Sweet Tooth returns for Season 3, which will also be the final season of the Netflix series. The high-stakes journey that awaits Gus (Christian Convery) and his companions, promising answers to the lingering mysteries that have plagued the show since its debut, will be what the last season would typically be about. After hitting the streaming right in the middle of the pandemic and proving to be such a big hit for Netflix, the show is now nearing an epic conclusion. In the following article, we will take a look the Season 3 of Sweet Tooth and all the details we could gather for it.

Who is in the cast of ‘Sweet Tooth Season 3’?

Apart from the regular cast that you can find here, Sweet Tooth season 3 cast additions:

  • Cara Gee as Siana (series regular)
  • Ayazhan Dalabayeva as Nuka (Siana’s hybrid daughter, series regular)
  • More of Amy Seimetz as Birdie (Gus’s mother, upgraded to series regular)
  • More of Rosalind Chao as Zhang (upgraded to series regular)
  • Kelly Marie Tran as Rosie (Zhang’s daughter, top lieutenant in Zhang’s army)

Release Date:

The third and final season of Sweet Tooth premiered on June 6th, 2024.

Where can you stream ‘Sweet Tooth Season 3’?

Like the last two seasons, Sweet Tooth Season 3 can only be streamed with a Netflix subscription.

What is Season 3 of Sweet Tooth about?: Plot Details

Season 3 of Sweet Tooth will be the epic conclusion to the Netflix series. Picking up where Season 2 left off, Gus and his companions will embark on a dangerous journey to Alaska, where Gus’s mother Birdie is searching for answers to the origins of the deadly Sick.

New threats will emerge in the form of Helen Zhang and her daughter Rosie, who view Gus as the key to restarting human birth and eliminating hybrids. Gus will also face challenges from Dr. Singh, who may have his own dangerous agenda.

With time running out, Gus and his companions will face a fight for survival as they race to find a way to save both humanity and the hybrids. The season promises to be darker and more intense than previous seasons, with Gus forced to confront the harsh realities of the post-apocalyptic world.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Shooting Locations: Where was the Netflix show filmed?

Filming for Sweet Tooth Season 3 took place entirely in New Zealand. Season 3 was shot simultaneously with Season 2, so if you wish to know the exact details of the locations, you can visit here.

The reasoning behind filming it in New Zealand can be explained by its beautiful and diverse landscapes, which provide a natural fit for the series’ post-apocalyptic world. The country’s relative freedom from COVID-19 disruptions during production was a practical advantage.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Soundtrack: Every Song in the Netflix series’ final season

  • “Road to Alaska” by Bee Gees
  • “Some Sweet Day” by Juanita Jordan
  • “Turn to Dust” by Wolf Alice
  • “Tuckin'” by Grateful Dead
  • “Cello Song” by Nick Drake
  • “Boadicea” by Enya
  • White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes
  • “Soul Finger” by The Bar-Kays
  • “Five Revolutions” by Fwe Bana Zambia
  • “Avalanche” by Leonard Cohen
  • “Drive” by R.E.M.
  • “Another Story” by The Head and the Heart

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Complete Series Recap & Summary:

A Race Against Time:

The season opens with Gus, Jepp, Bear, and Wendy on a cross-country adventure to reach Gus’s adoptive mother, Birdie, believing she holds the key to ending the pandemic. Flashbacks reveal explorer James Thacker’s role in bringing the Sick from a hidden cave in the early 20th century, hinting at Gus’s eventual destination.

Their journey is fraught with challenges. They encounter the Bingo Bandits, a group of socialites fiercely protective of their possessions, and face a treacherous avalanche. Meanwhile, in Alaska, Birdie is attacked by one of Warlord Helen Zhang’s soldiers, but a mysterious large hybrid creature comes to her rescue.

New Alliances and Old Wounds:

Dr. Aditya Singh, remorseful for his past with the Last Men, joins Gus’s team, hoping to redeem himself and find a cure. However, his presence creates tension, particularly with Jepp who distrusts his motives.

The group encounters a family in the wilderness. Gus and Wendy discover the father, Ven, is prejudiced against hybrids, forcing his young son Theo to hide his own hybrid nature. They help Theo embrace his identity, while Aditya clashes with Ven over his treatment of his newborn hybrid son. When Ven betrays them, Theo helps them escape in his family van.

The Wolfboys and the Whale Song:

A glimpse into Helen Zhang’s past reveals her ruthless manipulation of her daughter, Rosie, turning her into a cold-blooded killer. Rosie uses her hybrid wolf-boys to track Gus down.

Following Theo’s advice, Gus’s team reaches Nag’s Reef to board the last ship to Alaska, the “Whale Song.” Unfortunately, they miss the ship. With the help of a local surfer girl, Coral, they build a makeshift boat, but tensions between Jepp and Bear regarding Aditya escalate.

