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Arctic [2019] Review: Mads Mikkelsen At His Best

Championed by a truly sensational performance from Mads Mikkelsen who carries the entire film on his own without ever saying much, “Arctic” is one of the finest films of its kind that’s…

The wind

The Wind [2019] Review: A Menacing Portrait of Isolation

A folkloric tale of madness, paranoia & things that go bump in the night, The Wind is an exquisitely photographed & thoroughly unnerving atmospheric horror that makes terrific use of its desolate…

the hole in the ground

The Hole in the Ground [2019] Review: Squandered Potential

A slow-burn indie horror that benefits a lot from its remote setting, foreboding aura & restrained camerawork in addition to steady direction & sincere performances, The Hole in the Ground is a…