After last week’s episode where Nick Fury & Talos infiltrated Gravik’s plan to kill the President of America and put it on Russians, we were left with the realization that Talos is dead. Episode 5 of Secret Invasion confirms that he is indeed dead. The show finally picks some pace, but it is still pretty unengaging and bland to really care. There are scenes here that should evoke some kind of emotional response from the audience, but they are written with such odd flair that one is left with nothing but a need for it to just end soon. 

*spoilers ahead*

Secret Invasion Episode 5 “Harvest” Recap:

The new episode opens with President Ritson being rushed into a hospital after he was saved from the attack by the Skrulls disguised as the Russians. We see Fury following him closely since he does not trust anyone to be human now. Fury tries to whisper into the ear of an unconscious president that it wasn’t the Russians who attacked him but the Skrull rebellion, but we are sure that he does not hear any of that. As he is taken into the operation theatre, we hear new reports that reveal Talos, a Skrull, was at the site, and he tried to save the president but was killed in the ambush. 

Back at the New Skrullos, everyone is in a state of panic. They have lost a lot of their own in the ambush, and Pagon (one of Gravik’s associates) questions him directly for not taking Fury out even when he had a chance to. Gravik, who doesn’t like to be questioned, shows his true colors of slowly turning into evil in front of everyone. He uses his now-acquired Groot powers and kills Pagon. Everyone is in complete shock at seeing Gravik take the life of one of their own for basically just questioning his authority, but they are all scared now. Gravik then orders his subordinates to go and kill Varra for defying his order to kill Fury. 

Gravik then makes a phone call to James Rhodes, who we learn is actually Raava (a female Skrull who is posing as Rhodes) and tells her that there is a change of plans. He tells her that his new plan would involve keeping the president alive. He also tells her that she should plant this idea in the President’s head that the attack was not just done by the Russians, but by the Skrulls too who aided them in doing so. He tells her that he should suggest and sort of lead the President towards ordering to attack the Skrulls living in the New Skrullos compound. He tells her that doing so will lead Fury to cave in, who will not want Skrulls to die or have the threat of World War III hang over their heads. 

Rhodes finally arrives at the hospital, but Fury, who has situated himself in front of the President’s ward, has a tiff with him. A very angry Fury wants to kill Rhodes for what he has gotten himself into. Please note that Fury knows that Rhodes is a Skrull who was responsible for the ambush. However, before he can do something about it, Rhodes tells him that he will be a wanted man now because the footage of Fury killing Maria Hill will go out into the world in a minute. This leads to Fury releasing him and leaving the hospital. 

The episode then takes us to London, where Sonya Falsworth meets with her superior, Director Weatherby so that she can get the location of Doctor Rosa Dalton (the one who helped Gravik with the machine that gave him powers). When Weatherby shows no interest in entreating her, Sonya shoots him in the leg, revealing him to be a Skrull too. 

Back at the New Skrullos, a few Skrulls, backed by Beto, try to understand Gravik’s reasons for killing Pagon. When he avoids them, some of them try to jump on him, leading to an attack that feels like they are trying their best to undo whatever a power-hungry Gravik plans to do next. However, since Gravik is more powerful then all of them, he brings down the uprising as he kills Bato in from of everyone.

We see Fury reaching one of the safe houses that we saw in the earlier episode, one that was used as an initial meeting ground for him and the Skrulls, who had arrived on Earth after their home was lost. However, when Fury gets inside it, he finds G’iah already inside. Fury tries to talk about her father’s death, but Gi’ah, who is still conflicted by the stand his father took, doesn’t want to listen. The conversation then moves to how Gi’ah, who is now superhuman too, escaped her death. He asks her what DNA Gravik currently has in his possession. She tells him that he has used a few, including Cull Obsidian and Flora Colossus, but he is looking for ‘the harvest.’ 

When Gi’ah tells Fury that she wants to bury her father, he tells her to meet Varra (Priscilla), who will be able to help her with the last rights before leaving for Finland. 

Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik in Secret Invasion Episode 5.
Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik in Secret Invasion Episode 5.

Next, we see Falseworth reaching Dalton’s residents and enquiring about Gravik’s plans. The Daltons have been replaced by two Skrulls, but Falseworth is already aware of it so she takes them hostage. When she gathers all she needs to know about the plans, she torches the lab. However, as she is about to leave, the Skrull, who has been posing as the Male Dalton, takes Rosa Dalton hostage, saying that they can’t jeopardize Gravik’s plans. But, a smart agent Falseworth aims at his head and kills him. 

Gi’ah, who has her father’s body, reaches Varra’s house. After their initial gun pointing, the two of them settle down, and Varra helps Gi’ah do the last rights for her father, who is bid goodbye in a formal Skrull ceremony. After completing the ceremony, they talk about why Verra hasn’t left even when Gravik is definitely going to send in people to kill her. Verra confesses that she just fell in love with the house and the idea of her being there with Fury whenever he can. However, before they can discuss it any further, a trope of attackers barges in. Verra and Gi’ah band together and are able to fight all of them off and defeat them in a tense gunfight sequence. 

Meanwhile, Rhodes speaks with President Ritson and tries to coerce him into attacking the New Skrullos facility located in Russia. Even though the president is not eager, Rhodes is somewhat able to convince him that it would be the better option for now. We also see Gravik making a call to Fury, proposing he comes to him, or else it would be an all-out War for everyone. 

Secret Invasion Episode 5 “Harvest” Ending, Explained:

We see Fury get on a charter plane and reach Finland. The authorities have been alerted and they are all on the lookout for him. However, he is able to bypass the security check using, Widow’s Viel (a technology that can help anyone change their face into something else entirely). He then meets with Sonya, who we now realize is not an enemy but an ally to Fury. 

She drives him somewhere as Fury tells her that Gravik’s new plan involves keeping the Skrulls in New Skrullos hostage – asking Rhodes to bomb it by convincing President Ritson. The only way he will not do that is if Fury hands him over ‘the harvest.’ 

What is ‘the harvest’?

When Sonya asks Fury about what exactly is ‘the harvest’ and why Gravik wants it so bad, he tells her that during the Battle of Earth (in Avengers: Endgame), almost all superheroes spilled blood trying to defend the planet against Thanos. Back then, Nick Fury collected the DNAs of all the Avengers with the help of the Skrulls. Since they are shapeshifters, doing the entire operation of collecting the DNAs was easier for them. He also tells her that, back then, when Gravik was also a part of the Skrulls who were working alongside Fury, he headed the operation of collecting said samples. 

Fury tells Sonya that since Gravik was aware of the possibility of these DNAs posing immense power, he must have come up with the idea of making the Super Skrull machine. He explains that ‘the harvest’ is basically a collection of DNA samples belonging to the different members of The Avengers. 

Why did Fury decide to hand the Harvest viel to Gravik? 

Fury is quite aware of the power that the sample possess, yet he has decided to hand them over to Gravik. Sonya and Fury reach the destination of their car ride, which is a cemetery. When Sonya asks why Fury hasn’t asked The Avengers to help with the Secret Invasion, he says that this is all his fault and calling them would mean that he is not ready to take up his personal challenge on his own. 

Shortly after, we see Fury approaching a tombstone with his name on it. He tells Sonya that he chose this place because he and Verra (Priscilla) came for their honeymoon here. Then, we see Fury reaching out toward the tombstone, activating it. The tombstone, which can only be activated by him, contains ‘The Harvest Viel’ that he then takes. 

The ending of Secret Invasion, Episode 5, finds Nick Fury walking up to a mausoleum nearby, activating the various hidden crevices just like the tombstone. We then see him properly suiting up as Nick Fury for the first time as he puts on his eye patch, takes his handgun, and wears his leather jacket, reading himself for his meet with Gravik. 

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