Rosie and her wolf-boys close in, forcing Gus, Jepp, and Aditya to flee. Bear gets attacked and captured by the wolf-boys, while Wendy hides to find a way to rescue her sister. Gus, Jepp, and Aditya reach the Whale Song, only to find it overrun by the Sick.

Sacrifice and Revelation:

As the only one immune, Gus ventures to the command deck. A flashback reveals Aditya met Jepp ten years ago, urging him to return to his family. Meanwhile, aboard Zhang’s ship, Bear reunites with her former Last Men teammate, Jordan, who reveals Zhang’s plan to extract Gus’s stem cells to restore human childbirth and eradicate hybrids.

On the command deck, Gus befriends the ship’s first mate, Darwin, who helps him clear the ship of the infected and sets its course for Alaska. Sadly, Darwin succumbs to the Sick after sacrificing himself to save Gus.

Reaching Alaska, the group learns Birdie is missing. Gus, guided by a premonition, locates her in an old church. There, they meet Munaqsriri, the Caribou Man who rescued Birdie. He reveals his tragic past as the first naturally born hybrid, fathered by one of Thacker’s crew members and ostracized by humans.

Munaqsriri believes the Sick is a natural response to humanity’s destructive nature and urges Gus not to go to the cave, fearing it might unleash something worse. Birdie seems to agree with him.

Betrayal and Redemption:

Meanwhile, Aditya misinterprets Thacker’s journal entries, believing he must kill Gus inside the cave to end the Sick. He betrays Gus and aligns himself with Zhang.

Siona, Nuka, Jepp, and the other outposters reunite and plan to take back their outpost from Zhang’s forces. Wendy escapes Zhang’s ship and rescues Bear.

Following Munaqsriri’s map, Gus, Jepp, and Birdie reach the cave. They discover a primordial tree of life, damaged by Thacker in his attempt to obtain its sap, which unleashed the Sick. Birdie, now aligning with Munaqsriri’s view, forbids Gus from healing the tree.

A Fight for Survival:

Aditya and Zhang arrive, seeking to sacrifice Gus. Birdie heroically intervenes, sacrificing herself to save her son. Witnessing his mother’s death, Gus despairs and questions humanity’s worth.

Outside, the outposters confront Zhang’s forces. Jordan steals a drilling rig to exploit the cave’s contents. Inside the cave, Aditya prepares to kill Gus, but seeing Zhang’s ruthlessness.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Ending, Explained:

The conclusion of Sweet Tooth’s third season is a complex mix of bittersweet closure and uncertain beginnings.

Gus succeeds in destroying the ancient tree, the source of the Sick, effectively stopping the disease from claiming more lives. This victory, however, comes at a cost. With the source of the sickness gone, there’s no cure for those already infected. The world seems to acknowledge this as a form of mercy from nature, allowing the remaining humans a peaceful twilight of their existence. The birth of a hybrid child shortly after, however, hints at humanity’s eventual extinction, with hybrids taking over the Earth.

This season throws Gus his most formidable opponent yet: Helen Zhang. Driven by a desire to eliminate hybrids and restore human childbirth, Zhang relentlessly pursues Gus. Their paths collide in a climactic battle near the ancient tree. The fight is marred by loss. Gus mourns the death of Birdie, the woman who raised him, and Big Man is critically injured.

Redemption emerges amidst the tragedy. Dr. Singh, initially seeking to use Gus for his own ends, ultimately protects him from Zhang. When Zhang disrupts the tree, triggering another wave of the Sick, a desperate Gus sacrifices himself to stop it. Thankfully, his efforts are successful, and the disease is eradicated.

Gus recovers, but the fate of Big Man remains unclear. The show leaves it open ended, suggesting he may not have survived. Despite the loss, Gus builds a life with Wendy in a world where hybrids flourish. The final scene implies that Big Man’s spirit lives on in Gus’s memories, offering a glimmer of comfort amidst the bittersweet transformation of the world.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Review:

With 10 reviews filed so far, the third and final season of Sweet Tooth is currently at a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Tim Stevens from The Spool says, “The show is too good not to recommend, even if it didn’t sit well with this particular writer. Like its namesake, there’s something irrepressible about Sweet Tooth,” while Screenrant says, “Sweet Tooth season 3 continues that perfect mix of a world that is both full of wonder and violence, ending on a high note.”

Based on these reviews, we can recommend Sweet Tooth Season 3 wholeheartedly.

Episodes Listing:

The third season of Sweet Tooth has 8 episodes; the titles of the episodes are as follows:
  • Episode 1: The Beginning Is also the End.
  • Episode 2: Thank God I’m a Country Boy.
  • Episode 3: The Pack.
  • Episode 4: Beyond the Sea.
  • Episode 5: The Tail-Tale Heart.
  • Episode 6: Here There Be Monsters.
  • Episode 7: The Road Ends Here.
  • Episode 8: This Is a Story.

Watch the trailer here:

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