When The Weather Is Fine (Season 1): When the Weather Is Fine is a heart-warming tale of two individuals, Mok Hae Won and Im Eun Seop, whose lives have become intertwined. Despite their difficult childhoods, they have grown close to each other in adulthood. It’s a story about the power of friendship, love, family, and more.

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When The Weather Is Fine (Season 1) Recap:

Episode 1: Totally Blowing It

In the first episode, Mok Hae Won, a cellist, visits Goodnight Bookstore to find her old classmate, Im Eun Seop. Unable to locate him, she stays at her aunt’s guesthouse. Her aunt always wears black glasses, indoors or outdoors, during the day or night. In a flashback, Hae Won deals with a student’s argument and gets accused of physical assault by the student’s mother. While stargazing, she meets Eun Seop, and they converse.

The next day he offers her to borrow his car. During the drive with her aunt Myeong Yeo, she figures Eun Seop had disappeared for three years, and he seemed strange upon his return. While driving, Hae Won notices a charm with the engraving ‘Goodbye Irene’ and asks her aunt about Eun Seop’s past. At the Bookstore, Eun Seop’s sister reads his diary and quotes a line about marshmallow-looking things, which was the same thing Hae Won had asked during the stargazing night.

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Hae Won seeks shelter at Goodnight Bookstore during a rainstorm and talks with Eun Seop. He explains the store’s name as a reminder for people to eat and sleep well. Hae Won remembers reading something similar in his notebook from their school days. Eun Seop gives her a jacket to prevent her from catching a cold. Hae Won has a flashback of being wrongly accused by her academy’s director of poor teaching methods to hide her insecurity.

The next day, Hae Won learns that her aunt has closed the guesthouse for a year, causing Hae Won to become upset as it was her grandmother’s property. Hae Won’s aunt accuses her of getting distracted by chores and implies that Hae Won does not need to stay and look after things. While Hae Won cries, Eun Seop offers her coffee and remembers his fabricated coincidental meetings with her because of his desire for her.

Later, Eun Seop takes Hae Won to their high school reunion, where he confesses his crush on her during high school, leaving everyone surprised and awkward. The tension breaks when a classmate’s child goes missing, and everyone leaves to search for him, leaving Hae Won and Eun Seop alone and unsure of what to say. Eun Seop writes about the awkward reunion in his Goodnight Journal and finds Hae Won outside his door. He panics and denies his feelings at first, but after closing the door on her, he opens it again and stares at her.

Episode 2: I’m So Happy You’re Here

Hae Won remembers her high school days when she transferred to Hyecheon High School. In the present day, Eun Seop asks her what she wants, and she asks to borrow a book. After an awkward incident, Eun Seop acts casual but still has feelings for her, walking her home with a torch. After his confession during the reunion, he hopes he hasn’t upset her. Hae Won may reciprocate his feelings as the romantic tension increases between them.

In an emotional scene, Won and her aunt visit their grandmother’s grave, with her aunt complaining about Hae Won. Won responds by expressing her grievances to her late grandmother and recalling fond memories. Meanwhile, Hae Won visits the pharmacy and talks to pharmacist Jang Ha Nim (Lee Bong Ryun) about her headache. During their conversation, Won learns that her aunt’s headaches require medical attention and could be life-threatening if left untreated, making her deeply upset.

Jang Woo invites Hae Won for a night out after reminiscing about their school days over coffee. Hae Won joins the Goodnight Club at the Goodnight Bookstore, where other members include Im Hwi, Hyun Ji (daughter of the pharmacist), Jung Woo, Choi Soo Jung, Bae Geun Sang (Lee Tae Hyung), Seung Ho (Han Chang Min), and his grandfather Gil Bok (Lee Young Suk). Jang Woo asks Hae Won to recite a passage at the book reading club meeting, where she surprises everyone with an excerpt from Myung Yeo’s book. Jang Woo reveals that Hae Won’s aunt was once a famous best-selling author.

Seop and Won are alone in the Bookstore, where Won confesses that she finds it hard to relate to the book characters’ struggles. They reminisce about their school days, and Seop recalls the day Won transferred to their school, the time he couldn’t help her with her broken bicycle, their awkward passing in the classroom, and the day.

Won stays in town and considers working at the ice rink but finds out she must learn to skate. She offers to play piano at the Bookstore, but Seop suggests they switch jobs, and she agrees. Won tends to the store and watches Seop interact with the villagers. Jang Woo invites her for beer and a conversation about their school days, mentioning her friend Kim Bo Young’s desire to talk to her. Won shares a high school memory with Seop about Bo Young and a hurtful rumor spread by some classmates. Seop falls asleep while listening and mumbles that he’s happy Irene is here as Won leaves.

Won wakes up happy and goes to work at the Bookstore, teasing Seop about his inability to handle alcohol and their previous conversation. The tension between them is fading. But when Bo Young unexpectedly shows up, Won is unhappy, but Bo Young expects a warm reception.

