Another week and another dead and boring episode of Secret Invasion is here. At this point, Marvel is not even trying to converse with their audience. None of the story elements make sense, and Episode 4 of Secret Invasion is a testament to their inability to evoke any kind of emotional response from us. After killing off an important character in the previous episode, the new one just brings them back with a really odd sequence. Anyway, the latest episode is discussed in detail below, so be aware that you stray away if you don’t need spoilers.

Secret Invasion Episode 4 “Beloved” Recap:

The fourth episode of Secret Invasion begins with a revelation from the previous episode: Gi’ah is not dead. In the prologue of the new episode, it is revealed that Gi’ah somehow used the machine in New Skrullos to make herself invincible like Gravik. However, the prologue is poorly written and lacks explanation, leaving the viewer puzzled.

The story then takes us back to the year 2012, during the time of the first Avengers movie, possibly after the Battle of New York. Fury and Priscilla meet in Paris, and their deep love for each other is evident. They exchange poetry and the episode’s title is repeated multiple times, emphasizing the importance of those closest to us in life.

While the flashback effectively establishes their love, when we return to the present day, we discover that Priscilla is plotting to kill Fury with the help of Rhodes. The dynamics between love and hate feel unbalanced, and the established scenario does not make much sense. Despite this, Fury overhears Priscilla and Rhodes discussing their plan, where Priscilla believes Fury is too old to hinder Gravik’s scheme. It becomes clear that Rhodes is involved with the Skrulls and the rebellion.

Meanwhile, Gravik and his team prepare for a mission in which they will masquerade as Russians, aiming to manipulate Americans into viewing Russians as the enemy.

Talos meets with Gi’ah, and they discuss their next course of action. Gi’ah is eager to know Talos’ plan if the rebellion turns out to be an ineffective means of reclaiming their home. Talos reveals his intention to persuade the American president to coexist harmoniously with humans. However, Gi’ah remains unconvinced, as they have tried similar approaches for decades, yet humans have not accepted them.

Next, Priscilla returns home to find Fury already there. He prepares tea, and both of them sit facing each other, knowing what the other intends to do. They place their guns on the table, and Fury questions Priscilla about the human skin she currently inhabits.

In an elaborate sequence, Priscilla further demonstrates her love for Fury. She recounts how she befriended a doctor who had a terminal heart condition. Priscilla asked if she could take the doctor’s place and she said yes if she fulfilled three conditions: to bury her in the sea, take care of her parents after her passing, and love the person she loved without causing harm. Fury & Prisciall recite the Paris poem once more and shoot at each other. However, it is revealed that their love outweighs the hatred that has grown between them, as the shots miss each other and hit objects behind them.

A still from Secret Invasion Episode 4.
A still from Secret Invasion Episode 4.

As Fury leaves the house, he warns Priscilla to take care of herself, as the New Skrullo rebellion will come after her. She asks him if he would have loved her even if she had remained in her Skrull form, but Fury fails to provide a definitive answer, uncertain himself.

Next, Fury visits Rhodes’ house and we momentarily see that Rhodes is actually a female Skrull. Their conversation implies that Fury is oblivious to Rhodes’ true identity. He requests to be reinstated at S.H.I.E.L.D., but Rhodes is not easily swayed. Rhodes shows Fury a video of him apparently killing Maria Hill in the first episode. However, it becomes apparent that Fury’s true motive is not to reclaim his position but to discreetly give Rhodes a bottle of his potent alcohol laced with a tracking device.

Secret Invasion Episode 4 “Beloved” Ending Explained: 

Is Talos really dead? 

Next, President Ritson arrives in England for a meeting with the Russians. Rhodes takes the initiative to brief the president on how to handle the Russians, but his approach puts the president on edge. Frustrated, the president orders someone to assist Rhodes, who appears to be drunk on duty.

As the convoy sets out for the meeting, they are unexpectedly attacked by Gravik and his team, disguised as Russians, who intend to take the American president hostage. Fury and Talos, tracking Rhodes through the earlier-placed tracker, arrive at the scene amidst the chaos. Realizing that Gravik’s plan involves capturing the American president to gain control over the planet, Fury attempts to rescue him from the assault.

During their intervention, we catch a glimpse of Gravik’s superpowers, which seem to be a combination of that of  Groot and Extremis.

While Talos tries to extricate the president from his overturned car by breaking the window, he is shot by one of Gravik’s men, forcing him to revert to his Skrull form. A soldier notices this occurrence and raises a query, but Fury focused on saving the president, assures them that Talos is an ally.

The ending of Secret Invasion Episode 4 shows Fury successfully saving the president and securing him in a vehicle. However, as Talos attempts to reach them, Gravik, now disguised as a soldier, stabs him.

The episode leaves us questioning whether Talos is dead. Although it seems likely based on the concluding scenes, it is important to remember that in the Marvel universe, characters can often return from the dead. Therefore, it remains uncertain as to what we should believe.

Since Fury departs from the site without much hesitation, seemingly unconcerned about saving his friend we can assume that Talos is dead, unlike Gi’ah’s fate in the previous episode.

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