True Lies (Season 1), Episode 10: True Lies has done a decent job of balancing the explosive episodic storylines with adult drama. The writers have focused more on revealing more about Harry and Helen through the missions they partake in. Their development has been gradual but is bearing fruitful results for the viewers. Episode 10 of True Lies progressed in a similar vein and had a surprising twist at its core. In this recap and ending explainer, we will break down the episodes and clear up any confusion.

True Lies (Season 1), Episode 10:

Friendly Enemies

Harry and Helen are at the Venezuelan Consulate searching for intel. Helen keeps watch while Harry searches, as the guards are actively searching for them. Harry has located the necessary documents just as the guards get closer, and Helen confesses that she cannot bring herself to shoot at them. In response, Harry reminds her that she received training for precisely this type of situation and should be able to carry out the necessary action. As there is pounding on the door, Helen tells Harry that she didn’t shoot an actual person during training and that Harry does the shooting part during the missions. Next, Harry sets a time bomb and announces that there won’t be any shooting required. 

Why is Helen unsure about her shooting skills?

They quickly exit through a window and rush to a dinner appointment with one of their friends from their everyday life. While en route, Helen reiterates her belief that she succeeded at guarding the door because she did not have to use force. Shortly thereafter, they arrive at their friends’ home, the Dills. They have dinner and discuss everyday life. Harry and Helen return home and discuss the boring dinner they had. Helen regrets that their occupation as spies leaves no room for having good couple friends. She discusses that it would have been nice to be around someone where they could be themselves. Next, at the HQ, everyone arrives for the mission briefing. Gib informs them about the mission based on the intel they stole from the consulate. 

A rogue Cuban General named Hernan Alvaro Ochoa has gained control of a long-range mobile missile. He is of anti-Western thinking and has planned to target Miami with the missile. This act would initiate a new cold war. Gib also informs them about Valentina and Emilio Pérez, who are from the Cuban defense department. Harry and Helen must fly to Panama disguised as American diplomats and persuade the Pérezes to eliminate Ochoa. At home, Dana and Jake are going on a family lake trip to where their aunt has invited them. 

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The team Omega Sector arrives in Panama to execute Operation Meet Cute. Harry and Helen, disguised as American diplomats, are booked into the hotel where the Pérezes are staying. They are checked-in in the room just above the Pérezes. Luther and Maria have been tasked to watch the Pérezes as Harry and Helen break into their room and look for information they can use to befriend them. 

Harry and Helen “rope down” into the Pérezes’ balcony and break in. At the same time, Luther and Maria identify the Pérezes and their aide, Flor Alvarez. Harry and Helen enter the room. Harry finds a laptop and starts collecting information from it. Helen looks for books, clothes, drinks, etc., that could be used to befriend the Pérezes. While at the restaurant, Luther is distracted by a man who argues over the table. They continue arguing, and Maria joins in to sort the issue out. During the scuffle, Luther and Maria inform Gib that the Pérezes are already on the move and are heading toward their room. Gib instructs Harry and Helen to exit the location immediately. Harry and Helen closely avoid getting caught and return to their room.

The next afternoon, Harry and Helen get ready to meet and befriend their target. Gib informs them that the Pérezes are in the restaurant for lunch. Gib is set in their van in the alley, and Luther and Maria guard the surroundings. Helen exclaims that she knows so much about Valentina Pérez as if she were her best friend. Subsequently, Helen receives a call from Dana, who is anxious to join her cousins in water skiing as she is unsure of her ability in the sport. Helen advises her to be brave and to seek help whenever required. 

Harry and Helen approach the Pérezes, who are at the bar. Harry orders the Pérezes’ favorite drink Amiguitos for them, and they bond over the drinks. They all introduce themselves and move over to a table as they discuss the tedious embassy work. Both couples have lunch together and develop a bonding. Suddenly, Emilio brings out a proposition and asks Harry and Helen to request the US government to take out Ochoa, the same request Harry and Helen had cooked up for the Pérezes.

The Pérezes explain that taking out Ochoa in Cuba is difficult because of his solid connections, and they want the US to act on him. Meanwhile, Gib picks up encrypted radio signals on his systems, which indicate danger. Gib observes supporters of Ochoa swarming the restaurant and asks Harry and Helen to leave immediately. 

Who tipped off Ochoa? How could he attack so quickly?

The Pérezes, Harry, and Helen fight the armed men and leave safely, whereas Gib, Luther, and Maria are caught. Also, Ochoa’s men capture the person who had a scuffle about the restaurant table the previous night. He is later identified as Raul, a Cuban spy working with the Pérezes. It is revealed that the Pérezes are also spies working for the Cuban government. Also, Pérezes’ aide, Flor, tipped off Ochoa.

At Ochoa’s hideout, he is present with Flor on his side, and Gib is tied to the floor. Ochoa makes Gib contact Harry and Helen over the radio and instruct them to hand over the Pérezes to him in exchange for the captured spies. Luther and Maria are also tied in another room, along with Raul, during the contact. Gib gestures to Harry about the intel regarding the hideout, and Ochoa instructs them to meet him in an hour. 

Can the Taskers trust the Pérezes?

Harry and Helen are unsure of trusting the Pérezes. Likewise, the Pérezes are unsure of trusting Harry and Helen. They have a conversation, and both couples swear on their children that they will not betray one another. Then they decide to team up and attack Ochoa. They steal ammunition from a stash house nearby. Helen brings up her inability to shoot at people with Valentina. She receives a text from Dana informing her that Helen’s suggestion worked. 

At that moment, Helen realizes that what she told her daughter about being brave and asking for help when required applies to her too. She seeks help from Valentina regarding her issue and gets advised about it. Meanwhile, Luther and Raul are arguing over petty things while Maria pacifies them and asks them to concentrate on how to escape from there. 

True Lies (Season 1), Episode 10 Ending Explained:

Luther, Maria, and Raul try freeing themselves with the help of a sharp knife that Maria carries in her hair, but they struggle. Meanwhile, Luther and Raul continue to argue. The Pérezes and Harry and Helen arrive at the hideout with the Pérezes tied up, as instructed by Ochoa. Ochoa welcomes them at the entrance. Ambush begins as Ochoa indicates that he is going to kill everyone. They have an exchange of fire. During this time, Helen has a target in front of her, but she becomes nervous and is unable to shoot. Valentina shoots instead, saves her, and advises her not to think while shooting. Ochoa escapes inside. Luther, Maria, and Raul untie themselves and fight off Ochoa’s men because of their coordination with one another. Harry and Emilio go after Ochoa and follow him upstairs.

Could the Pérezes, the Frenemies, have been the couple-friends they were looking out for?

During the confrontation, Ochoa brings Gib with his gun pointing at him. He tells Harry that he will shoot Gib if he is attacked. However, Ochoa is shot, and it is revealed that Helen was the one who shot Ochoa from behind. We see Helen repeating what Valentina had suggested to her and says, “I didn’t think; I just shot him.” Gib receives a message that Ochoa’s allies have been arrested, and the missile has been neutralized. The Pérezes and the Taskers bid goodbye to each other, and so do Raul and Luther-Maria. Harry and Helen return home and have dinner with their children. Dana and Jake discuss their trip. The episode ends with Harry and Helen having their newfound favorite rum, Amiguitos, with Cuban music in the background. 

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