Episode 3: A Harsh Winter at Walnut House

Won struggles with painful memories from her past when her former friend Bo Young tries to reconcile with her. The extent of Bo Young’s betrayal in high school is revealed, leaving Won feeling alone and ostracized. Seop brings Won to the Bookstore to comfort her. At a Book club event that night, Hyun Ji’s folktale prompts a conversation about why people do things they are asked not to do, with Won paying close attention, especially to Seop’s words, as they relate to her situation.

A disastrous situation at the Walnut house unfolds at 2 am with frozen water pipes, a useless faucet, and a broken boiler. Myung Yeo refuses to stay at the guest house next door. Although Myung Yeo urges Won to call Seop for help, they are too embarrassed to knock on his door. As Seop listens in panic, he brings new blankets for Won, and she sees how he lives. Meanwhile, memories of her past bullying experience haunt Won as she tries to sleep. She recalls the incident where she raised her hand against her classmates, leading to her grandmother begging for forgiveness from the school board. The classmate’s mother cruelly insults Won’s mother, causing Won to burst out of suppressed emotions.

Won and her aunt find humor in challenging situations, but the burst water pipes at the house lead to Myung Yeo abandoning her niece. Won seeks help to solve the problem at the Bookstore while worrying about her aunt’s headaches. Seop tries to convince her to stay, and she agrees to stay for five days. While looking through the house, Won finds a letter from her mother but chooses not to read it. Seop comforts her, saying that some people keep their worries to themselves.

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Won declines Seop’s offer to visit her aunt and waits for him at a café while they head downtown. Seop hands his phone to Won, and when it rings, Won answers to find Bo Young on the other end. Bo Young wants to meet and clear up the misunderstanding, but Won declines and says she will do it when the weather is fine. At the Bookstore, Won searches for Seop anxiously, and Im Hwi stops her to discuss her romantic problems. Despite Im Hwi warning Won about the dangers of going up the mountains at night, Won ventures up the hill to look for Seop. She gets frightened and starts to run back and bumps into him: she embraces him as tears stream down her face.

Episode 4: Eun Seop Knows the Mountains

The scene opens with Won expressing her fear and apologizing to Seop, and the two of them walk back to the Bookstore while holding hands. While enjoying a cup of tea, Won shares a childhood story about how her mother’s absence made her anxious. She explains to Seop that she experienced the same feeling of anxiousness when he didn’t return home. In one emotional moment, Won asks Seop why he can wander the mountains so freely, and Seop explains that he is familiar with the area. Seop, feeling somewhat awkward, asks Won if she would like to accompany him to the town while he does laundry. During the ride, Won playfully asks Seop about Irene, but a call saves him from answering, enabling him to change the subject.

Bo Young sees Won and Seop while leaving her academy, and Won continues to tease Seop until she spots Bo Young. They decide to grab a cup of coffee together, but Won quickly becomes impatient when Bo Young tries to explain a misunderstanding. Bo Young narrates how her classmates created false rumors when asked about her transfer. Still, she confronted the culprit and made her promise not to tell anyone else. However, Won reminds her that Bo Young had vowed to keep the secret to herself. Won explains that she preferred the false rumors because they weren’t true, but what she did hurt her the most.

Won initially refuses to visit her aunt when Seop asks. However, they bump into her at the pharmacy. Won gets irritated when she finds out her aunt is asking for ointment for the Athlete’s foot, which she was unaware of. Meanwhile, a group of people, including Jang Woo, discover that Choi Min Jung (Park Ji Won) is missing while descending from a hike and file a report. Seop arrives at the scene and, familiar with the mountains, searches for her after sunset.

He finds her sneakers first, and then he finds her. At the foot of the hill, Won expresses great concern for Seop and argues with Im Hwi about why everyone asks Seop to do dangerous things, reminding her that he is just a human like everyone else. Im Hwi playfully teases her, saying she sounds just like her mother. When Seop returns though she wants to run and hug Seop, Won holds back and leaves him with his family.

While Won stays with Soo Jung, his mother scolds Eun Seop at his parents’ house. Won struggles to hide her feelings for Seop. Jang Woo informs Seop that Min Jung wants to meet him to thank him. Won interjects before Seop can respond, unable to hide her possessiveness of Seop. Seop shows his protective nature by giving Won a pair of shoes and remembering finding Min Jung’s sneakers in the forest. Won watches Seop sleep affectionately.

Min Jung asks Jang Woo if he talked to Seop about meeting her, but Jang Woo, sensing Won’s feelings, makes poor excuses on Seop’s behalf. Seop wakes up at the Bookstore and searches for Won, who is shopping at the market. Won met her mother coincidently. The episode ends with Won calling out “Mom.”

