Secrete Invasion Episode 3 follows the same boring format of the first two, with a few shocking moments and the first genuine laugh that comes out of the typical Marvel banter. After the revelation that Nick Fury is married to a Skrull, the new episode furthers down on the possibilities of what Gravik is up to. 

To get a detailed look at the latest episode, titled “Betrayed,” proceed further. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is going to be full of spoilers

Secret Invasion Episode 2 “Betrayed” Recap: 

In the opening scene of Episode 3 of “Secret Invasion,” Pagon, Beto, and a respected Skrull elder gather to discuss their mission of infiltration within the Navy, a task assigned to them by Gravik. Meanwhile, Gravik welcomes a few members of the Skrull Council to demonstrate the in-work machine that he has been developing to enhance their powers. He claims that by utilizing measures such as suicide bombing and xenophobia, he would like to entice the superhumans (The Avengers) to come out of their shells and fight them – The Super Skrulls. 

A flashback scene set in the 1990s establishes Fury and Priscilla’s encounters, revealing that they have been in a romantic relationship since that time. The two engage in a conversation about Dreykov, the mastermind behind the Black Widow program, which involved recruiting young girls into the infamous Red Room. Although the details are not explicitly stated, it appears that both Fury and Priscilla had been collaborating to prevent these nefarious activities orchestrated by Dreykov.

In the present day, Priscilla and Fury can be seen having breakfast in her suburban home from the previous episode. Fury is determined to comprehend Priscilla’s position, seemingly holding her accountable for aligning with the enemy. His accusations trigger Priscilla’s anger, leading her to explain that she had only been grieving Fury’s apparent demise and his absence due to the blip. However, their conversation takes an unexpected turn when Priscilla receives a phone call that raises doubts in Fury’s mind regarding her true allegiance.

Gravik subtly suggests that Gi’ah may be a traitor, reasoning that Brogan couldn’t have disclosed details about their secure hideout without assistance from within. However, Gi’ah vehemently denies these allegations as they proceed to go to a peace meeting with Talos. Meanwhile, Gravik receives a phone call notifying him of a plan to bomb a United Nations ship using the Navy vessel Neptune.

As Gravik exits the car to meet Talos, Gi’ah notes down this crucial piece of information, intending to relay it to Talos later. The meeting between Talos and Gravik unfolds tensely, with Talos attempting to persuade Gravik to have faith in the inherent goodness of humans and to consider alternative approaches rather than resorting to full-scale warfare. Throughout the conversation, Gravik repeatedly intimidates Talos by bringing up Gi’ah, eventually pushing Talos to his breaking point. Talos abruptly ends the meeting by putting a knife into Gravik’s hand before leaving. But to everyone’s surprise, Gravik’s hand instantly heals, indicating the effects of the machine that is gradually transforming him into a Super Skrull.

Secret Invasion
A still from Secret Invasion Episode 3.

While Talos strides away from the tense meeting, Gi’ah discreetly passes him the information regarding Neptune and the U.N. plane, disguising her involvement to avoid arousing suspicion from Gravik. Swiftly, she makes her way back to the car, ensuring that her actions go unnoticed by Gravik, who remains unaware of her potential betrayal.

Meanwhile, Fury meets up with Talos to share crucial intelligence about a Skrull occupying a high-ranking position within the U.S. government. Still harboring resentment from their previous encounter on the train, where Fury had urged Talos to leave after the Skrulls were invited to live on Earth, Talos demands a sincere apology from Fury and a proper request for assistance. Despite his own ego, Fury recognizes the gravity of the situation and chooses to swallow his pride, offering a genuine apology to Talos.

Subsequently, Fury contacts Sonya to gather more information about the individual overseeing the Neptune mission. Sonya provides him with the name of Commodore Bob Fairbanks, the person in charge.

In a daring operation, Talos and Fury manage to infiltrate Bob’s residence with the objective of stopping the impending attack. Bob’s computer confirms their worst fears—the Neptune submarine is set to target a plane carrying a U.N. delegation. However, the submarine’s captain hesitates, deeming the attack as ill-advised. A Skrull operative attempts to persuade him to follow orders, arguing otherwise.

Talos and Fury engage in a tense negotiation with Bob, desperately trying to convince him to call off the strike. Despite their efforts, Bob remains stubborn, fixated on questioning Talos’ loyalty. Sensing the urgency, Fury takes matters into his own hands by shooting Bob in the knee, coercing him to disclose the code necessary to halt the attack. Yet, Bob’s defiance persists, continuously provoking Talos, leading to a climactic moment where Talos is forced shoot him.

With Bob eliminated, Talos realizes their only hope lies in contacting Gi’ah, who possesses the ability to extract the code from the real Bob’s mind, presently housed in a secretive unit in Skrullos. Gi’ah faces opposition as she fights her way into the facility but ultimately manages to retrieve the crucial code, transmitting it to Talos just in the nick of time. Assuming Bob’s voice through shape-shifting, Talos relays the termination code to Neptune’s captain, averting the imminent danger of targeting the U.N. plane.

What was Gravik’s plan?

Realizing the enormity of her betrayal against the rebellion, Gi’ah attempts to escape from Skrullos on a motorcycle. However, to her dismay, Gravik, who had been fully aware of her double-cross, intercepts her and confronts her about her actions. 

He reveals that the entire narrative surrounding the planned bombing was a ruse devised to expose the traitor within their ranks. In a tense moment, Gravik aims a gun at Gi’ah and pulls the trigger. 

The outcome of the shot feels like certain death, but we can never expect Marvel to just kill someone off like that. While it remains unclear whether Gi’ah is dead or alive, I hope that she is because casting Emilia Clarke and not letting her do anything substantial is a crime that Marvel committed, and saying goodbye to her this early would earn them some brownie points in my book, at least.

Secret Invasion Episode 2 “Betrayed” Ending, Explained: 

Who is the man on the phone?

The ending of Secrete Invasion Episode 3 finds Priscilla entering a secure bank vault and proceeds to access a particular case. The content of the vault is an envelope that has a gun inside. Just then, she receives yet another phone call. 

Determined to communicate with Gravik, Priscilla voices her desire, only to be informed by the person on the other end that she must deal with him for the time being. 

While the caller’s identity remains unclear, their voice bears a resemblance to that of James Rhodes. This revelation raises questions regarding Rhodes’s possible involvement as a Skrull. 

Could it be that he deliberately fired Fury to clear the path for the Skrull’s plan to conquer Earth? The answers to these inquiries remain elusive. 

What is apparent, however, is that Priscilla has chosen to betray Nick Fury and align herself with the Skrull rebellion. Her motives, which could vary, might involve a shift away from Fury’s stance and a belief in Gravik’s cause, or she could be operating as a covert agent working to safeguard Earth. 

Lets’s wait for episode 4 to find out. 

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