Shantaram (Season 1), Episode 9: For all their faults, the characters of ‘Shantaram’ do have a certain charm about them. It rarely surfaces but it can be quite gratifying to witness. Lin and Didier’s friendship is an example of this. With the show nearing its end, the plot is certainly thickening. Decisions now carry more weight and the perils of this world are evidently looming over the people in it. Given how slow and circuitous the show was till a couple of episodes back, it’s good to see that it’s redeeming itself and might just be headed for a really strong finale.


Shantaram Episode 9 ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ Recap

Following his jailbreak, Lin wanted to visit his mother but couldn’t as her house was being watched by the police. In the present day, Khader has kept his word and is laying down the foundations for a freshwater supply for Sagar Wada. Lin is about to leave and hands over his medical responsibilities to Parvati, who he believes has picked up on everything he knows. With Lin leaving, Prabhu knows he won’t earn as much from his work as a tour guide, so he will be moonlighting as a taxi driver. Parvati and Prabhu are about to go on their first official date together that night. Qasim thanks Lin for his services and states that he’ll miss him. Lin goes to meet Karla and asks her out on a date, on what he believes is his final night in Bombay. She agrees. He plans to ask her to leave the city with him.

Shantaram (Season 1) Episode 9

Maurizio is on the hunt for Modena. He goes to Lisa’s place, tears it down, and finds their passports, which he confiscates. Modena watches this entire thing unfold as he is keeping a watch on her, from a distance. When he approaches Lisa on the street to ask her to leave with him, she refuses. She knows the kind of danger Modena has landed himself in and doesn’t want to risk getting punished by association.

At Didier’s house, Lin finds out that the former has not left his place since the latter left him there a few days back. The shame of getting beaten and the paranoia of it happening again has trapped him there, which also means that he hasn’t been able to get Lin his passport. As Didier divulges information from his past, Lin reveals to him that he’s a fugitive on the run.

Following this, Lin gets him cleaned up and takes him to Reynaldo’s to ensure that he can go back to his former life. There, they come across Maurizio, who hints at what he believes Lin has done to ruin his business, though Lin is completely in the dark about the confrontation.


Minister Pandey arrives at The Palace and meets with Sunita, who implores him to get her out of there. He promises to do so while Abdullah and Karla secretly record the entire conversation that details the history they have, and also photograph them together. Karla shows the pictures to Minister Pandey, to reveal the leverage they now have on him. He eventually gives in and agrees to give Sagar Wada to Khader, upon realizing the extent of Khader’s powers. And his ruthlessness. Before leaving though, he states to Karla that it’ll be better if Sunita is left at The Palace. Karla is dismayed at this abandonment. She goes to Khader, who is indifferent to her plight, but nonetheless agrees to free Sunita and give her enough money to get away from the life she has, as a way of helping Karla ease what he senses to be her pain. 

At her place, Karla finds Lisa, who confesses her guilt at running away from Modena. Karla admits to feeling bad about the lies she’s fed Lin from the beginning and the two ponder over whether she should get together with him. Prabhu’s date with Kavita tanks because her mother ends up chaperoning her, but at least, he manages to hustle his way to get the seat next to Kavita at the movie theater. 

Raheem shows up at Maurizio’s house. As he’s about to kill him for not delivering his order, Maurizio makes up a story about his supplier having run away with the money and naming Lin as the supplier to save his skin. Raheem and his acolytes leave to search for Lin, leaving Maurizio in the apartment with a goon to watch over him, in the meantime. At their date, which is going quite well, Lin puts forward his proposal to Karla about the two of them leaving Bombay. She refuses to do so as she can’t leave the life she has there, which isn’t as autonomous as it appears to be. 

Shantaram (Season 1), Episode 9 Ending Explained

Kavita and Nishant run into a dead end when they can’t find Lin among Interpol’s red notices. To keep her spirits up, Nishant sends out a fax of Lin’s photo that she had taken to police stations in Australia and New Zealand. Around this time, Sergeant Nightingale gets a lead that takes him to Charlie Penderast, Lin’s partner in the bank robbery. When the police show up at his place, a shootout ensues, at the end of which Charlie is shot. He admits to Nightingale that it was actually him who shot Officer Floris, and not Lin, and also refuses to give up Lin’s present location before dying. Nightingale, disappointed at the outcome, is overjoyed when he receives the fax that Nishant had sent out, letting him finally know where Lin is.


Modena shows up at Lisa’s place and the two of them reunite. They can run away with the money as Karla has promised to help Lisa with the travel papers. Karla asks Kavita to drop her story on Lin, to ensure that Lin can stay in Bombay. Instead, she offers her a story on Khader’s exploits. At his home, Maurizio arms himself secretly to flee from Raheem’s captivity. Raheem shows up at Reynaldo’s, asking about Lin. Didier, sensing danger, lies to him about Lin having left for Varanasi. When Lin arrives there later, Didier makes him leave instantly. They’re both tailed and when Lin beats up the man following them, thinking he’s after Didier, he is shocked to find out that it’s he who is being followed, on top of being confused about what he’s done to land himself in this new trouble.


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