Episode 5: Hae Won’s Mom Comes to Town

Hae Won recalls visiting her grandmother in a village with her mother, Shim Myung Joo, who admitted to killing her abusive husband in a conversation with a police officer. The judge revealed that Shim Myung Joo had been trying to protect herself from her husband’s abuse. Despite refusing to meet Hae Won in prison, Shim Myung Joo attends her mother’s funeral. Meanwhile, maintenance specialists arrive at the Walnut house during Hae Won’s mother’s visit, discussing repairs and Hae Won’s whereabouts. Tensions arise when Hae Won’s aunt reveals that she has been staying with Seop, prompting Hae Won to confide in Seop about her yearly visits with her mother and this sudden appearance.

Im Hwi tries to talk to Kim Young Soo (Kim Dae Geon), but he rejects her, leading her to vent to Hyun Ji. Overhearing a conversation reveals that Young Soo is seeing someone else, causing Im Hwi to pout. Meanwhile, Won and Seop meet with Myung Yeo, who expresses concern about Myung Joo’s strange behavior. Myung Yeo shares that Myung Joo urgently wants to have lunch with them, and Seop offers to drive. During the meal, it becomes clear that Myung Yeo is scared of Myung Joo.

Park Hin Dol, the owner of Seorim Bookstore, reveals to Seop that Myung Joo was popular among boys in the past, and everyone was curious about whom she would marry. She married someone who pursued her relentlessly, but things didn’t turn out as expected. Meanwhile, Won contacts Seop to ask about his whereabouts, only to find out he’s in another meeting. While at the florist, she spots Seop at a nearby café, waiting for Bo Young. This scene makes her heart sink, taking her back to their school days when rumors circulated about her stealing Seop from Bo Young.

At the Walnut House, Won confronts her mother about her sudden visit, but Myung Joo remains evasive, causing her to break down and express her frustration. Eventually, Won gains the courage to ask if her mother killed her father or if she went to prison out of guilt. Myung Joo struggles to open up to her daughter or keep everything inside. Later, Myung Joo visits Seop, asking him to deliver letters to Hin Dol, and they recognize each other from before.

Won watches them talking from afar and later questions Seop about his past encounter with her mother. Seop shares that he met Myung Joo when he was ten years old at a bus terminal and that she was a beautiful woman but left out that he noticed a bruise on her right eye resulting from physical abuse. Won admits to Seop that she was annoyed with him the previous day when she saw him with Bo Young.

Myung Joo visits her late husband’s memorial and is advised to reconcile with Won by Myung Yeo. Seop suggests watching a movie to cheer Won, who is low after Bo Young offers to help reconcile their friendship. Jang Woo tells them about the 50th alum meeting; alumnus Oh Young Woo (Kim Young Dae) recognizes Won, piquing Seop’s curiosity.

Episode 6: Hyecheon High’s First Joint Reunion

The episode begins with a flashback to their high school days; Bo Young enlightens Won about the top three desired boys in the school, and the top student is Young Woo. Young Woo, in childish ways, tries to get Won’s attention indirectly, showing his interest in her, but Won does not reciprocate. The time when Seop could not help Won fix her broken bicycle, Young Woo came to Won’s rescue. Seop remembers seeing them together on that particular day. Im Hwi prioritizes her pride over pursuing Young Soo, leading her to give up on him.

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Myeong Yeo feels down about the upcoming reunion, thinking it’s only for successful people. Seop delivers Myung Joo’s letters to Hin Dol while Bo Young unexpectedly joins him at the cafe. Young Woo visits the Goodnight Bookstore and confesses his feelings to Won, giving her his phone number, but she tells him she threw away her phone. Won is surprised by Young Woo’s visit and confession.

At the Bookstore, Seop returns to find Won waiting for him, and they share a happy moment. Seop offers to let Won rest, and she tells him she will return to the Walnut house that day, making him sad. Shop misses Won’s presence while at the Bookstore. Young Woo drives Won to the reunion in Hyecheon while Seop drinks alone in rage. Won looks at class pictures with her friends and asks about Seop’s class, but they say she never cared and he studied with them. Jang Woo teases Seop about being upset with Young Woo.

Meanwhile, Young Woo watches Won nostalgically as she plays the piano, and she thanks him for helping her in high school. Won asks him not to confess his feelings for her as she is already in love with someone else. Won and Seop excitedly anticipate seeing each other at the reunion. In complete darkness, Won confesses her love to Seop. Ending the episode on a high note.

When The Weather Is Fine (Season 1): Recap & Ending, Explained

Episode 7: Eun Seop’s Illness

In the aftermath of Won’s confession to Seop, Im Hwi comforts her and helps her regain confidence. Jang Woo asks Won for help cleaning up at the reunion, and Ji Yun asks about Seop’s absence in the graduation photo. Won remembers a keychain she made for Seop in high school. Jang Woo reveals that it’s the only precious thing Seop has. The keychain is in Seop’s car, which surprises Won.

