position and the NOW Foundation. The differences between Oh Wansoo and Mi-ran escalate as Oh Wansoo calls for a press conference to stop rumors by creating a lie. Meanwhile, Do-yoo tells Oh Wansoo everything he knows about his friend’s death, and he is trying to investigate the matter discreetly. At the end of the 4th episode, Oh Wansoo discovers something about her mother that shocks her to the bones.

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Red Swan Episode 3 Recap:

The episode opens with Do-yoo and Oh Wansoo having an honest conversation where Do-yoo reveals that the person who tried to kill Oh Wansoo was not an ISIS attack. It’s instead the same person who killed Juhyuk. Furthermore, Do-yoo is sure the person will attempt to kill Oh Wansoo again. This time, he hopes to catch them as he has observed their signature killing technique. In a flashback, we see that Do-yoo and Juhyuk are put on a secret mission by their superior to track every movement of the president. Juhyuk has uncovered the Eight Star gang, who are involved in gambling, contact killings, and more. Through this, Juhyuk also discovered the death of Chairman Kim Duo of Hwain Group and gains more information on how the Hwain Group launders its slush funds through the Eight Star Fortune Casino.

Oh Wansoo confronts Te-ra and Mi-ran.

At present, Oh Wansoo’s brother visits her. Oh Wansoo says she wants to make the NOW Foundation an international organization. He needs to stop Mi-ran from laundering money from her organization. Meanwhile, Oh Wansoo’s brother suspects that the attack on Oh Wansoo may have been Mi-ran’s doing. Later, Oh Wansoo visits Te-ra, who pushes her to divorce Yong Guk, but Oh Wansoo refuses. Moreover, Te-ra’s son Junhee is Yong Guk’s son. This information does not push Oh Wansoo to divorce Yong Guk. Instead, Oh Wansoo asks Te-ra to take Junhee and head to Switzerland away from Korea. To further her cause, Te-ra reveals that the real reason Yong Guk married Oh Wansoo was because he had a fiancée who died next to him because of a drug overdose. In order to cover up a scandal, Yong Guk married Oh Wansoo, who has a clean record and a good reputation.

Annoyed, Oh Wansoo meets Mi-ran, who plans to bring Junhee to live with her as Junhee is Yong Guk’s son. When Oh Wansoo meets Yong Guk and asks him to send Te-ra and Junhee abroad, he says he is irresponsible. Yong Guk never had to be responsible for anything in his life and would need Mi-ran’s consent to send Te-ra out of Korea. Scared of Oh Wansoo’s moves, Te-ra pleads with Mi-ran to take care of Oh Wansoo.

What does Mi-ran do?

The next day, Mi-ran arranges for a family portrait. Oh Wansoo is ready, but when she gets out, she sees Junhee prepared for the family portrait. Unwilling to participate, Oh Wansoo confronts Mi-ran, who shows her paternity test results proving Juhhee is Yong Guk’s son. Moreover, Mi-ran is annoyed that Oh Wansoo won’t divorce Yong Guk, nor is she bothered by Yong Guk being the company’s heir. Furthermore, Mi-ran adds that, as requested by Oh Wansoo, she has hidden Chunhee’s death for five years. Junhee can easily replace Chunhee. Putting her foot down, Oh Wansoo says she will not raise Junhee as her son but takes the family portrait anyway.

When Oh Wansoo arrives at the Grand Palace the next day, Junhee’s things are moved to Chunhee’s room. Frustrated, Oh Wansoo drives, but Do-yoo joins her to protect her. After spending some time at the beach, Oh Wansoo asks Do-yoo to bring her proof of his claims as she does not trust people easily. Then, they drive to her vacation house, where Yong Guk is already waiting. Inside the house, Yong Guk asks if his affairs are why Oh Wansoo does not let him touch her. This irritates Oh Wansoo. Since Oh Wansoo is not ready to divorce him or have another child with him, Yong Guk tries to force himself on Oh Wansoo.  However, she pushes him away. When this does not work, Do-yoo stops Yong Guk.

What does Do-yoo discover?

Meanwhile, Yong Guk continues to sleep with other women. Te-ra visits his hotel room and kicks the woman out. Once Yong Guk wakes up, Te-ra asks if Oh Wansoo is ready to have another child with him, but he pushes Te-ra away. On the other hand, Do-yoo gets into the Hwain Group’s building and finds Mr. Park training bodyguards (or future killers). He asks Do-yoo to fight the best man there. In both fights, Do-yoo wins, and he asks Mr. Park about Junhee.

