Directed by Yuen Fai Ng, ‘Warriors of Future’ is a Cantonese science fiction film. While trying to present the themes pertinent to our lives, it resorts to being a Transformers-like mindless action extravaganza. In the same good-vs-evil battle, the film loses itself to being a mediocre film due to its lackluster narration. We witness a post-apocalyptic landscape where the human world, as we know it, has been destroyed, and humans are trying to find ways to bring back the order of things as it was before. There is an angle of industrialization, which is also brought with a series of other tropes of survival dramas.

Warriors of Future Movie Summary & Plot Synopsis

With the rising technological developments leading to several wars, the earth becomes unlivable for humans in the near future due to constant chaos. The air is filled with poisonous toxins, and for protection, the government had to build protective coverings called Skynet. The earth has now been divided into different areas. During the construction of one of the Skynet’s, a meteor attacks an area called B-16 and turns into an alien, plant-like formation that is destroying humankind. However, ironically the plant has certain qualities that can purify the earth’s environment and help restore the earth to normal.

Warriors of Future

As a result, intelligent minds are made to look for a solution that can help use this formation, which they collectively refer to as ‘Pandora.’ A particular solution is created by a scientist named Dr. Chan, which, if injected into Pandora’s pistil, can make their mission successful. The authorities sketch out a plan where the Air Force team heads toward the Pandora with two other aircraft and inserts the rare virus vial successfully into the pistil – before the rainfall since rain would make the plantation grow further and make its hunger for the kill stronger.

There is also a Plan B in colonel Tam Bing’s (Carina Lau) mind, which can save B-16 from destruction by bombing the area of Pandora’s growth. But that would come at the cost of over 1,60,000 people’s lives. She is bureaucratic and stays loyal to the authorities. On the other hand, the ones who have been chosen to carry forward this mission – Tyler (Louis Koo), commander Lincoln & a young commander, Connor Kwong (Wan Guopeng), are determined to stop this cruel plan and to save the planet without killing the humankind, for whom the plan is designed.

What was Sean Lee’s plan related to Pandora?

They are responsible to guide Orca 1 toward the pistil, which consists of robots that can fire the vial into the plant. At the beginning of the mission, the first batch of rainfall starts, making Pandora grow. During this chaos, they are attacked by some of the accompanying robots in a sabotage plan, where Orca 1 is destroyed, and only Tyler & his team’s aircraft is saved. It is according to Sean Li’s (Nick Cheung) wishes, he does not want the reversal of the situation, even if it comes at the cost of innocent civilians.

He is the leader of the current government in B-16 and is also the head of the military army. He notes that the government has spent too much on their production and fears that the use of Pandora would make the need for the Skynets and the growth of his thriving business cease to exist. He would instead want Pandora to be destroyed entirely instead of being used for humanitarian purposes.

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However, Tyler and his team still go in search of the vial and proceed with idealistic intentions. Tyler’s best friend & commander, Johnson Cheng (Sean Lau), decides to go to the battlefield himself to help them with the mission. By that time, Connor learns from his girlfriend (who is the communications personnel) that getting hold of the robot’s head is to learn who sabotaged the plan. Upon reaching the crash site, he heads straight to find the robot and its head. Then they learn Sean Li’s involvement in it.

By then, Sean Li cut ties with Tyler and his team so that they won’t be able to communicate with Colonel Tam and will receive no help. However, upon learning Sean Li’s cruel intentions, Tam reconnects with the team to carry forward their plan A before the next rainfall. During this time, Tyler saves a young girl named Pansy under the debris formed due to destruction caused by giant-sized insects. This young girl reminds him of his young daughter – Sissy, who died due to cancer caused by the toxic air in the atmosphere. Through their communication, we sense a trust built between these two over the period.

During this mission, Tyler gets together with his old friends – Johnson and Yau Tai-long (Philip Keung). Yau Tai-long had not followed Tyler’s command in the past during one of their old missions and abandoned his team since he did not want to die. Yau Tai-long became a kind of street peddler after this, and while he tried to convince the ruthless nature of Li’s orders, Tyler cut ties with him for not being a strong support. However, the new mission brings them back together with the motive of saving the planet. Unlike in the past, he saves his team members several times, and their friendship is restored during this moment of crisis.

Warriors of Future Movie Ending Explained

Does Tyler’s mission successful? Does pandora stop growing, and does the planet get healed?

Since the heavy rainfall begins, the authorities are trying to follow the guidelines of Plan B. Tyler and Yau try not to let it become a necessity by fighting the robots themselves. By then, they have realized that Pandora’s pistil is underground. So, Connor, who is responsible for arming the bomb, goes ahead to make a way into the chamber. By this time, Tyler believes that Pansy is killed under the destruction and feels guilty about it. However, it turns out that Johnson did not die from the sacrifice he makes before to save his teammates, and saves her as well.

Along with Yau and Tyler, Johnson joins the battle against the evil robots. He enters the pistil chamber and kills off the insects that try to stop him from doing so. He becomes successful in throwing the vial, stopping Pandora’s harmful growth and thus saving the environment. Because of their tireless efforts, Pandora stops from growing further. By that time, Li understands that his sabotage plan will be known and shoots himself dead from fear of arrest. Within a week after this incident, the green growth on the earth’s atmosphere starts to reappear, and the Earth starts magically healing because of Pandora. While the end suggests another mission toward a planet, no explicit mention is made to note what it is about. Perhaps, Tyler’s team is onto another way to save humanity and protect it from the harm of industrialist intents.

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