Won confronts Seop about the keychain, but he blatantly lies, saying it wasn’t the one she gave him; instead, it was the one he made that he had not given her back then. As they speak, Bo Young calls out to Seop. Upon seeing Bo Young, Won gives a forceful smile and leaves them to it. Leaving Bo Young to read, Seop runs out to talk to Won, but she is nowhere to be seen.

Jang Woo meets Ji Eun Shil and Ji Yun for lunch and is questioned about his dating life. Meanwhile, Bo Young continues reading at the Bookstore. Seop calls Won to inform her that he’s unwell and asks her not to come to work. Won tries to see him at the Bookstore, but he doesn’t respond. Therefore, she goes to the Walnut house and cleanses her frustration with her aunt’s pet dog.

Seop is sick, and his mother visits him while Won vents her anger by breaking wood blocks. Myeong Yeo tells her that Seop canceled the Book Club meeting because of his illness. Won returns to the Bookstore to find it locked. Meanwhile, Jang Woo searches for Seop and finds Won, with whom he tries to figure out where he might be. Seop’s mother tries to contact people who might know where he is, while Im Hwi and Jang Woo think he may have gone to the mountains.

The episode ends with Won being worried sick about Seop. Moreover, she takes matters into her own hands and climbs the mountain to find him. She conquers her fear and reaches the cabin up in the mountain but does not find Seop anywhere.

Episode 8: The Answer to Hae Won’s Confession

Seop daydreams about following a lady in a red dress up the mountain, calling her “Mom.” He wakes up to Won’s voice and finds her in the cabin. Seop is upset with Won for climbing the mountain and walks her back home. The next day, Won is sick and ignores Seop. Seop takes his mother to buy tonic for Im Hwi and admits to seeing illusions of a woman on the mountain. He promises his mother that he won’t go anywhere without her permission.

Won is sick, but Seung Ho requests oatmeal porridge, interrupting her thoughts about Seop. Myeong Yeo announces her departure to Seoul, and Jang Woo finds a sick Won at the Bookstore and urges her to see a doctor. Seop returns to find her asleep and asks Im Hwi to fetch medicine, but she reminds him of the upcoming Book Club meeting. Myeong recalls breaking up with her ex-boyfriend Cha Yoon Taek (Hwang Geon) on her way to Seoul and later sees him with another author at his house.

During the Book Club meeting, the group discusses the theme of happiness in the book Bluebird and debates whether it’s attainable. After everyone leaves, Seop tries to give medicine to Won, who refuses and asks for a response to her confession. Seop apologizes. Later, Seop’s mother asks Won to accompany him to the mountain to retrieve a book. He asks her to ignore his mother’s request, but she still goes with him, upsetting Seop because of their troubled relationship.

While going up the mountain, Won and Seop come across a tomb, and Seop relates a superstition that whatever is believed at the grave will come true. After reaching the summit, Won apologizes for misinterpreting Seop’s kindness as a romantic interest, and he stops her from walking away and kisses her. She asks him what to do because what she suspected came true, referring to their conversation on the ascent. The episode ends with Seop and Won embracing each other.

Episode 9: Eun Seop’s Childhood

In the episode, Seop and Won reconcile after their kiss on the mountain. Seop reflects on his childhood love for Won but keeps it to himself. They walk down the hill together, and Seop promises to call her once he reaches Seoul. Meanwhile, Won shows affection for the dog at the Walnut house, but Myeong Yeo judges her silently. The next day, she eagerly waits for Seop’s call but is disappointed when the electrical company calls instead. Seop’s dream of becoming an author is also revealed. Won goes to bed without hearing from him.

Won waits for Seop to return, and they have an uncomfortable interaction. Subsequently, Won is upset when Seop doesn’t invite her to Jang Woo’s event, and Seop asks her why she’s giving him attitude. Won denies it and asks if Seop regrets their mountain kiss. He responds by kissing her again, declaring his love for her. They attend the event together.

At the event, Jang Woo observes affectionate interactions between Seop and Won but is puzzled by their relationship. The event is a meet-and-greet with renowned author Shin Young Chun (Kim Na Mi), whose editor is Yoon Taek. At the start of the event, Won sees Myeong Yeo. Later, Min Jung and Jang Woo discuss Seop, with Min Jung suggesting that he and Won are dating, but Jang Woo denies it.

Myeong Yeo meets with her publisher to discuss Yoon Taek’s new best-selling book and rumors about his relationship with Shin Young Chun. During a coffee meeting with Yoon Taek, he confronts Myeong Yeo about her visit to his house and offers her a deal to publish her book with the condition that he writes her life story as a novel. Meanwhile, Yeo Jung asks Jong Pil to persuade the other town owners not to seek Seop’s help with the mountains and reveals the truth about Seop’s disappearance. Jong Pil agrees to help. Yeo Jung is surprised to hear that Seop saw a dead woman in a red dress.

