If Single White Female (1992) or its modern retelling, The Roommate (2011), did not create anxiety about choosing your next flatmate, then Lifetime has you covered with its latest venture. The sillily titled Rooming With Danger (2023) is the latest in the line of flicks that serve as a cautionary tale about choosing the right person to move in with.

In this article, we look at the premise of this Lifetime original thriller and answer some of the questions teased in its narrative. This a spoiler alert for the entire film!

Rooming With Danger (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

Rooming With Danger begins with Bianca (Daniela Rivera) as she stabs her roommate, Sophie (Steph Martinez), to death when Sophie threatens to leave their apartment. After disposing of her corpse, Bianca proceeds to post a listing for the room on the Internet. Meanwhile, Angelina (Camila Senna) has recently broken up with her abusive boyfriend, Marco (Adrian Quiñonez), and moved in with her best friend, Gaby (Emily Roslyn Villarreal). But when Marco continues to pester Angelina to get back, she realizes that she needs to move to a place where Marco won’t be able to find her. Angelina finds Bianca’s online listing and goes to check the room. Finding the space to be perfect and Bianca to be congenial, Angelina decides to move in with her.

Initially, Angelina finds Bianca to be extremely friendly and helpful, aiding her in several aspects of life. But when Bianca becomes possessive and extremely intrusive about Angelina’s life, she begins to doubt if her roommate harbors some sinister motivations. Will Angelina end up meeting the same fate as Sophie?

How does Bianca win Angelina’s confidence?

When Angelina moves in with Bianca, the latter gifts her a matching bracelet to augment their friendship. Bianca, who works as a designer, also gives a costly jacket to Angelina, which she had designed for a company.

When Marco ends up getting a ring that belonged to Angelina’s grandmother to propose to her, Angelina is worried. Not wanting to lose the family heirloom, Angelina decides to go to Marco’s house to retrieve the ring—Bianca tags along with her to his house. When Marco threatens both of them with a gun and refuses to give it back, Bianca decides to steal the ring from his home. That night, Bianca uses the spare keys from Angelina to break into Marco’s house. Marco, however, gets up and threatens Bianca. Bianca manipulates him into believing that she is Angelina’s therapist. When Marco’s guard is down, Bianca hits him with a vase on the skull and kills him. Bianca takes the ring and dumps his body in the same way she did with Sophie’s corpse.

Later, Bianca lies to Angelina that she has enlisted the help of a lawyer friend to get the ring back from Marco. Angelina is delighted to receive the ring back, and Bianca promises to always stand with her like a sister.

Why is Bianca so possessive about Angelina?

In one of the conversations, Bianca relates her traumatic past to Angelina. It is revealed that Bianca and her little sister, Amelia grew up in a dysfunctional household with abusive parents. Tired of the abuse, Bianca requested her grandmother to take the siblings in. While Bianca tried her best to make Amelia feel loved and cared for, Amelia still longed for her parents and, as a result, grew depressed. When their parents died in a car accident, the news traumatized Amelia to such an extent that she slit her wrists. Her sister’s death greatly affected Bianca, leaving her with abandonment issues.

As a result of this past trauma, Bianca sees her potential female roommates as surrogates for her dead sister. Bianca grows possessive of them, fearing that they, too, would leave (like Amelia) if she did not attach herself to them. If her roommates threaten to go, as Sophie did, Bianca grows paranoid and ends up killing them.

When does Angelina realize that something is off about Bianca?

Initially seeming benevolent, Angelina begins to doubt her roommate’s true intentions when the latter looks overtly interested in every aspect of Angelina’s life. When Angelina decides to go out on a night with Gaby, Bianca grows jealous and tags along with them. Further, she ends up making matching dresses for both of them to wear for the night. Angelina finds it a bit weird but takes it to be a mark of Bianca’s friendship. During their night out, the intimacy between Gaby and Angelina bothers Bianca, and she scratches Gaby’s car. She also seems overtly hostile to Diego (Christopher Millan), Gaby’s genial co-worker, who is infatuated with Angelina.

When they return from the club that night, Bianca tries to gaslight Angelina about Gaby and Diego, which angers Angelina. Bianca also addresses Angelina as ‘Amelia’—her dead sister’s name, which baffles her.

The following day when Bianca is out, Angelina discovers a hidden baby monitor in her room—which Bianca had been using to hear Angelina’s phone conversations. When Angelina confronts Bianca about it, she lies that the monitor probably belonged to Sophie. Nevertheless, the incident distresses Angelina, and she tells Gaby about it. Gaby suggests that she leave the room, and the two of them take an apartment together. Bianca overhears their conversation and is horrified to learn about Angelina moving out.

What does Bianca do to make Angelina stay?

After she learns of Angelina’s plan to move out, Bianca hatches an elaborate scheme to make her stay. That night as Angelina is out on a date with Diego, Bianca uses Marco’s cellphone to send a threatening text to Angelina. She later calls Angelina mentioning that Marco is inside the house and aims to hurt her. A worried Angelina rushes back home to ensure Marco does not hurt Bianca. Diego asks Angelina to wait inside the house as he goes inside to investigate. Meanwhile, Angelina calls Gaby, who also decides to drive to her house.

When Diego is inside, Bianca hides in one of the closets. Seeing the opportunity, she stabs Diego in the gut—telling him that Angelina is her sister and she will not let anyone come between them. A few moments later, Angelina comes inside, and Bianca beckons her to come upstairs, lying that Marco is still around the house. The two of them head over to the terrace, but Angelina is worried about Diego. When she decides to head down to ensure Diego is safe, Bianca stops her. She mentions that once this ordeal is over, the two of them will go somewhere far away and stay together. When Angelina hears this, she realizes something is wrong with Bianca.

Rooming with Danger (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Bianca grows delusional and begins to call Angelina her sister, mentioning how they are connected by blood. Angelina is scared and begins to head downstairs, but Bianca stops her. During the scuffle, Marco’s cell phone drops out of Bianca’s pockets, which shocks Angelina. Bianca reveals that she killed Marco so that he would never bother her again. Learning this, Angelina begins to run, but Bianca catches up to her. Before Bianca can choke Angelina to death, Gaby appears and pushes Bianca. Angelina uses the opportunity to use a dumbbell and knock Bianca in the head. As Angelina goes downstairs to tend to an injured Diego, we hear the police sirens emanating from the distance.

What happens to Bianca in the end?

Following this horrifying night, the narrative fast-forwards to three months. Angelina and Gaby have moved in together, while Diego (who survived the injuries) is continuing a relationship with Angelina.

The film’s final sequence reveals that Bianca survived and is currently incarcerated at a woman’s correctional facility. As the film ends, we see Bianca drawing a photograph of her current blonde inmate—implying that her obsession with her female roommates persists.

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