Black Knight Season 1 (2023): The dystopian genre has long piqued the interest of authors and filmmakers because it provides a window through which to delve into society’s shadowy underbelly and the darker aspects of human nature. It offers the chance to imagine a different world that is either disintegrating or has turned into an oppressive, authoritarian regime. And that makes us think of great dystopian films like Mad Max, Children of Men, Snowpiercer, and Blade Runner, as well as dystopian books like The Hunger Games and The Handmaid’s Tale. It serves as a reminder to be watchful of the possible effects of our actions and a warning about the perils of technology and power. Netflix is trying to capitalize on it with their new Korean Series, Black Knight (Taekbaegisa).

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What is the Plot of Black Knight?

Kim Woo-bin as Delivery Man in Black Knight 2023
Kim Woo-bin as Delivery Man in Black Knight 2023

Netflix has released the official synopsis of the KDrama Black Knight, “In a dystopian future devastated by air pollution, the survival of humanity depends on the Black Knights — and they’re far from your average deliverymen.

Black Knight is set in the year 2071. Extreme pollution has resulted in wiping out the population of the Korean peninsula except for a 1%. It has forced the survivors to wear respirators.

This dystopian condition has resulted in the emergence of a new kind of delivery driver, known as the Knights, who supply not only survival items but also fresh oxygen.

A legendary knight by the name of “5-8” decides to train a young boy named Sa-Wol, who aspires to become a Knight like him so that he can realize his dream in the dark and perilous world in which they reside.

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Is Netflix Korean Series ‘Black Knight’ Adapted?

Delivery Knight Web Toon
Delivery Knight Web Toon

Yes, Black Knight is adapted from Lee Yoon-gyun’s webtoon Delivery Knight. Delivery Knight was released on Dec 25, 2016, and it ended on Aug 5, 2019.

It has a total of 89 chapters. You can read the Webtoon on Manhwatop.

Who are in the Cast of Black Knight?

Korean heartthrob Kim Woo-bin stars as a legendary driver – ‘5-8’. Kim Woo-bin started his career as a runway model and later successfully transitioned to KDramas and Korean film. He was last seen in the sci-fi action film Alienoid, directed by Choi Dong-hoon.

Song Seung-Heon stars as a wealthy heir to the Cheonmyeong Group. Cheonmyeong Group has capitalized on oxygen as it has turned into a rare commodity. Song Seung-Heon was last seen in the crime thriller Voice.

Kang Yoo-Seok stars as Sa-wol, who aspires to become like ‘5-8’, and Esom stars as a military officer, Seol-ah. Esom was last seen in Netflix Original Korean thriller – Kill Boksoon.

Kim Eui-sung, Jin Kyung, Nam Kyung-up, Roh Yoon-seo, Lee Joo-Seung, and Jung Eun-seong also star in supporting roles.

Where to Stream Black Knight?

Black Knight_Unit_

Written & directed by Cho Ui-Seok, the show is a Netflix Original KDrama that will be released globally on the 12th of May 2023. It is made with a budget of ₩25 billion (18.9M USD).

How Many Episodes Does Black Knight Have?

The show consists of six episodes, and each episode lasts for around 60 to 70 minutes. It’s a perfect weekend, binge-watch-worthy show. Given the global popularity of Korean series has exponentially grown over the years, it’s interesting to see whether Black Knight will gain popularity as much as Netflix’s Squid Game did.

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