Won, Seop, Jang Woo, and Hin Dol have dinner together, and their behavior clarifies Jang Woo’s doubts about Won and Seop’s relationship. Hin Dol observes them warmly and tells Won that she resembles her mother. Jang Woo teases Seop about his love story with Won, which begins at Mugunghwa Train station during their high school years. Seop admits to falling in love with Won multiple times before, but this incident was one of those times. Won is startled when Seop mentions her running away from home, and she asks him if that was the day he fell in love with her.

Won and Seop are confronted by an older man who tells them about a fight involving Seop’s father at the restaurant. When they arrive, they discover that Seop’s father got into a fight with another man who insulted Seop. Won is upset by the situation, and Seop takes his father home. Seeking answers, Won turns to Jang Woo, who reveals Seop’s childhood story. Seop’s biological father was a vagrant, and Seop was drawn to the mountains as a child and had to deal with rumors about his family.

Im Hwi returns Seop’s wallet and a photo of him with his biological father but asks him to dispose of it out of jealousy. Seop remembers the time spent with his father in the mountain cabin and when he searched for him but didn’t find him. He thought he had lost happiness that day, but a loving family adopted him. Instead of giving him hope, this made him fear happiness. While waiting for the bus, Won understands Seop better, recalling their conversations about the mountain. When Seop comes to the Bookstore, Won tells him he has found his people and need not feel lonely, asking him to hug her tightly so that the moment does not disappear.

Episode 10: Blood and Family

At the beginning of the episode, Won’s clingy behavior towards Seop is evident as she hugs him tightly, interrupting his work. However, their intimate moment is short-lived as Im Hwi arrives, causing a moment of panic. Won offers to cook for Seop. Meanwhile, Myeong Yeo receives a call from Yoon Taek regarding a contract and agrees to sign it. Won overhears the conversation and questions Myeong Yeo about it. She tells her the only way is up once you hit rock bottom. Myeong Yeo asks Won about the vegetables Won is carrying, but Won changes the topic back to the book. Myeong Yeo reminds her that she promised to move back to Seoul during spring.

Yeo Jung and Jong Pil discuss the identity of a mysterious man in the village who some believe is Seop’s biological father, but Yeo Jung thinks it’s Seop’s uncle. Jong Pil reveals that the man has stopped searching and may have visited the Bookstore. This information frustrates Yeo Jung because Seop’s uncle often pressures him to become a sailor and takes his money.

The mysterious man is his uncle Gil Dong (Kang Jin Hwi), and he visits the Bookstore, where he and Seop have a conversation. Gil Dong urges Seop to leave town and reminds him that he is family; having cared for his sick mother for three years proves blood precedes the adopted family. Im Hwi eavesdrops on their conversation and later yells at Seop not to go anywhere. She rushes to her parent’s home to report that Seop’s uncle has taken him away.

During the Book Club’s flea market, Seop is absent, but everyone else enjoys themselves. Im Hwi, feeling uneasy, asks Jang Woo to cover for her and visits the Bookstore, where she expresses her concerns about Seop’s absence to Won. Won reassures her that Seop will return, but Im Hwi remains unconvinced, worried that he might not return. Meanwhile, Seop’s uncle Gil Dong shows him a building he bought with borrowed money at the beach and asks Seop to open a Bookstore there. Gil Dong declares that he will stay with Seop from now on to avoid emotional pain and to live together as a family.

At the flea market, everyone enjoys themselves except for Im Hwi. After a cello performance, everyone asks Won to play, and she agrees. Jang Woo takes a group photo and discusses the event after it ends, but they miss Seop. Yoon Taek visits Myeong Yeo to get the contract signed, and they joke around and reminisce about the old days. Yeo Jung and Jong Pil argue over Seop’s return and bloodline, and Jong Pil walks out to find Seop standing at the door. Seop and Im Hwi reconcile after she hits him and throws her bicycle, and Seop asks when she started caring about him so much, to which she replies that it was since birth.

In the final scene of the episode, Myeong Yeo drops off Yoon Taek at the railway station and lies about not remembering the reason for their breakup. After he leaves, she removes her glasses, and it is revealed that she has glaucoma. She remembers witnessing her sister’s husband abusing her and seeing Won at the police station. The episode ends with Won leaving the Bookstore and seeing Seop cycling toward her. They take a stroll, and Won asks if he plans to depart, to which he responds that she will be leaving in the spring. She is intrigued to see what lies ahead for them.

Episode 11: Is This Love?

Myeong Yeo has flashbacks of breaking up frequently with Yoon Taek. At the cancer hospital, she confides in her friend and Soo Jung about having glaucoma and suggests that sharing misery could reduce the pain.