However, Mr. Park asks him to look the other way, and using the opportunity, Do-yoo asks about Chairman Kim Duo’s death. Mr. Park gets worked up and sticks to the story that it was a heart attack. Managing to get footage of Yong Guk, Do-yoo watches the footage and realizes Chairman Kim Duo did not die in the Grand Palace. But it happened elsewhere, and whoever killed Kim Duo was an insider from the Hwain Group.

A still from Red Swan Episodes 3 & 4
A still from “Red Swan” Episode 3.

Red Swan Episode 4 Recap:

The episode begins with Do-yoo sneaking into Butler Byeon’s room and taking CCTV footage. Upon viewing, Do-yoo discovers that Yong Guk has given almost a billion dollars to Mr. Park for doing a job. However, Do-yoo is confused about the work that needs to be done for that amount of money. Later, Yong Guk calls Do-yoo to reprimand him for interfering in his personal affairs. However, Do-yoo says that he had to interfere for his safety and that of Oh Wonsoo. At the Grand Palace, Oh Wansoo asks Byeon to store all of Chunhee’s belongings elsewhere, which infuriates Mi-ran. Now, Mi-ran makes a move by asking Mr. Han to name Yongmin (Yong Guk’s brother) as the new director of the NOW Foundation and prepares a resignation speech for Oh Wansoo.

What claims does Oh Wansoo make at the press conference?

Seeing the resignation speech, Oh Wansoo is furious and asks her secretary to reveal the truth about Yong Guk’s affairs and Junhee to the tabloids. This news stirs up the Hwain house. Te-ra arrives at Oh Wansoo’s office to ask her to take down the information. Meanwhile, Hwain’s group’s stocks have plummeted. But Mi-ran still wants Oh Wansoo to resign as the Director of the NOW Foundation.

Since Mi-ran is not ready to back down, Oh Wansoo calls for an emergency Press Conference. During the conference, she reveals that the illegitimate child is Kim Duo’s son, sending everyone into a frenzy. At home, Mi-ran questions Oh Wansoo. She only asks to leave the NOW Foundation alone as she intends to help people. Nevertheless, Mi-ran is not ready to back down, so Oh Wansoo blackmails Mi-ran, saying she will have to reveal the slush funds if she is not left alone. Infuriated, Mi-ran threatens Oh Wansoo that she is solely responsible for anything that might happen to her now.

Red Swan Episode 4 Ending Explained:

How does Mi-ran retaliate?

At the Grand Palace, Mr. Park does not allow Do-yoo to keep a tab of all the CCTV footage because he is guilty of a crime. On the other hand, Mi-ran invites Te-ra and Junhee to live with them and makes a mockery out of Oh Wansoo’s press conference by calling Te-ra as Oh Wansoo’s second mother-in-law. Meanwhile, Oh Wansoo asks Te-ra to be invisible in the house, confining herself to her room. That night, Oh Wansoo and Do-yoo go for a run. Oh Wansoo is reminded of Kim Duo, who asks her to stay with the family for a little longer. Furthermore, Do-yoo adds that the person behind her attack is within the Hwain Group, and he explains the videos.

Mi-ran’s wildcard

Meanwhile, Oh Wansoo hinders Yongmin’s father-in-law’s company (COSMOS) from having a market in China because they need Oh Wansoo’s help. The NOW Foundation has opened a new welfare center, and Oh Wansoo and Mi-ra are dressed alike. When the reporters post the photos, Mi-ran looks uncomfortable. Oh Wansoo seems elegant, which infuriates Mi-ran.

To calm her nerves, Mi-ran plays Judo, and Do-yoo defeats Mi-ran, who seems happy as Do-yoo seems honest and does not let her win. Now, Mi-ran plays her cards as she reveals to Oh Wansoo that her mother has been locked up in a psychiatric cell and will die soon. If the public finds out about it, it will be a problem for Oh Wansoo. Hearing the news, Oh Wansoo visits her mother, which seems more like a prison than a psychiatric center. But when she approaches her mother, it seems like she is about to die.

In the end, the secret between Mi-ran and Oh Wansoo’s brother is revealed as Mi-ran had Oh Wansoo’s mother put in psychiatric care, hoping she can use it against Oh Wansoo one day. Now that Oh Wansoo is away, Mi-ran may forcibly put Yongmin as the director of the NOW Foundation, infuriating Oh Wansoo. We have yet to learn about Oh Wansoo and Kim Duo’s agreement, which forces Oh Wansoo to stay with Yong Guk and protect the NOW Foundation. Do-yoo is sure about Yong Guk and Mr. Park’s involvement in his friend’s death and maybe Oh Wansoo’s attack. Nevertheless, he is still behind in discovering the truth. A lot more unraveling will take place in the next few episodes.

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