In Episode 2 of Secret Invasion, titled “Promises,” the intricate web of deception and betrayal continues to unfold. The episode kicks off with a flashback to 1995, establishing the reasons for the conflict between Humans and Skrulls. We also see a dejected Fury after Hill’s death in the previous episode and how Gravik turns everything to his own benefit while also posing a serious threat to the world with the invention that he is secretly devising. We see a brief glimpse of Sonya while an important secrete in Fury’s life is revealed. 

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Secret Invasion Episode 2: Recap


The new episode begins with a recap that delves into the events of 1995, providing a flashback to Captain Marvel and the conflict between humans and the Skrulls. The main purpose of this recap is to establish the fact that Nick Fury, alongside Talos and the surviving members of the Skrull race who somehow found refuge on Earth, formed a sort of partnership where Fury hired them to work for S.H.I.E.L.D until he could find them a new planet they could call home.

During this recap, we are introduced to a young Skrull named Gravik, who Fury welcomed into the group of Skrulls he was hiring after Gravik’s parents were killed. However, it becomes evident that the intelligent and perceptive Gravik could see through something in Fury and wasn’t too eager for his idea and offer. 

The scene then shifts to the present day, following an explosion in Moscow that results in the death of Maria Hill. Distraught, Nick Fury is taken away from the site and finds himself on a train journey, where he discovers the truth about the Skrulls seeking refuge on Earth after their own planet was destroyed. He learns that Talos allowed almost every shape-shifting Skrull to come to Earth. Feeling betrayed by Talos’s deception, Fury expresses his anger, believing that humans already pose a threat to each other and that allowing Skrulls into the mix will only escalate the chances of a war between the two races.

The conversation between Fury and Talos also delves into the topic of Fury exploiting the Skrulls for labor until they realize that they need to fight for what could be rightfully theirs. After his heated conversation with Talos, which ends in a temporary parting of ways between friends, Fury attends Maria Hill’s farewell ceremony. He approaches Hill’s grieving mother, attempting to console her, but is overwhelmed by guilt as he realizes that his actions ultimately led to her daughter’s death.

Subsequently, news flashes highlight the aftermath of the explosion, revealing that the blast claimed the lives of two thousand individuals. The incident is attributed to a group called “Americans Against Russians.” One of the Skrulls present at the bombing site is apprehended, and global leaders, including the UK Prime Minister, publicly declare their commitment to investigating the matter thoroughly.

Meanwhile, Gravik and Gi’ah, having managed to escape the Moscow bombing unscathed, travel together in a car toward a potential meeting location. They arrive at a gathering known as the “Skrull Council,” where it becomes apparent that the prominent world leaders we saw earlier on the news broadcasts are actually Skrulls themselves. However, this meeting aims to determine Gravik’s punishment for orchestrating the bombing, which resulted in the tragic loss of thousands of innocent lives.

Consequently, Gravik is appointed as the Skrull General, assuming a leadership role within the council. However, one council member named Shirley opposes the decision, recognizing that Gravik’s intentions, centered around war, cannot be the solution to their problems. After Shirley is dismissed from the meeting, she takes it upon herself to contact Talos and provide him with an update on the impending threat. Talos, who is also concerned about his daughter, attentively listens to Shirley’s idea and instructs her to set up a meeting with Gravik immediately. 

Back at New Skrullos, Gi’ah, who has been diligently observing Gravik’s activities and his plans to conquer Earth, stumbles upon a couple known as The Daltons, who are engaged in secretive experiments. Although the glimpse of their work is fleeting, it appears that they are involved in DNA sampling and similar procedures, suggesting that they might be creating an army. While this remains speculative, considering the impending war, such an experiment would provide the necessary soldiers. Furthermore, given the Skrulls’ demonstrated ability to manipulate human minds, this experiment could potentially take that capability to a whole new level.

Secret Invasion Episode 2 Recap
A still from Secret Invasion Episode 2.

Meanwhile, Rhodes finds himself at an international press conference, representing the American president as a proxy. During the conference, global leaders point the blame at Rhodes, holding him responsible for Fury’s actions in Moscow. In response, Rhodes resorts to making bizarre, unrelated, and right-winged jokes, attempting to divert attention and emphasize the greatness of America and its president.

After the conference concludes, Rhodes receives a call from Fury, leading to a meeting between the two of them over a couple of drinks. Rhodes is infuriated that he has to cover up for Fury’s mistakes, while Fury is livid that Rhodes has been restricting his steps to nail into the conspiracy that is going on. Their conversation escalates, eventually resulting in Rhodes firing Fury from his position within the US government.

Next, Sonya enters the torture chamber where Martin Wallace, one of the Skrulls captured during the bombing, is being held for interrogation. Determined to confirm his identity as a Skrull, she cuts off one of his fingers. Following that, she injects him with a mysterious serum that causes his Skrull form to boil from within. In the midst of excruciating pain, Martin inadvertently blurts out crucial information about Gravik’s plans. Essentially, the Daltons are assisting him in constructing a machine that will enhance their abilities and make them stronger. 

Simultaneously, Gi’ah explores the Skrull database in search of details about the Daltons’ activities. She stumbles upon Rosa Dalton’s files, which contain DNA traces from Groot, the Frost Beasts (from Thor: The Dark World), Cull Obsidian (from Avengers: Endgame), and Project Extremis (from Iron Man 3). These DNA samples belong to incredibly powerful beings, suggesting that Gravik intends to integrate these altered DNAs into the Skrulls to create a formidable army.

While Gi’ah delves into the database, Gravik discovers her snooping around. However, she manages to divert his attention by feigning interest in their newest recruit, Beto. Although Gravik remains unconvinced, he takes both Gi’ah and Beto along to retrieve Wallace.

Inside the chamber, Wallace, unable to endure Sonya’s torture any longer, reveals the existence of a machine. Gravik and the others reach the location, leading to a narrow escape for Sonya after obtaining the crucial information. Gravik successfully retrieves Wallace but senses that he may have divulged something to the authorities. Consequently, he ruthlessly kills Wallace in the presence of Gi’ah.

Secret Invasion Episode 2 Ending Explained: 

Is Nick Fury’s Wife a Skrull? 

The end of Secret Invasion Episode 2 finds Nick Fury making his way to a remote location in his vehicle. Upon arriving, he is greeted by a stunning house where a beautiful woman resides. As Fury enters, the woman reminds him of something he has forgotten. In response, Fury puts on a ring and embraces her tightly.

The question arises: Who is this woman? Although it becomes evident that she is a Skrull and not human, it is possible that Fury developed a romantic connection with her during his time overseeing the safety and employment of the Skrulls working for S.H.I.E.L.D. 

However, this revelation has been kept hidden until now, indicating that Fury wanted to conceal their relationship from everyone, including the Avengers, his colleagues, and possibly even Talos. 

While this may initially seem selfish, future episodes may shed more light on this mystery. For now, we only know that Fury is married and deeply in love with a Skrull. Considering the episode’s focus on the immigrant narrative, it is likely that this aspect will be explored in greater depth alongside the espionage elements.

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