The Veil has almost reached its end and episode 5 shows the exasperating nature of the show at its peak. There’s nothing much the show wanted to deal with in the first place, and the nature of the two women at the center of the tale, their similarities, was the only binding force to the narrative. Now, with everything crashing down, the show feels too obvious, too contrived, and too straightforward to be taken seriously. Also, if there was something called ‘too much acting’ the ever-so-dependable Elisabeth Moss is doing that in full bloom in this episode. Overall, the show has another dud on the record for FX and Hulu, in spite of feeling promising in the beginning.

Anyway, in the following article, we will examine Episode 5 of The Veil in detail and how it leads to the finale. Please be aware of spoilers.

The Veil Episode 5 “Grandfather’s House” Recap:

The end of Episode 4 showed a really drunk Imogen realizing that her father was a Russian double agent. The new episode opens with her waking up on her desk, only to realize that Adilah has escaped.

Adilah, who is a really smart ISIS operative, managed to slip the watchful eyes of both the Americans and the DGSE by switching places with a delivery guy who comes into Imogen’s apartment and then later poses as a cleaner.

Imogen, who is aware that both the forces of the countries involved have bugged her apartment, calls them up for backup. The cleaner, who would know where Adilah is going, would be her only leeway. However, when he tries to flee, the French forces track him down and kill him before Imogen can ask him anything.

Where does Adilah go?

After escaping from the apartment in the delivery guy’s vehicle, she meets up with Emir, and it is officially confirmed that she is the Djinn Al Raqqa. The plan of bombing the US harbor was hers, and apparently, she and Emir will be in holy matrimony right before he blows himself up.

Now, even though she is posed as the mastermind of this operation, it’s hard to pinpoint if she is really the one playing the cards. Obviously, we see Emir blackmailing her, and her daughter’s life is in danger if she steps back. We also see him handing over the detonator of the bomb to Adilah. So I’m supposing it is her who is going to do the deed?

What does Emir tell Adilah to do?

This is where Emir, who, along with their jihadi group leaders, doubts Adilah’s intentions, instructs her to kill Imogen by luring her to her Grandfather’s, where she needs to stab her to death to prove her loyalty.

However, when she says that it will not be possible for her to kill her, Emir accepts her wish and tells her that he will assign another agent to do the killing for her, but she must get her there. Has Adilah suddenly developed a conscience? Is she really the monster we think she is? It’s all pretty unclear at this point.

What does Max propose in order to get Adilah to tell the location?

A still from The Veil Episode 5.
A still from The Veil Episode 5.A still from The Veil Episode 5. 

After letting Adilah slip away from Imogen’s custody, Max is really angry. So, when he sits down with the Senate figures from the state to tell them about it, he blames both Imogen and the French authorities for the mishap.

Additionally, he proposes a morally unethical plan of kidnapping Yasmina, Adilah’s daughter, in order to leverage her into telling them which port in the US is the target of the bombs. Since the French intelligence is tapped into Max’s conversation, all this plan is revealed in the open to the DGSC and Imogen.

Later, Max, who is unaware of his communications being taped into, comes to Imogen’s apartment to tell her that her services for America are no longer needed and her operations are terminated.

Anyway, Imogen is randomly roaming around the street in a morse, MI6 operative straight-face when she receives a text from Adilah asking her to meet up at her grandfather’s house. When Imogen reaches the place, she is angry with Adilah for betraying her trust but also sort of concerned. She tells Adilah what the Americans plan to do with her daughter and warns her to leave Paris right away as she (Imogen) tries to save Yasmina and make the mother and daughter meet again in England.

After hearing that Imogen is still pretty concerned about her, in spite of knowing her truth, Adilah points towards the assassin who is about to stab her. However, Imogen is ready with her gun, making the assassin slip away from the scene.

The Veil Episode 5 “Grandfather’s House” Ending Explained:

What happened to Imogen’s child?

In the background, we see two people dressed as trash collectors get into Yasmina’s apartment complex and cleverly take them away before the Americans can abduct her. It’s obvious that Imogen, as promised, has managed to do what she wanted.

However, she is still a spy and not a messiah. So, while she is driving Adilah away, they stop at a gas station where Imogen tries to do pretty much the same thing that the American and Emir wanted to do. She tries to use her daughter to make her spill the beans about the locations of the ports to which the bombs are headed.

Adilah gets extremely angry and tells off Imogen on her manipulative decry. Imogen, on the other hand, has had it with Adilah and tells her that she should not act holy and might just because she is a mother when, in reality, she is a monster who is going to kill thousands of people.

Consequently, Adilah brings her fury down on Imogen by uncovering the privilege Imogen enjoys for being a white woman, a woman who is in a position of power and someone who would never understand the pain of being a mother.

Now, Imogen has not been very upfront about what happened in her past, but her anger tells us that she also had a daughter and that she was killed. The ending of The Veil Episode 6 finds Imogen getting pissed at Adilah for being so ungrateful in spite of Imogen doing her best to protect her and Yasmin.

She tries to drive away from the gas station, but then something strikes her again. Acting on impulse, she tells Adilah that she knows she isn’t a monster and urges her to come with her, warning that otherwise, everything will be a mess.

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