Seop is asked to leave the Bookstore if he can’t afford rent, and he plans to discuss the matter with his landlord, with Won accompanying him. Jang Woo’s mother sets him on a blind date with Jo Young Mi (Lee Seo An). Seop confides in Won about the day he skipped seeing his biological mother at the station, fearing he’d betray his current parents.

Shin Young Chun blackmails Yoon Taek to break the contract with Myeong Yeo, and if he wouldn’t, she wouldn’t write for him; Yoon Taek refuses but strikes a deal with her so she can keep writing. Yoon Taek gave a copy of his first book to Myeong Yeo, and he dedicated the book to “His Lady.”

Seop and Won reach the landlord’s house only to realize that the need to pay rent was a misunderstanding created by the landlord’s daughter. Won bonds with the landlord’s wife because of their interest in piano playing. Im Hwi catches Jang Woo on his blind date and blackmails him with photographs, and asks him to give him money to delete the photographs.

Won reveals to Seop that when she was at the train station, she contemplated suicide but fell asleep after eating. Myeong Yeo discovered Won as she was drowning herself and offered to join her, dissuading her from taking her own life. Seop thanks Won for not taking her own life, and she asks him if what they share is love, to which he affirms.

Yoon Taek goes to Myeong Yeo’s place to inquire about the opening line of her book, but she takes him to the cancer hospital to see Su Yeong. Soo Jung and Su Yeong tease Myeong Yeo with Yoon Taek. Meanwhile, Young Soo contacts Im Hwi and expresses his wish to visit her family’s Bookstore, but she allows it only under certain conditions.

Later, at the Bookstore, Won expresses her desire to sleep with Seop, and he grants her wish. Myeong Yeo discovers bruises on Su Yeong’s face at the hospital and confronts her. While driving back, Myeong Yeo becomes angry that Su Yeong didn’t leave her abusive husband, but Yoon Taek tells her he can be warm when he’s not hitting her. His answer makes Myeong Yeo realize the same was true for her sister.

The shocking truth about Hae Won’s father’s death is revealed at Su Yeong’s funeral. Myeong Yeo witnesses her sister’s abuse by Mok Joo Hong and pleads with Myung Joo to leave him. In the chaos, Joo Hong hits Myeong Yeo, and Myung Joo pushes him down the stairs. They flee, but Joo Hong steps in front of their car as they drive away, and Myeong Yeo runs him over. She makes this the opening line of her book and faxes it to Yoon Taek.

Episode 12: The Two Sisters’ Secret

The episode starts with a flashback to the day the incident took place. Myung Joo saves Myeong Yeo from being imprisoned for life by taking the blame for Joo Hong’s death. She instructs Myeong to take care of Won and live with her.

At Su Yeong’s funeral, Soo Jung remarks that the death of a parent has the most profound impact on children. Myeong Yeo thinks about how this applies to Won and remembers visiting Myung Joo in prison, where she reassured her that it wasn’t her fault and urged her to focus on finishing her novel, dating, and taking care of Won as Won might be feeling lonely. Myeong Yeo receives a letter from prison with just two words: “I’m fine.” The memories overwhelm her with emotion, and she breaks down in tears.

When The Weather Is Fine (Season 1) Recap & Ending, ExplainedB

Myeong Yeo sees Won coming from somewhere and questions her about it but immediately says she’s old enough and it’s not her business. She also informs Won of Su Yeong’s death. Jang Woo talks to a teenager about his crush Eun Shil by showing her picture to him. Yoon Taek, reading Myeong Yeo’s fax, tries to call her multiple times, but she’s fast asleep.

Im Hwi agreed to help Young Soo on the condition that he joins the Book Club. Seop’s protective instinct towards his sister is triggered during the meeting when he sees her with Young Soo. Im Hwi is teased by the other club members about her past crush on Young Soo, even though she insists it’s over. As he leaves, Jang Woo receives a call from Eun Shil asking for a favor. He becomes excited as it’s their first time talking on the phone.
After waiting, Myeong Yeo finally answered Yoon Taek’s call. He was terrified, believing that her fax was genuine. However, Myeong Yeo reminded him that he had agreed not to ask her which parts of the story were fictional and non-fictional.

Seop walks Won home, and upon returning, he finds Bo Young waiting for him. She confesses to him that for a long time, she liked him. He tells her he didn’t know about it and that things would still be the same even if he did. While sipping beer, Jang Woo remembers his time with Eun Shil in the past.

Seop writes his first love letter and confesses that he was the one who called Myeong Yeo on the day Won attempted suicide. However, before he can finish it, Won shows up and tries to find out what he’s doing. Seop doesn’t tell her and instead tries to teach her how to chop wood but fails to do it himself. Surprisingly, Won succeeds on her first attempt.

Bo Young, who was eager to get Seop’s attention, went up the mountain at night, hoping that he would rescue her. While reminiscing about the times Seop cared for her in school, she called him from the mountain. However, Seop was preoccupied with Won at the time.

