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Surreal Films 2015 - Theory of Obsecurity

15 Must-see Surreal Films of 2015

In Manifesto of Surrealism, André Breton defined cinema as ‘Three cheers for darkened rooms!’ There is a dreamlike quality to cinema watching experience itself. When an adventurer enters the darkened room and encounters a series of flickering images that projects dazzling visions of life, surrounded by complete strangers, the experience of cinema can be equated with that of dream. What moviegoers seek from cinema is the experience of otherness. Movie watching is and will always be a mystical ritual that teeters on the edge of reality. This strange analogy between film viewing and dream state is the foundation of surrealist cinema.

The 25 Best Films of 2015

We’re halfway through 2015, with July almost arriving, but I waited to finish watching all the possible good films of 2015 before I come up with a list that I totally find justified for my own taste. Here is a comprehensive list of the Best Films from 2015. Do not go bonking if you don’t see Son of Saul , The Revenant on the list or Spotlight in the Top 10. I loved both the films, and they ‘may’ deserve all the critical praise and love from the audiences but I didn’t find them better than other films that topped them.

The 20 Best Non-English Films of 2015

2015 has been a great year for film junkies, specially for foreign films. Hollywood kept on churning sequels, super-hero films, and midst of commercial films they made few sensible films too . Though Indie films are saving grace for Hollywood, it is Foreign films that I dig the most. They seldom disappoint you. They have variety of films dealing with social, cultural, and political aspects of their native country. It is tad difficult to pick only 20 best Non-English Films from around 100 + Non English films I have seen in 2015. Time has come to buy DVDs and update your watch-list if you are fan of cinema in general. Here is the list of “The 20 Best Non-English Films – 2015”.