The Series Finale of Secret Invasion, Episode 6, finally reaches a definitive conclusion after a slow start in the first five episodes. The finale picks up the pace, delivering much-needed action. Gravik, who desired the Harvest in the previous episode, comes dangerously close to achieving his goal while the president approves an all-out war.

WARNING: The following recap contains major spoilers, as it discusses all the events of the finale episode and reveals how Secret Invasion ultimately concludes. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, proceed with caution.

Secret Invasion (Series Finale), Episode 6 “Home” Recap:

Fury calls Priscilla to inform her that he will be leaving again. He explains that he has to go far away and advises her to take care of herself while he’s gone.

Donning his gear, Fury successfully infiltrates New Skrullos, eliminating the guards protecting it from outside forces.

At the hospital, Rhodes is seen attempting to manipulate the President once again regarding the Russian attack and urging him to take swift action. According to Rhodes, the Russian military, aided by the Skrulls, has taken control of the Finland and Ukrainian border. Although the US army’s admiral starts discreetly investigating the situation to determine if someone else is behind the attack, Rhodes convinces the President to address the American citizens and warn them about the potential of an all-out war between nations.

Meanwhile, Sonya urgently calls Rhodes and creates a distraction. She informs him over the phone that they must relocate President Ritson immediately because Fury has gone insane and is targeting the President next. As they attempt to move the President to a different floor, an attack ensues, adding to the urgency of the situation.

On the other hand, the US military gets into action for a possible attack and combat with the Russians. 

Visibly unwell and taking pills, Fury explores the deserted New Skrullos headquarters, strewn with the bodies of dead Skrulls. The prevailing radiation exacerbates Fury’s deteriorating health as he finally reaches the lab where Gravik has constructed a machine to transform individuals into SuperSkrulls. Gravik awaits him there and, for the first time, confronts Fury about how he inadvertently led him down a destructive path. Gravik reveals that the first person he killed had a family, and it was Fury’s actions that set him on a dark course of killing to create a false sense of home.

Fury admits that he underestimated the challenge of changing the minds and hearts of Earth’s people about accepting the Skrulls. He also acknowledges his failure to provide them with a suitable inhabitable planet. Now exhausted from fighting, he proposes a deal to Gravik: he will allow the Skrulls to leave Earth permanently in exchange for the Harvest, containing the DNA of all the Avengers, including Carol Danvers.

Gravik takes the Harvest, and as Fury is inside the machine, it begins the process of transforming him into a more powerful entity. However, it is later revealed that Gia had taken on Fury’s form to confront Gravik. She was inside the machine when Gravik activated the Harvest, making her equally powerful.

At the hospital, it is disclosed that Sonya was the one attacking the President. The real Nick Fury also arrives, assuring the President that he is not there to harm him but to expose Rhodes as the true threat. Meanwhile, Gi’ah, fueled by rage over Gravik’s killing of his parents, battles him, shapeshifting and using various Avengers’ superpowers.

Meanwhile, the president is scared and confused, Fury tells him that he needs to point the gun at Rhodes, who is actually a Skrull, and if he doesn’t call off the strike by the US military, the real Rhodes, along with a dozen government officials who are kept in pods in the basement of New Skrullos will be killed. 

The Skrull, who is acting as Rhodes, gets agitated for a second, and Fury fire at him, killing him. The president sees that Fury was, in fact, right and Rhodes wasn’t there at all. So, he decides to go public with an announcement that they are aware the attacks were by the Skrulls, and if anyone tries to intervene with the working of the government, they will kill every last one of them. 

A still from Secret Invasion.

How is Gi’ah able to kill Gravik? 

At the New Skrullos compound, Gi’ah and Gravik engage in a fierce battle, utilizing the powers they have absorbed. It becomes evident that Gi’ah is significantly stronger and more intelligent than Gravik. As they clash in mid-air, she taps into Mantis’ abilities, lulling Gravik to sleep. Swiftly taking advantage of his vulnerable state, Gi’ah calls upon Carol Danvers’ power to pierce through his heart, effectively annihilating him. She then goes into the underground facility and releases all the government officials who have been kept captive, including the original Rhodes and Everett K. Ross, who we saw in the first episode.

Secret Invasion (Series Finale), Episode 6 “Home” Ending, Explained: 

Fury makes a final visit to Priscilla, and when she inquires if he truly fell in love with the “real Skrull” version of herself, he is again super-vague about it and bids her farewell. Aware of the pain his absence has caused her, he asks for her forgiveness as he prepares to depart once more.

What deal does Sonya make with Gi’ah?

Since President Ritson has declared an all-out war on the Skrulls, Sonya approaches Gi’ah and requests her assistance in maintaining peace between humans and Skrulls. Initially hesitant, Gi’ah cites Talos and Fury’s previous attempts, but Sonya assures her that with their leadership, things will be different. Persuaded, Gi’ah agrees to join Sonya and work towards that goal.

Are they able to stop the all-out war? 

After President Ritson’s hateful speech, local vigilantes and mercenaries launch a brutal war against the Skrulls, indiscriminately killing anyone they suspect to be one of them. Despite Fury’s desperate call to Ritson, the President remains firm in prioritizing human safety and insists on the Skrulls leaving Earth, reverting to the initial situation that sparked the conflict.

As Fury prepares to depart Earth just as he arrived, Priscilla approaches him. She reveals to him that she has made a decision to reclaim her identity now that humans are aware of the Skrulls’ existence. From now on, she wishes to be known as Varra.

Why does Varra decide to go with Fury to S.A.B.E.R?

In a moment of vulnerability, Fury confides in Varra that despite the current volatile situation on Earth, peace is within reach. He reveals that the Kree have offered to negotiate with him at S.A.B.E.R, indicating their willingness to coexist with the Skrulls on the planet. Understanding the importance of the moment and all the effort she has invested in reaching this point, Varra agrees to accompany Fury to the meeting as a diplomat.

The ending of the series finale of Secret Invasion sees Varra turn back to her Skrull form, professing her love for Nick Fury. Throughout the series, Fury had been reserved about his feelings for her, especially in her human form, but now the much-needed closure comes to the forefront. Fury finally admits that he loves Varra for who she truly is, not just the facade she posed as. They share a heartfelt kiss and embark on the spaceship together.

Does the Series Finale of Secret Invasion have a mid-credit or post-credit scene?

Unlike most of Marvel properties, Secret Invasion does not have a post-credit sequence. If you were expecting one of the Avengers (read: Carol Danvers) to show up in order to connect the show with the upcoming The Marvels, you would be disappointed. 

However, Fury keeps his promise and doesn’t involve his superhuman friends in this Secret Mission he had. Essentially saying that he is a man of his word. 

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