A Good Person Soundtrack: Grief breaks people; It takes a lot to get over the loss of someone very dear to us. Everyone has their own way of dealing with guilt and grief. Some people find self-destructive ways that harm themselves as well as the people around them. That’s where the latest movie from Zach Braff comes in, starring Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh. It follows the story of a promising musician, Allison, and her relationship with her would-be father-in-law after a tragedy strikes. It shows when we’re hurting, we might be able to find relief in helping others who are also struggling.

Written by Braff himself, the film is inspired by his own losses in life. It follows Alison, played by Florence, a beautiful and musically gifted woman who is getting married to Nathan. However, an accident takes the lives of Nathan’s sister and her husband. Her whole life turns upside down. Guilt and grief-ridden, she loses herself in addiction. Later while attending a meeting for recovering addicts, she meets Daniel, Nathan’s father, who’s also struggling with grief while raising his granddaughter alone.

The way the narrative unfolds is raw and emotional, with Florence and Morgan Freeman delivering powerful performances. Their portrayal of a very unusual but comforting relationship makes this movie a must-watch for anyone who has experienced loss or wants to understand the impact of grief. It shows how we can find solace in people who are experiencing the same.

A Good Person Soundtrack: All Songs Featured In The Movie

Music has been scientifically proven to heal people both physically and mentally. For some, songs play a vital role in recovering from grief. The music of this film plays a significant role in setting up the tone of the movie. Composed by Grammy winner Bryce Dessner, the soundtrack of the film does not disappoint. It helps in the flow of the storyline, along with a collection of songs that speaks for the script. He is known for his previous works in The Revenant (2015), Cyrano (2021), and The Two Popes (2019).

Along with an immersive original soundtrack by Bryce Dessner, a collection of songs play throughout the film. It includes tracks like “After Hours” by The Velvet Underground and “Hypochondriac” by Fenne Lily, along with two songs by the leading actor Florence Pugh – “I Hate Myself” and “The Best Part.” These two songs add to the fact that her character is a musically gifted person. Florence said that she wrote the songs as a way to process and digest the mindset of her character Allison. They reflect the self-hatred Allison had after the tragedy that changed her life.

Complete Tracklist:

  • After Hours – The Velvet Underground
  • Time – Angelo De Augustine
  • Hypochondriac – Fenne Lily
  • Wake Up With the Sun – Odessa
  • To the Mountains – Lizzy McAlpine
  • A Love Song Seven Ways – Benjamin Lazar Davis
  • Stardust – Cary Brothers
  • Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throat – Del Water Gap
  • I Hate Myself – Florence Pugh
  • The Best Part – Florence Pugh
  • Deep in Love – Bonny Light Horseman
  • On My Mind – Leona Naess

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