“Sniper: G.R.I.T.- Global Response and Intelligence Team” (2023) is the latest film in the “Sniper” film series. It’s an action film with a good dose of humor. It contains buddy cop-style comical banter between the agents, a strong female lead, and a common enemy. There are chases and deaths that persist throughout the film. The movie starts with Bubalo’s ruthless leadership style, marked by violence against those who fail to meet his expectations. The stakes escalate when Lady Death resurfaces, sending our dynamic duo, Brandon and Zero, to rescue her and take down Bubalo’s reign of terror. This mission reveals new characters chasing after Lady Death for various reasons. This article contains spoilers.

Sniper: G.R.I.T.- Global Response and Intelligence Team (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The movie opens with a meeting. The people in the meeting report to a man dressed in religious attire, Ivan Bubalo. They inform him that their attack on the capitol is successful, with significant government officials killed. When things don’t go his way, he usually shoots the person reporting the matter. Meanwhile, the girl he was looking for is in the United States under the code name Lady Death. Her real name is Yuki Mifune. He asks the group to find her at any cost. In LA, Gabriel Stone updates Brandon and Zero that Lady Death, whom they had presumed to be dead, is alive. Gabriel had sent her on a mission to take down Ivan Bubalo, who appears to be a cult leader, but he is so much more and has the State of Aragon in control.

Lady Death had managed to enter his palace. But after six months of not being in touch, she had sent an S.O.S., and she is in Malta. It is now Ace Sniper Brandon and Agent Zero’s job to rescue Lady Death and kill Ivan Bubalo and his allies. They are asked to take out Ana Costa, who liked Ivan Bubalo’s right hand. Everyone fears her since she is the minister of propaganda.

The Next target is her sister, Katrina Costa, Minister of Finance. Mario Fava, Head of Security and Special Forces; Mario Muscat, who is a Lawyer and a Consigliere; and the last one is Dr. Zoran Zoric, the Head of Medicine and Research. Brandon and Zero head off to Malta. Brandon takes his position to snipe, and Zero sneakily manages to enter Ivan Bubalo’s palace. There seems to be a party going on, and he blends into the crowd by dressing as a security guard.

Brandon spots Ana Costa but waits as she has a bodyguard with her. Meanwhile, Zero gets up to a bathroom and pulls down the curtain so Brandon can have a good field of vision to take out any of the targets. Zero knows only two sentences in Maltese, and he uses them to trick Katina and Mario Fava into going to the terrace. Brandon sees the right opportunity and takes them both down. Brandon also spots Mario Muscat using the washroom, takes him out, and asks Zero to clean up the mess.

Ivan Bubalo gets out to meet the crowd gathered, and Brandon gets a good angle and shoots him in the head. Brandon distracts Ana’s bodyguard and shoots her. Zero is on the way to meet Brandon by escaping the palace, but Dr. Zoran is attentive. Just then, Lady Death appears and tells Zero that he has saved her life and that he is going with them as well. All four of them successfully escape the palace, camp the night, and wait for the choppers the next day.

Zoran and Lady Death tell the other two how they had met. Lady Death managed to get into the inner circle, but there was only one time Ivan Bubalo was alone and in bed. He liked Lady Death, and she took the opportunity to kill him. But only Ana Costa dared interrupt him to see what was happening and shoot her. Zoran found her unconscious at the right time and had saved her. The following day, Brandon notices the jeep missing along with Dr. Zoran. It turns out he had driven out into the city. Zero is a step ahead as he has hidden himself in the trunk and followed Dr. Zoran to a busy street. Moreover, Zero sits across the table and sees Zoran using the G.R.I.T. laptop. Zero realizes Zoran had seen the password the previous day.

Zero calls his G.R.I.T. techie, who refuses to ping a laptop without official documents. He then reaches out to Intel Pete, who tells him that Zoran is on the dark web and making a deal with someone called Prince Caspian and is going to exchange the money for something called a Maltese Falcon. The exchange would occur in a few hours, and Zero has the coordinates. Brandon, Zero, and Lady Death reach the location and have taken their positions. Zoran hands over a phone, and before giving the password, he asks for the diamonds. They make the exchange, but Prince Caspian is angry. Brandon has no vision of Lady Death, as she has gone rogue. It turns out the phone is tracking Lady Death. She starts shooting, and Prince Caspian escapes, and Zoran is dead.