Episode 13: Eun Seop’s Bookstore Diary

This episode shows Bo Young’s persistent efforts to reach Seop. When she couldn’t reach him on his cell phone, she called the Goodnight Bookstore. Bo Young, at last, reaches Seop, and she asks him to rescue her from the mountain. Upon hearing this, Won says she will get her as she has some things to say.

When Won reached the mountain, she asked Bo Young if she was disappointed that Seop hadn’t come. Bo Young admitted to feeling let down. Won asks why she is only expressing these feelings now. Bo Young explained that she had attempted to be with Seop and confess her love to him in many different ways. But had lacked the courage to do so until now.

Bo Young felt resentful towards Won, believing Won had come between her and Seop during their high school days. However, Won clarified that she had only suspected Bo Young’s feelings toward Seop and had never gotten in her way. She also pointed out that she had never made a move on Seop while being aware of Bo Young’s feelings towards him. Won was puzzled by why Bo Young had become so twisted.

Yoon Taek meets Young Chun for lunch; she tells Yoon Taek not to meet Myeong Yeo. She also mentions a rumor about Myeong Yeo involving her affair with her brother-in-law. At that moment, Myeong Yeo texts Yoon Taek that he should believe everything people say about her.

Won told Seop that her conversation with Bo Young had gone well. Eun Shil reminded Jang Woo about his past confession of feelings for her, which she had rejected. Meanwhile, Bo Young visited her mother’s workplace and overheard her and her mother’s friend gossiping about the members of Walnut House. This conversation made Bo Young realize the mistakes she had made in the past.

Won reads Seop’s journal and discovers missing pieces in her relationship with him. She realizes that Irene is her and teases Seop about the journal entries. Yoon Taek and Myeong Yeo meet, and Yoon Taek begs her to tell the rumors are a lie. However, she says, irrespective of the truth, her life is in shambles. She reveals her eyes to him and walks away as he cries in sadness.

Won reads Seop’s journal and discovers an entry where he writes about her leaving the town someday, which makes her sad. Im Hwi then tells Won that she received a call from Bo Young, and they meet. During their meeting, Bo Young apologizes to Won, expressing that she likes their friendship and that it means more than it means to her. This prompts Won to recall their time together in high school.

Seop consoles Seung Ho after Gil-Bok collapses, and Seung Ho ends up staying at the Walnut house for the day. Later, Myeong Yeo unexpectedly collapses on the ground, and Won finds her.

Episode 14: Myeong Yeo’s Manuscript

The episode begins with Myeong Yeo being admitted to the hospital. The doctors informed Won that her aunt had almost lost her vision in one eye, and the symptoms would have been difficult to endure. Won reaches out to her mother to inform her about Myeong Yeo’s situation, and her mother’s response is cold.

Jang Woo learns from his colleagues that Eun Shil recently split up with her boyfriend. At the annual rice cake festival, Eun Shil hears rumors about Jang Woo getting married after going on a blind date. This news upsets Eun Shil, and she rethinks how she feels about Jang Woo. Eun Shil asks Jang Woo about the rumors, and she is happy to know that his blind date didn’t go well.

Myeong Yeo decides to leave the hospital and asks Won to move back to Seoul. Myung Joo is angry with Myeong Yeo for not living a good life, and Myeong Yeo tells her she has the right to pay for her mistakes. Won asks her mother to talk to Myeong Yeo and reminds her that her aunt was not a person to do anything in life. Myung Joo remembers Myeong Yeo’s enthusiasm for life.

Im Hwi and Young Soo’s girlfriend fight, and Young Soo is indifferent. Im Hwi tells her mother that boys are important to her. Seop cannot reach Seung Ho’s father, and Won tries to convince Myeong Yeo to take care of her health, but she is stubborn. Myeong Yeo struggles to write her novel, and Yoon Taek visits and hugs her.

Everyone throws a welcome home party for Gil Bok. Romance is brewing between Jang Woo and Eun Shil. Young Soo informs Im Hwi that his girlfriend will join them at school, and Im Hwi throws a temper tantrum. Won tells Seop about her conversation with Bo Young.

Myeong Yeo gives her manuscript to Seop, asking him to give it to Won to read. Seop advises her to talk to Won directly but agrees to pass the manuscript to her if she can’t. Seop hands the manuscript to Won, who becomes emotional after reading it. Won confronts Myung Joo about the truth in the manuscript, but Myung Joo is speechless. Won expresses her fear of both Myung Joo and her aunt and leaves. The episode ends with Seop finding Won at a bus terminal; she embraces Seop and breaks down.

