Soulcatcher (2023): Movie Ending, Explained – Did Jan succeed in making his plans work?

Soulcatcher (2023) Movie Ending, Explained

Soulcatcher (2023): Have you ever heard of a device that is supposedly a cure for cancer, but with a few tweaks, it can effortlessly kill a population and cook their brains until they lose control or, worse, die? This new Polish Netflix action film will blow your mind. What makes it very interesting is all about the Soulcatcher device, but some of the scenes are just like the other action films we’ve seen. Soulcatcher (2023) is directed by Daniel Markowicz and written by Markowicz and Dawid Kowalewicz.

As soon as it was released, it gained criticism from fans and critics, saying that the CGI effects didn’t quite look realistic. With that being said, some fans still hold onto the movie and believe it’s still good. It’s subjective at the end of the day whether the film was a success or not. Now, let’s dive into the details of what happens inside the story and how it ended to find out where it could possibly have gone wrong.

Soulcatcher (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis :

The film begins with a team of contracted mercenaries, and Fang leads the team. The team also includes Piotr, Seba, and Harbir. They rent a boat to find a journalist named Eliza Mazur and gather evidence about the experiments conducted by the vile general. The team promptly tracks Eliza, but things shift unexpectedly when the group of people suddenly becomes wild and starts attacking them. They have the chance to kill the attackers, yet when a screeching device fires up, some of their teammates become unsteady. Piotr becomes feral, and attacks Fang and he has no choice but to end his life.

Meanwhile, Seba has been harmed by the device and become untamed, later killed by General Mammadov’s accomplices. Fang and Harbir are able to escape with the help of their friend Krystof using a plane, but they lose two of their team. Later that day, after successfully escaping, Fang and Harbir are quickly taken and questioned by the International Criminal Police Organization before Minister Jan comes in between and helps to free them.

He explains to Fang and Harbir how the device is supposed to turn everyone feral, and it’s called the “Soulcatcher.” He explains that once it infects someone, they will lose control. The origin of Soulcatcher was created for medical purposes. Yet, Professor Witold Mazur (Eliza’s father) changed and became rebellious to the point that he used to kill his crew and later joined forces with Mammadov. Minister Jan commanded Fang on a mission to bring back the Soulcatcher and kill the professor who started everything.

As the Soulcatcher was initially meant to cure cancer, once it has been optimized, it can stop the killings and save many lives. He also gives Fang and Harbir some of his crew and provides the necessary support they need for the mission. The plan is to sabotage Mammadov’s negotiations, who is selling the Soulcatcher to an African Warlord on his way to the island. Fang stops at his old friend’s house (Storm and Bull). They start going to the club with Krystof and Harbir and drink their sorrows away after Fang loses his brother.

As they return to the mission, they find out that Eliza is trying to escape with her father. Eliza convinces Fang that her father is innocent, and Fang shifts the plan, deciding not to kill the professor anymore. Kiel and Harbir move stealthily inside the facility and see that Mammadov has held the professor. As soon as the African warlord shows up, the general forces the professor to use the Soulcatcher and kill the hostages where they are being imprisoned.

Soulcatcher (2023) Movie Ending, Explained
A still from Soulcatcher (2023)

Then, gunshots are heard everywhere, and things get out of control when Mamaddov cheats and escapes from the African warlord with the Soulcatcher and a briefcase with loads of cash inside it. Fang and the African warlord are affected by a minuscule percentage of the device’s explosion. While Fang’s brain is not too affected and manages to kill the other opponent, they already have the chance to secure the Soulcatcher (alongside the professor and Eliza), safe and sound.

When they head into their base, Fang explains to Eliza that Harbir should escort her, as she might be arrested with her father once she steps on Poland. When they got home safely, things went upside down as there was a big revelation about Minister Jan that led to a big gunfight, and many got injured. But after a long fight, they were able to destroy the Soulcatcher, and Fang and Eliza ended up together.

Soulcatcher (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Why does Jan want the soulcatcher to be in his hands?

Jan is running for a position in politics where he needs to rule the whole country under his influence, and the only way he sees it happening is if he has the Soulcatcher in his hands. As he does have the device, it will create fear among people and make it easy for him to control and gain support. His plan includes convincing people that every country is turning into war zones, and so will Poland if he is not voted to be the prime minister. Before planning everything, Jan has already gained popularity, yet he wants to ensure he secures the position. The Soulcatcher has left fear among most people as it killed the masses, and it would help Jan eliminate his political rivals since he can easily kill them using the device.

Did Jan succeed in making his plans work?

As the film comes to its end, it shows that when Kiel brings the device and the professor to Jan, he takes Kiel captive. Little did Jan know, Agent Artur had been watching his actions all this time, and he now goes into the camp. That’s when the gunfight starts and becomes worse. Fang and Artur have a mission to defeat Jan and completely destroy the Soulcatcher. After many people are affected and injured during the gunfights, Fang successfully gains access to Jan’s camp, which is full of private militia (and they make it clear that they found out he’s the leader of NMP).

After going through Jan’s camp, they find the device, yet another veteran soldier shows up. The veteran soldier known as Sergeant Damian Prochyra already appeared earlier in the film, where he used to work under Jan and betrayed Fang and the team when he killed Krystof. With the help of the professor to blow up the soldiers coming in Fang’s way, he successfully defeats Prochyra. Meanwhile, Jan is hiding in his private chambers and is still found by Fang.

He tells them that whether they destroy the device or not, it won’t affect his side anymore since he has already gained control over Polish voters. In the middle of their conversation, everything is recorded on a voice tape. The voice tape is released to the masses the following day, and as expected, the voters turn against Jan, and their camp is raided. Jan manages to escape with his car and driver. Yet, the driver looks like Bull in the end, showing that Jan didn’t really escape that time and has been punished.

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