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The 50 Best Films Of 2018

2018 was a year that introduced a few young and unique voices into the ever-growing and evolving experience of cinema-going. While the mainstream films mostly turned out to be mediocre, the independent…

The 15 Best English Language Films of 2018

If mediocre films like ‘A Star is Born‘, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Vice’ get nominated at The Academy Awards 2019 and a feel-good charmer “Green Book” can get the golden lady for the…

Double Feature Review: ‘Anomalisa’ and ‘The Little Prince’

The Animation genre has had a great run in the year 2015. Unlike most years, some of the best films of the year were actually animation films. While the subject of ‘Inside Out’ was a groundbreaking one, there was a devastatingly haunting film in ‘The Boy and the World’. Anomalisa was expectedly a Kaufman-esque dream, while ‘When Marnie was there’ lived upto the expectations one has from a Ghibli Studio movie. It was one of those rare Oscar years in which the names at the Best Animation film category looked even better than the titles in the Best Picture Category. Here is my double feature review of two brilliant films of that lot; ‘Anomalisa’ and ‘The Little Prince.’

The Little Prince (2015): A Heartfelt Eulogy on Lost Childhood & Love

It is a huge risk to adapt a beloved children’s novella like The Little Prince, which is one of the most translated books in the world (translated to more than 250 languages) and sold more than 14 million copies worldwide. Although its water-color illustrations feel akin to children book, French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s observations on human condition in “Little Prince” are more poignant than what we witness in some credible, modern adult fictions.