Somebody Somewhere (Season 2) Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: The second season of ‘Somebody Somewhere’ is gradually building its central relationships. Sam is realizing how much she loves Joel and wants to stay with him. She is also bonding better with Tricia in the wake of Trish’s daughter’s departure for further education. Joel is slowly discovering his romantic interest despite his obvious infatuation with Sam. 

Now the latest episode – ‘Keys Phone Cash ID’ explores Sam and Tricia taking care of MJ’s transfer to a different care facility. Joel, meanwhile, gets an outlet in Brad to speak about his personal crisis related to Fred’s upcoming wedding.

*Spoilers ahead*

Somebody Somewhere (Season 2), Episode 4 Recap:

Episode 4: Keys Phone Cash ID

Sam (Bridget Everett) wakes up to find Joel (Jeff Hiller) already at the kitchen table. He prepared some coffee for her and packed some snacks. He knows Sam’s apprehension about moving Mary Jo (Jane Brody) to another facility. So, he tries to help in the way he can – by showing how much he cares for her. ‘I just want to make the day easier for you,’ he says. You sense that he truly means it. 

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Despite not being a morning eater, Sam’s mood lights up the moment she takes a bite from the delicious snack he packed. She drinks some coffee while Joel talks about finishing his daily steps. She does not want him to do it since she will be driving all day. It is the thing they do together, right? He accepts not to finish the step since she can’t. 

After their adorable exchange, we see Sam in the parking lot of the care facility with Tricia (Mary Catherine Garrison). A nurse brings Mary Jo out to their car. The sisters are supposed to take MJ to another facility in Wichita. MJ thinks she is going to return after a day’s trip. The nurse then reveals that they haven’t told her about her transfer. They consider informing as the family’s responsibility.

So, Sam and Trish are left doing the hard task of telling MJ that she won’t be welcome there henceforth. Trish senses its mental burden on Sam and decides to do it herself. She opens the car door, tells her mother about it, and closes it the very next moment. She clearly does not want to spend too much time explaining. 

During their journey, Mary Jo sits in the backseat, boiling with anger. Trish keeps getting notifications on her phone. Since MJ coughs, Sam offers her some water. MJ does not pick up the bottle. Despite being the one driving the car, Sam decides to cut the silence with some small talk. She tries to open up to MJ and Trish by sharing some of her prior experiences.

The sisters decide to stop sometime later at a place they know for some okra. MJ suddenly asks to stop on the side to get cigarettes. Sam refuses to do so. Since her command doesn’t work out, MJ starts acting out like a child. She says that Sam is not her mother to discipline her like that. 

Jennifer Mudge, Murray Hill in Somebody Somewhere, Season 2 Episode 4 (Photograph by Sandy Morris/HBO).x
Jennifer Mudge, Murray Hill in Somebody Somewhere, Season 2 Episode 4 (Photograph by Sandy Morris/HBO).

MJ also insults both her daughters – Sam for never being married and Trish for her failed marriage. It triggers both, but they know that the pestering is just MJ’s way of making them do as per her wishes. So, Sam still refuses to stop. 

MJ soon starts whining about how boring Texas is. Despite never having been to New York, she says it is better. That does not work either. Then she points out that Sam is driving too fast. Trish then notices that Sam is 20 over the speed limit. It frustrates Sam, but she does not react right away.

MJ soon says that she wants to go home, but they do not let her return. Sam’s anger then reaches the tipping point, and she finally lashes out. She points out how it is MJ’s own fault, neither theirs nor their dad’s. They eventually reach Wichita and drop MJ down to the nurse. They decide to say goodbye right in the parking lot. 

Back in the car, they contemplate their future involving Mary Jo. ‘You think the good part of Mom is ever going to come back?’ Trish asks. They get emotional, thinking how that would never happen. While driving back, they stop by the food place to get the okra. Sam finally asks what Trish has been getting notifications for. She assumes it is Bumble. 

