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Best Moments Harry Potter - Always

The 10 Best Moments in the Harry Potter Film Series

The 10 Best Moments in the Harry Potter Film Series: Despite being almost two decades old, Harry Potter films remain the go-to films for people who grew up in the 1990s and…

Sofia Coppola the virgin suicides

Every Sofia Coppola Movie Ranked

Sofia Coppola comes from a family of successful filmmakers, most notably her father Francis Ford Coppola. However, Sofia Coppola has been able to break away from her father’s shadow and secure herself…

Every Alfonso Cuarón Film Ranked

Alfonso Cuarón or Alfie as he is lovingly called is one of the few Mexican who is a power-player among-st the currently active Hollywood filmmaker. His movies are not only reaching to the widest number of people and grossing largest number of figures but also being critically acclaimed. He holds the position of becoming the first Mexican director to ever win the Oscars for the best director category- winning it for Gravity in 2014.

James Ponsoldt Movies

Every James Ponsoldt Film Ranked

Ponsoldt is just 3 movies old but there is a certain maturity in all his films. His films have damaged people who are both happy and unhappy with their life, mostly the later. There is a huge exposure to alcohol as well but what makes his films fresh and charming are the shades of growing up. He very conveniently slips in subtle messages of coming-of-age in his films that aren’t always about growing teenagers. As I sit in anticipation for his fourth film The End Of the Tour starring Jesse Eisenberg as a Rolling Stone reporter and his quest with Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace, concerning their 5 days interview in 1996 I look back at all his films trying to rate them in an order that I feel is right.