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The Cremator (Spalovac mrtvol)

The Cremator (Spalovac mrtvol) [1969] Review: A Macabre Masterpiece

An unhinged, unsettling & uncomfortable chiller that effortlessly sustains its eeriness from the first frame to the last, The Cremator (also known as Spalovac mrtvol) is an increasingly disturbing & extremely morbid example…

Gueros [2014] Review : A Romantic & Insightful Take on ‘Slackerdom’

The meaning of the word ‘Gueros’ is defined before the movie rolls on. It means ‘light-skinned people’ (a derisive slang), and so there might be a thought on the back of your mind that it’s about racism (and the resulting class divide) in Mexican society. Yeah, it touches that subject with a dash of deadpan humor. Actually, the sensational social commentary in “Gueros” peacefully unveils in the background, while our attention is grabbed by the witty, expressionistic images