Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 6:  The heat from the Chippendales stage has somehow manifested itself into the Banerjee relationship in a good way and the courtroom in a bad way. But in a crude hedonism carnival, coked-up intimacy and criminal misdirections hardly come as a shock anymore. This may have been an actual low point for both Steve Banerjee and the show. As great as Nanjiani is at making Steve the paradigm of the worst impulses, Welcome To Chippendales needs more of Murray Bartlett’s captivating Nick De Noia to balance out the bitter aftertaste left behind by the escalating situation. With not enough Nick in the mix, episode 5 fell prey to Steve’s festering insecurities, and sadly for the Hulu show, Steve’s very height of letting loose still just doesn’t cut it. But for the sake of keeping up with Chippendales’ deteriorating business, Let’s look at what fresh hell the deranged entrepreneur has cooked up this time.


Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 6: Recap

“February 31st”

Steve evidently hasn’t taken Nick’s credit-stealing move very lightly. So while his establishment faces legal annihilation, Steve is showing up at the New York Chippendales without any prior notice. He has to assert his dominance all over Nick’s reign. Calvin Klein himself gets ambushed with an introduction and a reminder that Steve Banerjee is the owner and founder of the intrigue that is Chippendales. After jinxing a lot of his credit-taking thank yous, Nick finds it impossible to tolerate Steve in his sacred space of seductive arts. It is Bradford, however–the man and the money behind Chippendales East–who comes up with the idea that Nick should take the stripper troupe and tour all over the world. The idea of being treated like royalty while also not having to deal with Steve in person is eaten up by Nick and Denise. Now it is up to Nick to plate it up to Steve in a way that doesn’t hurt his ego even further. 

Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 6

Back in LA, 13 people have grouped up against Chippendales’ discriminatory VIP card policy and have gone to court to ruin the institution. Irene is going berserk at the thought that their finances aren’t nearly good enough to handle the blow if they lose the case. Pressure isn’t really something Steve thrives under. So when he’s changing the number of calendars that are about to be printed at the press from 300000 to half a million, he hurriedly signs off the mock-up copy without really going through the pages. Around the same time as Steve’s stressful desperation, Nick shows up with a smile and an offer. Playing with his giant ego at the restaurant, Nick lures Steve into agreeing with the world tour with the bait of money. You have to give it to Nick for being fair and advise Steve to get a lawyer for the touring contract. But being the shortsighted, smug man that he is, Steve goes for a “we don’t need a lawyer for this” approach. A contract does get signed, nonetheless. And that too on a piece of napkin. At this point, Steve is certain that with the tour and the extra calendars, his business will see some real cash flow soon.


Steve breaks the news to Irene with an expensive gift. She gets a necklace and the news that her husband has apparently fixed the finances. Not taking his word for it and still harboring the anger she feels, Irene decides to return the neckless. At the store, however, the saleswoman convinces her to indulge herself. Looking into the mirror with the neckless on, Irene is consumed by the same greed that surrounds Steve. Their high soon flatlines when the last option for Steve to get off the hook is to file for bankruptcy. Hoping that the new calendars will be a big hit, Steve pleads to Irene that they should hold on a little longer before choosing the option that will ruin Chippendales’ reputation.


Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 6: Ending Explained

From the minute the VIP cards fiasco started, Steve has been in denial about how deep a hole he has dug for himself. Following the course of his own instinctive chaos, he chooses to bury the stench of his failure at court with the money he is apparently about to make with the calenders. And even that comes as a payback for his lack of business sense. The entire batch of half a million characters contains a massive error that renders the calendars useless. Sitting in the pile of the epic disorder that he himself has orchestrated, Steve wonders if it’s really time to file for bankruptcy. While Irene knows the inevitable effect it will have on the business; she chooses to comfort Steve when he falls apart.


Chippendale filing for bankruptcy makes the newspaper with the juicy additions of every other shady business Steve has been a part of. Still trying to put on the face of success, Steve chooses to focus on what is going right instead of what is falling apart. He has been receiving giant cheques from Nick. The Chippendales tour is as big as Nick promised it will be, and half of the entire income is going right into Steve’s pocket. But whether it is because of his characteristic cynicism or his distrust for Nick in general, Steve believes that Nick may not be entirely truthful about the amount of money he is making on the world tour. With Ray playing the devil and riling him up even further, Steve decides to have a talk with Irene about Nick finally.


Thanks to his “boy who cried wolf” image, Irene is readily dismissive of anything that Steve is anxious about. But this time, even she is agitated when she gets to know that Steve signed the contract on a table napkin and that too without having an attorney take a look at it. Know-it-all Steve tries to comfort Irene, but their lawyer assuring them that it is, in fact, a binding and legal contract certainly comes as an unpleasant shock for them both. And if that wasn’t all, Steve did not understand what “perpetuity” means before signing the contract. Now, for all they know, Nick can go on having the touring rights to Chippendales forever. The inevitable incoming confrontation doesn’t change the fact that Steve can’t stop Nick anymore. Being the absolute sight of a man completely shattered and in pain, Steve doesn’t even need his mother to tell him that he is a failure. He has by now accepted that.



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