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Florence Pugh in The Wonder (2022, Netflix), Explained

The Wonder (2022) Movie Ending, Explained

The Wonder (2022) Movie Ending, Explained: Within a span of just half a decade, Florence Pugh has become one of the most reliable actors from the current generation. Be it her calmly…

Room [2015]: “The Boy and The World”

Lenny Abrahamson’s Room is poignant. Room is evocative. Room is devastatingly beautiful. There is a magic in creating a world in a child’s perspective. To capture and display the innocence, the purity, the sheer amount of confusing vastness of the world is no mean feat. Writer Emma Donoghue, who is also the writer of the book that the film is based upon, and director Lenny Abrahamson manage to do just that.

Room [2015]: When a Mother is your Whole World

Room is an achievement in film-making. It is a movie that delves with every emotion known to man. It delves in the psyche of a kid, for whom, earth in an alien planet; for whom, his world was a small cramped up wooden garden shed; for whom, a wardrobe was his bedroom, his imaginary dog was his pet and his mother was his everything. At the same time, the movie skillfully showcases a mother deep anguish and constant struggles