Shows like Hijack: “Hijack” is an Apple TV Series that has recently released its sixth episode. The plot thickens, and the audience gets more anxious to see what happens at the end of Season 1. We are very much in the same line as Sam Nielsen, getting impatient. The show has helped a fan base of this genre relive the old days of survival thrillers, that too in the sky, right in the middle of nowhere. While we wait for the finale episode to come, let’s have a look at some of the best in this genre. Shall we?

1. 24 (2001-2010)

“24” is a thrilling series with lots of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. The fact that the series happens in real time gives it an intense sense of urgency and tension, just like “Hijack.” “24” goes to a higher level because of how well Kiefer Sutherland plays counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer. The story is full of twists and turns that don’t immediately make sense and keep people guessing until the end.

Just like we have seen so far in ‘Hijack,’ the way Sam Nielson has approached the hijackers is something that many would never have guessed. The high-paced nature of the plot, coupled with the superb screenplay and excellent supporting cast, makes “24” a bit more worthy of watching, in fact, than “Hijack.” However, since “Hijack” still has a couple of episodes to go, it will be interesting to see where the first season ends.

2. Hostages (2013-2014)

Hostages (2013-2014)

“Hostages” is a gripping psychological thriller that successfully keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. The plot revolves around a family held captive by mysterious intruders, and as the story unfolds, secrets and unexpected connections come to light. In “Hijack,” we see almost the same scenario going on 30,000 feet upside down from the land. In “Hostages,” we see a federal agent going rogue, which indicates the failure of the rulers of the nation. “Hijack” is also going in that exact direction, as we have seen multiple errors in executing the plans from the authority.

Strong acting from the cast, especially from Tony Collette as the main character, gives the complicated characters more depth and makes the suspense even greater. The screenplay’s tight pacing and adequate plot twists make it a nail-biting experience that makes people think about moral quandaries and how far people will go to protect their loved ones. We see this in the series “Hijack,” where people are trying to save their families and are willing to do anything to do so.

3. Ransom (2017-2019)

This is perhaps the most fitting series on the list. “Ransom” is a captivating thriller series that provides a fresh take on hostage negotiations. You will not be very wrong if you see this show as the basic plotline from which ‘Hijack’ takes place. The protagonist of ‘Hijack,’ Sam Nielson, basically starts off his character’s depth by introducing himself as the negotiator. “Ransom”’s premise of a crisis management expert leading negotiations with kidnappers adds a compelling dynamic to each episode.

Luke Roberts does a good job playing the main character, Eric Beaumont, whose unique way of solving crimes makes the show stand out. The show has exciting action scenes and deep character growth, and the end of each episode leaves viewers feeling something. If you like smart, suspenseful stories like “Hijack,” “Ransom” is a well-made show you should watch.

4. Flight 29 Down (2005-2007)

Shows like Hijack - Flight 29 Down (2005-2007)

By its name, one can definitely understand the reason for putting this series in this segment of the discussion. “Flight 29 Down” is a thrilling adventure series about a group of teens who crash their plane and end up on a deserted island. The show is about survival and working together, but the comedy isn’t very funny. Even if some of the stories are predictable, the show is worth watching because of the characters and the funny way it is done, which makes it less serious than it needs to be.

Some people might say that this is a totally different theme from “Hijack,” but in the end, it’s still about working together to survive and also about ‘flight.’ “Flight 29 Down” may be aimed at a younger audience, but its interesting plot and positive messages make it a good movie for people of all ages to watch, especially if you want to laugh while watching people fight to stay alive.

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5. Into The Night (2020-2021)

“Into The Night” is a thrilling Netflix show that takes a different approach to the apocalyptic theme. At the start of the show, a strange cosmic event forces a group of strangers to hide on an airplane to get away from the lethal sunlight. As tension rise and the survivors face more and more problems, the show does a good job of showing how people act in extreme situations. The actors do a great job, and the tight writing keeps the tension intact the whole time.

Unlike “Hijack,” “Into the Night” is all about surviving the apocalyptic threat, which is more science-fiction in its genre but deadlier in terms of running for your life. With each episode ending on a cliffhanger, “Into the Night” becomes an emotional roller coaster ride that leaves viewers in a state of astonishment. Whether you like “Hijack” or not, you must definitely give “Into the Night” a shot.

6. The Final Call (2019)

Shows like Hijack - The Final Call (2019)

Well, it’s not like Bollywood has failed to showcase any talent in this genre. We have seen films like “Ghazi Attack,” “Airlift,” and the recently released “IB 71.” Yes, they all have lacked something in the process of showing it in a manner that will encourage you to say, yes, that’s Hollywood.” But they definitely never lacked the amount of thrill required in the survival genre. “The Final Call” is one of those occasions where you will sit on the edge of your seat throughout the series.

A thought-provoking thriller series centered around the intense drama onboard a flight bound for its last destination, “The Final Call,” is indeed one of the finest approaches explored in this genre in India. The show masterfully weaves together multiple character arcs, each with its own motives, regrets, and secrets. Arjun Rampal’s powerful portrayal as the conflicted pilot adds depth to the narrative. Sometimes you will get the vibe that the show is more detailed in the cockpit than “Hijack,” even. Well, the storyline explains the reason behind it. But if you are getting into the groove with “Hijack,” you should definitely watch this one as well.

7. Departure (2019-2022)

Departure” is a thrilling mystery story about a passenger plane that suddenly goes missing and the people who try to find out what happened. As the detective, Christopher Plummer gives a great performance, and Archie Panjabi does a great job as the leading character who is looking for answers. I put this show on the list because it does a good job of mixing elements of a crime story with those of a character-driven drama.

This is basically one of the shows that made this genre more serious than it had ever been before. In these kinds of events, the most important thing is how even the smallest piece of information can save hundreds or even thousands of lives. This show actually put this out, which makes me think of the scene in “Hijack,” where Sam Nielson finds out about the fake bullet. It’s a small thing but it changes the whole situation for good.

8. Air Crash Investigation (2003)

Shows like Hijack - Air Crash Investigation (2003)

If you are into documentaries, “Air Crash Investigation” is a compelling documentary series that delves into the meticulous analysis of aviation disasters. It has no direct connection with the series “Hijack,” but since you have already learned a lot about this genre, this documentary is something that you ought to see. It is a very detailed work for lovers of this genre, so you can already assume the amount of thrill you’re going to get.

With a focus on real-life investigations, the show offers a fascinating look at how dedicated teams piece together the puzzle to determine the cause of each crash. The expert interviews provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex factors that contribute to accidents, which will be beneficial for you as a fan of this genre. You will learn the process of how an investigation goes in such horrendous situations and what steps one should take to calculate the risks involved with it.

Final Words:

“Hijack” has almost reached its end, and it seems like it will go on for a second season. But before the catastrophic ending arrives, we have a good amount of time to go through a few of the above-mentioned series. Also, you can watch “JL 50,” an Indian sci-fi series that involves the mysterious disappearance of a flight. This is by far one of the best sci-fi series made in India. Give it a watch; it’s definitely worth it—100%.

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