Trish reveals her ‘Lying c***’ pillows are doing incredibly well through Finsta. She says how the trend got picked up, and now she is getting numerous orders. Sam congratulates her, but it does not cheer her up. Trish wants to be a respectable businesswoman of something that she does not feel the need to hide from their church. 

Sam does not think there’s any need for that. Why does it matter what the church people say until she is content and successful? She sees it as a way for Trish to quit her day job at the grocery store. Trish reveals then that she has already been fired because of being drunk at work. Sam laughs at it to make light of the situation. She points out how bigger and better things await her. Anyhow, the sisters find a lighter moment after confronting the unfortunate failure with regard to their mother. 

Meanwhile, Joel spends his time following Brad Schrader (Tim Bagley) at his church. He asks himself whether it is okay to do so. But the moment he sees Brad walking out, he gets happy like a child. He contemplates walking up to Brad but stays back in the car. 

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While Brad speaks with the church people, Joel walks out but does not meet him directly. He walks around till Brad notices him. Brad says that he saw Joel sitting by himself in his car. Joel cooks up a lie that he stooped to text someone since he did not want to text and drive. Brad invites him in for a cup of coffee or a cookie. Joel refuses since he hesitates to walk inside a church. 

Brad clearly understands Joel’s advances. He offers a piece of gum and then a walk together. Joel turns off his step-meter because of his promise to Sam. But he doesn’t tell that reason to Brad. ‘It just makes my arm tingly,’ he says. 

While on the walk, Joel asks Brad about his voice lessons at Darlene’s. Unlike what Joel has assumed, Brad is self-aware that he isn’t a great singer. Once they have a laugh about it, Joel says he still likes how passionate Brad is. 

Joel discloses soon after that he has been stalking Brad. ‘It’s not a coincidence I ran into you,’ he says. Since Sam stopped going to the voice lessons at Darlene’s, he couldn’t think of any other way to meet or bump into Brad. He had seen the church’s name on Brad’s bag and, thus, followed him. 

‘I just wanted to see you again,’ Joel says with the sweetest expression. After laughing about his stalking, Joel opens up about his personal crisis. He talks about Fred having asked him to officiate his wedding. Even if it is not religious, he feels a little scared to do so. He starts blabbering and quickly feels silly about it. Is that what he wants his first date with Brad to be like? Brad put his worries to rest. He says how the church is a place one goes when one is confused. He offers to join Joel in case he wants to attend.

Sam and Trish drive back to the farm to quickly go through the letters in the box and take care of some duties. Sam opens their dad’s letter, who seems to be doing very well with his brother, away from the worries. He draws a funny picture of a cow, which makes both sisters chuckle. They feel happy that Dad is doing well. 

While feeding the chicken, the soon-to-be-wed couple joins them. Susan (Jennifer Mudge) says how great it would have been to grow up around that extreme natural beauty. Sam and Trish have a share of their bad experiences. But, instead of talking about them, they decide to enjoy the moment instead. Trish says they can have a party in the barn sometime. Sam jokes they can only if the couple likes ‘extreme natural beauty’! Fred finds just the right moment to compliment his beau. 

Somebody Somewhere (Season 2), Episode 4 Ending Explained:

Sam returns home and asks Joel why he didn’t respond to any of her calls. He says he forgot his phone. She reminds him of their song – Keys Phone Cash ID, to remember taking them before leaving the house. He feels bad that he forgot not just the phone but the song. 

He makes some teeny ’tinis (martinis), which quickly lights up her mood. When asked about his day, he does not share that he spent it with Brad. Since she had to send MJ away to Wichita, she shares her fear of probably turning into her mother. She does not want that to happen. 

Joel offers to smother her with a pillow in case that happens. It is still strictly a warm moment between them. It never ceases to amaze me how writers can find the weirdest ways to show their shared interest.

The martini lights up Sam’s mood. She wonders how so – if it is just mostly vodka. Joel says he added some love to it. They decide on a whim to ride their bikes outside. In her slightly drunken state, she says that she is in love with him. While they joke about it, it hints at the platonic relationship they have with each other. Let’s see how the further episodes explore it, also with Brad’s possible entry into Joel’s life.

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