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10 Best Robin Williams Movie Performances

Robin Williams has been considered to be one of the greatest comedic performers with a legacy that immortalizes his most praiseworthy work. He originally found his fame through stand-up sets and the…

Guy Ritchie Filmography Featured and Content

Why Guy Ritchie Is Above His Mediocre Filmography?

Here’s what makes Guy Ritchie a better filmmaker despite his mediocre filmography: Guy Ritchie may not be a marvelous filmmaker with a close-perfect filmography, but he surely is one of the most…

Aladdin [2019] Review: Just Magical Enough

The original Aladdin wasn’t a big part of my childhood. I don’t particularly have any strong emotional attachment to it. To be honest, I barely remember it. I went into this live-action…

2019 May Be a Weird Year for Films

2019 will hopefully be like any other year in terms of quality, but it may also be an oddity given the strange and audacious existence of some of the films to be released in this last year of the first decade of the second millennium.