Episode 15: Spring is Here

At the beginning of the episode, Won shares her concerns about trusting people with Seop. At the Walnut house, Myeong Yeo and Myung Joo argue over who is responsible for Joo Hong’s death. Myeong Yeo takes responsibility for her mistakes, but Myung Joo refuses to accept that it’s Myeong Yeo’s fault. Meanwhile, the town is abuzz with news about Jang Woo’s crush on Eun Shil, and they inform him that she will be leaving soon as her vacation is ending.

Myung Joo confronts Myeong Yeo and suggests she should turn herself in for the crime if she feels guilty. Seop takes Won to her childhood home, where she discovers that her mother still lives there. Won becomes angry because she was not informed. Seop comforts her, explaining that her mother only wants to spare her feelings.

Won confronts Myeong Yeon about why she never told her the truth, and Myeong Yeon explains that she wants to protect her from the pain. However, she received her mother’s approval and plans to turn herself in for her crimes. While drinking soju, Won remembers when her aunt was there for her. Bo Young finds a drunk Won and brings her home. During their conversation, Won admits that she liked Bo Young as a friend and was hurt by her actions. Bo Young says she will wait for her to heal, as every relationship has flaws, and no one is perfect.

After reminiscing about her memories with her family, Won arrives at the Walnut house and finds police cars outside. She panics, thinking they are there to arrest Myeong Yeo, but she later discovers they are there for someone else. Won requests Myeogn Yeo not to turn herself in and needs time to sort out her feelings. She also reveals that she will be leaving, which devastates Myeong Yeo.

With heavy steps and a heavy heart, Won runs up to Seop’s cabin, tears streaming down her face. She cannot hold back the emotions as the realization of leaving the town, and Seop hits her hard. The last thing Won does before leaving the town is to uncover her buried phone from under a tree.

Episode 16: Finding Happiness

The episode begins with Seop thinking about Won’s well-being. Won is in Seoul practicing Cello. Myeong Yeo and Myung Joo are spending time together. During an interview, Yoon Taek is asked if he is dating Myeong Yeo. He responds by saying that they support each other’s future. Later, Myeong Yeo suggests Myung Joo write a letter to Won explaining her actions and behavior from when she was in prison until now so that Won can better understand her.

In this episode, Im Hwi writes a letter to her crush Young Soo but forgets about it as a new transfer student who shares her name joins their class. She confides in her friend Hyun Ji about her crush on the transfer student. Meanwhile, Myeong Yeo’s book is gaining popularity and selling well. Myung Joo writes a letter to Won detailing the difficulties she faced in her life and expressing her love for her.

Seop gifts his mother a scarf on her birthday with an expression of his love engraved, which moves her to tears. Won visits Young Woo in Seoul and remembers Seop during their conversation. Won does not show up for Hyecheon’s reunion. Everyone teases Jang Woo and Eun Shil, and Eun Shil quits her job. Seop waits for Won’s return at the Bookstore.

Won meets with Myeong Yeo and Myung Joo for lunch and announces that she will return to Seoul in a week to resume teaching. Myung Joo reveals that she has sold their house in Paju. Jang Woo sees Won and is surprised, while Won feels upset seeing Seop with Min Jung. Later, Yoon Taek arrives to take Myeong Yeo.

Jang Woo and Eun Shil talk about happiness while enjoying ice cream. Eun Shil mentions that she probably would have accepted if Jang Woo had proposed to her with these words in high school. Later, Eun Shil confesses her love to Jang Woo, and they kiss.

After Seop leaves for his mother’s death anniversary, Won follows his car and runs behind it to hug him. Seop asks how long she will stay this time, and Won smiles. She then returns to the Bookstore while reminiscing about her relationship with Seop. Eventually, they resume their relationship from where they had left off.

In the last scene of the series, Won leaves a message for Bo Young, reminding her of a promise they made. The final shot shows Seop and Won looking at each other and smiling, suggesting they have rekindled their relationship.

When The Weather Is Fine (Season 1) Ending, Explained:

The last episode shows us that Seop and Won get back together. There isn’t any understanding between them to know why they instantly broke up and similarly got back together again. The last scenes tell us that this time they will be together irrespective of her deciding to stay in the town or move to Seoul.

Hae Won’s life as a child was not filled with love. Other kids bullied her, and she had no functional family to raise her. This explains her inability to be okay with breaking up a relationship and walking back like nothing happened. She has always felt lonely and isolated, even amidst a group. Bo Young breaking her promise gives us a little insight into how she treats relationships. She has seen promises and trust broken, and that’s what she believes is how any relationship functions.

When it comes to Eun Seop, he cannot stand up for himself and question Hae Won for her behavior because he was abandoned as a child, and throughout his childhood, he never had a say or space to express himself. He would listen to his adopted parents and his uncle, and help the townspeople risking his life, never questioning anybody for anything. In his mind, he believes this is gratitude and not someone crossing their boundary.

It makes sense for them to be together even though it seems like a toxic relationship. From the beginning until the end, they have matured as individuals and couples by not letting their past define who they are.

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