She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Season 1) Episode 7, Recap and Ending Explained: If there is one thing for which the MCU phase 4 deserves a lot of appreciation, then that has to be being audacious and experimental. The result has not always been great, but instead of sticking to a particular worn-out formula for the Superhero genre, they have been trying new things. Going by how She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been so far, it is evident that MCU will continue to run on this path which is a fascinating thing overall.

For She-Hulk: Attorney of Law, though, the major problem has been its most significant selling point, which is CharlieCox’ss Matt Murdock/Daredevil. Considering more than half of the audience is watching this show only for him, not showing a sign of the character except the helmet at the end of episode 5 is undoubtedly a bold move and probably a strategic one as well if it boils down to keeping the viewership of the show in hand. And this whole hype around Daredevil is not letting the show breathe as it is, which is a wacky comedy set in the same universe where Thanos happened just some years ago. Of course, clueless writing and bad CGI have damaged it even further.

But with all that said, this week, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has delivered the best episode of the show yet, both in terms of moving the story forward as well as character development. Unsurprisingly, Charlie Cox doesn’t appears in this one either, but Tim Roth reappears and manages to shine again, and it is always a pleasure to see him.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Season 1), Episode 7: Recap

She-Hulk Attorney at Law (Season 1), Episode 7

In a true boy-meets-girl fashion, the episode starts with the story of Jen and Josh. After meeting Josh in the wedding Lulu (referring to last week’s episode), Jen goes on a few more dates with him, and the two genuinely seem to be very much into each other. But after sleeping with Jen, Josh vanishes out of thin air the following day. Jen’s text gets delivered but is not seen, and with each passing moment, she starts to feel down.

Meanwhile, EmilBlonsky’ss parole officer informs Jen thatBlonsky’ss ankle monitor is showing some dubious data, and he needs to check that out, and he would like Jen to accompany him as he would feel safer with the protection of She-Hulk in case he meets Abomination instead of Emil. 

As she has nothing to do on a depressing Sunday, Jen sees Emil with the parole officer. Upon reachingEmil’ss the quaint house located on a sprawling lush green land, they find out that Emil is okay and hasn’t done anything. Upon realizing it’s just the ankle monitor malfunctioning, the parole officer fixes it and leaves soon. Jen decides to stay on for a while to see how Emil is doing. He does seem pretty much okay, and he looks happy to see Jen there.

Just before Jen is about to leave, two people wearing strange costumes appear out of thin air while fighting among them, and they somehow land onJane’ss car and eventually damage it to a level they can’t use. Having nowhere to go until the tow truck comes, Jen has no other option but to explore the place further. She soon finds a sweat lodge and eventually discovers that Emil has a support group of several men, including the two who damaged her car. In a strange coincidence, she finds out that one of the people who attacked her at the end of episode 4 is among this group of people. She gets enraged, turns into She-Hulk, and attacks the guy. But the guy apologizes for his past action and seeks forgiveness from JenTo deal with her inner turmoil and find the peace she is desperately seeking, Jen goes inside the sweat lodge and after that seems to work for her to a great extent.

After being constantly requested by Emil and the group of men, Jen eventually opens up about Josh and how being ghosted by him affects her life. All these men turn out to be understanding and supportive. With their encouragement, Jen deletesJosh’ss number.

After the tow truck comes, Jen thanks Emil for the experience and leaves.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Season 1), Episode 7: Ending Explained

The story goes back to Jen and Josh (Trevor Salter) entering her apartment, shifting to josh’s perspective. We see Josh is awake beside a sleeping Jen, copying some data from Jen’s phone. Then he clicks a photo of still sleeping Jen and sends a text to someone named”HulkKin,” which has only three emojis, one syringe filled with red blood, one tube filled with a green solution, and one thumb-up (like) reaction.

From this ending, it is evident that Josh is part of the same mysterious group of people with no good intentions regarding Jen/She-Hulk. With two more episodes to go and considering they haveJen’ss blood thanks to Josh, it is more than sure that these people will cause much trouble for Jen. This fixes the show’s lack of villain and takes the story in a specific direction where better things can happen.



With Tim Roth still around, the Emil Blonsky/Abomination character might become more substantial and relevant in the final episodes. The Titania threat is also not over yet, and we are not ruling out the possibility of her joining hands with this mysterious group of people who can be considered the show’s main villain. Bruce Banner and Wong also might come back and play essential parts in the final story arc.

And, of course, Daredevil. So far, we have only seen the helmet, which ensures that he is a client of Luke. Considering the erratic and unpredictable this show has been, and that is not in a good way, no speculation can be made about this.

In two weeks, we will find all the answers, but the strong possibility of this show leaving us unsatisfied can’t also be ruled out.


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