Sniper: G.R.I.T. - Global Response & Intelligence Team
Dennis Haysbert, Jhemma Ziegler, and Josh Brener in Sniper: G.R.I.T. – Global Response & Intelligence Team (2023)

Lady Death reveals that Prince Caspian is her father, Soshi Mifune. When she turned 15, her father broke her and turned her into an assassin. By the age of 21, she was his most trusted assassin. Eventually, she was done, and she shot her father and fled. It turns out he is still alive. Meanwhile, Soshi Mifune is captured, and we see Ana Costa is active and in a wheelchair with bandages on one side of her head and face. Soshi and Ana make a deal to work together to capture and kill Lady Death, as they both want the same thing. Soshi asks Ana to send her bodyguard to take Lady Death down, and he will provide her tracking details. Brandon, Zero, and Lady Death are having a meal, and the bodyguard starts a shootout in the café.

Brandon and Zero try to hold him out, but Lady Death tries to sneak up from the bodyguard’s side. But he sees her movements from the tracking device. This is probably him testing the device. As he notices it, he leaves. He is injured in the head, but he sews the wound. The trio then goes far away into a deserted land. They realize that Lady Death has a tracker on her. She destroys her phone, and the other two do the same.

The problem is that Gabriel is not informed that they are going AWOL. Intel Pete is at a bar, and Gabriel approaches him and tells him that Brandon, Zero, and Lady Death are off the grid, and he needs his help to find them. He tells him he has to fly to Malta with him. He needs Pete’s help to get into the local network, so Pete’s presence is required in Malta.

The Malta trio buys guns, clothes, and a new car. They set up a trap and wait for hours. The bodyguard pulls up near their stakeout instead of the trap set up. They drive off, and Zero manages to injure the bodyguard yet again. Fortunately, they escape once again. They also realize Zoran had planted the tracking chip inside Lady Death’s wounds. Brandon and Zero manage to get the chip out but wait to destroy it. Furthermore, they set up a legit trap this time, and the bodyguard fell for it. All three of them put a few rounds of bullets in the man’s body. Lady Death calls her father and asks him to come along and meet her if he wants to take her down. She reaches the location, and Brandon and Zero watch her from afar.

But all three of them are captured by Ivan Bubalo’s men. The guards take them inside the palace. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Pete are trying to get close to the palace by boat to get a signal. Since Pete is not getting any signal, they decide to go by foot and enter the palace. Pete manages to get into the system without a problem and calls their I.T. guy a rookie. They manage to get in, but guards appear, and they rush inside the building, leaving the laptop. Pete connects his phone to his laptop and navigates through the palace to find Soshi. They see that Lady Death, Brandon, and Zero are captured. Lady Death and her father confront each other. He holds his pistol to her head, but Ana stops him, saying she wants to pull the trigger. Just then, Gabriel shoots Ana.

Sniper: G.R.I.T.- Global Response and Intelligence Team (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Will Lady Death survive in the end?

Brandon and Zero are brought in at gunpoint as Lady Death holds her pistol to her father’s head. He gets up and tells Lady Death that he always wins and leaves. The rest fight the guards as Pete tries to find a way outside. He gets out to see Soshi and shoots his shoulders and legs, surprising himself. Meanwhile, Lady Death gets out and is met with some thugs. He heroically fights them while Brandon and Zero cover her from the guards.

They reunite with each other and find Soshi struggling and bleeding because of the wounds. They leave him there to rot. Everyone except Lady Death is in L.A. Intel Pete has joined the troop. They see Soshi going inside a courthouse for trial on the news. They are sad as they know the court will only give a stay order. As Soshi looks towards the camera, we see a bullet go through his forehead. In the next scene, we see Lady Death and the men in L.A. rejoicing.

The film had everything from action to comedy. In the end, we see Lady Death, true to her character, remains rogue. Of course, the movie had some sloppy moments, like leaving the laptop behind, and not a single guard did anything about it, considering the local network was open. In fact, the sloppiness continued, with Ana suddenly appearing injured without any explanation. Eventually, Intel Pete joins the G.R.I.T. and is a perfect choice for this group of misfits.

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