Slow Horses (Season 2, Finale) Episode 6: After delving into a formulaic spy narrative zone, Slow Horses redeems itself with a sheer thrill of uncertainty and intrigue in its finale. This British spy thriller series, starring Gary Oldman, Jack Lowden, Kristin Scott Thomas, Rosalind Eleazar, and Saskia Reeves in central roles, is certainly one of the most riveting thrillers from this year. After alerting Code September to the MI5, the authorities make every effort to stop people from getting hurt by an attack. Meanwhile, Lamb realizes his personal connection to whatever is happening in the city and decides to step in himself.

Slow Horses (Season 2) Episode 6 (Season Finale) Recap “Old Scores”

Directed by Jeremy Lovering, the 6th episode is written by Will Smith. It starts with Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman) calling Nikolai Katinsky (Rade Serbedzija) after discovering him as a mastermind behind the invention of cicadas. At the time, Katinsky sits in Lamb’s office and gets pleasantly surprised by his clever deduction. Lamb calls him Nicky, and after getting an invitation to meet in person, he asks to meet at another place. There is a brief mention of Catherine Standish (Saskia Reeves), who he notes, now works for him. It is about Charles Partner, her husband, who Lamb killed.


Meanwhile, Standish still walks toward the Glasshouse to alert Louisa (Rosalind Eleazar) and Marcus (Kadiff Kirwan) about the bombing and get them out of there, as per Lamb’s order. While she makes her way through the scared crowd outside, Molly is unsure whether Lamb would even survive the day. Since the elevators were off due to the bomb alert, Standish sees no other option but to walk up the stairs. Marcus tries to find a way to get out of their meeting room for him and Louisa since the door is locked.

During this time, she tries to get an insight from Kyril (Yarden Telemissov) behind their operation. She tortures him into sharing the purpose of putting a virus in Nevsky’s computers so that people from Moscow can freeze his account. To do that, they cut Nevsky’s thumb earlier when they brutally murder him. While Shirley (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) is outside the glasshouse, Roddy (Christopher Chung) manages to get on a train to follow Chernitsky (Marek Vasut). Being restless by him being on his own and the probability of his failing, she decides to get hold of a motorcycle to drive all the way to the nearest stop.

Meanwhile, in Upshott, River (Jack Lowden) tries to assure Kelly and Duncan about Alex’s safety. Soon, he realizes that the stuff he considered to be a bomb is still in the town, and he realizes that they wanted him to believe that there is a bomb and call it in as a distraction from whatever is happening. However, since he had already called in Code September, he tries to get in touch with Diana Taverner (Kristin Scott Thomas) to notify her that Russian handlers and cicadas are trying to empty the city for some reason and that the bomb threat is a hoax. He tries to persuade her to rescind the operation. She notes its impossibility, and River seems to have messed up again.

Taverner notes that if the pilot is not contacted, the plane with Alex will be taken down. So, River calls Roddy to track her plane. But he cannot do it since he is on his own mission. By that time, Alex responds to the communication done with her and agrees to be escorted down to the nearest base. Since that issue is solved, he gets back on a call with Roddy and learns he is trailing Chernitsky. Upon learning where the train is heading, he understands the most likely destination and tries to look for an option of transportation to Tunbridge wells in the next half hour. Since it is impossible to reach in time by car, he asks Kelly to fly him.

Why was Min Harper killed?

Marcus and Louisa manage to break open the room door and head out. Inside a room with a broken door, they see Nevsky’s thumb being used to enter the virus into the system. While Marcus keeps looking for Pashkin (Alec Utgoff), Louisa heads back to get more intel from Kyril. Upon learning a crucial piece of information, she heads out to the top floor. Marcus meets Standish on the steps and, since she comes all the way from the ground floor, realizes that Pashkin would certainly be on the top floor.

Louisa reaches the helipad to find Pashkin trying to escape. While he threatens to kill her, she fearlessly keeps asking why he got Min Harper killed. He mentions that the only reason he got killed was that he caught him (Pashkin) in a terrible act. Min was killed only for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. By that time, Marcus reaches the top floor and shoots him down.

Why did Nikolai Katinsky want to meet Lamb?

Meanwhile, Lamb and Katinsky meet like old chums. They speak about old colleagues who got killed because of their fault. Charles (the late husband of Standish) is one of them who got killed by Lamb in the past. Meanwhile, he tries to get out of Katinsky, the reason he took part in creating an elaborate distraction. He mentions feeding the fake details to make the slough house under Lamb’s command go through professional humiliation.

Lamb notes that they are in a slough house in his usual dry humor style because they are already professionally humiliated. He then explains further. In return for getting Nevsky killed, he wanted two names responsible for his old associate – Charles’s death. While one is Lamb, the other is River’s father – David Cartwright (Jonathan Pryce). He waits patiently for a call to kill Lamb himself.

Where was Andrei Chernitsky heading?

Roddy notices that Chernitsky is about to get off the train. He tries to get out himself but is shit-scared of by this Russian man, and he starts running for his life. They get into a physical fight where he tries to defend himself with his laptop. Luckily, Shirley reaches there on time, starts attacking him repeatedly, and saves Roddy. Now she and Chernitsky get into an intense fight. After surviving several blows from her, he locks her and Roddy inside the train’s washroom and gets out of the train.

By the time River reaches his father’s house, he hears shots being fired, and Chernitsky, heading to David’s place to assassinate him, gets killed by David. Meanwhile, River gets hold of Chernitsky’s phone and speaks with Katinsky, who realizes his plan is failed miserably. While having the gun in his hand to kill Katinsky, Lamb decides to shoot the bullets on the floor and walk out. But realizing that he has no escape from this, Katinsky shoots himself.

Slow Horses (Season 2, Finale) Episode 6 Ending Explained

Diana suggests Peter Judd an alternate reason to explain why the city was being evacuated. Instead of alarming about the faux mission of Russian handlers, it is better to call it a radar glitch, in her opinion. When she heads back to MI5, she finds Lamb sitting in her office for a debrief. While Webb somehow got saved, Min did not. So he asks for a respected funeral, which she blatantly refuses, for Min was a slow horse.

Later, Louisa attends Min’s funeral and gets emotional while saying her final goodbye to her old partner. Soon after, all the slow horses reach the memorial to pay respects to Min. Once all of them head out, Lamb sticks a note with a gum that says ‘Dicky Bow served behind the wall, A Joe’, referring to Charles Partner as Katinsky’s Joe.

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