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Ryusuke Hamaguchi Drive My Car

Ryusuke Hamaguchi Shares Criterion Top 10 Films

Ryusuke Hamaguchi optimally leverages the audio-visual medium of cinema and spun it delicately in a mystifying narrative to look at modern romance and relationships. Born in 1978, his debut film Passion (2008)…

Holiday 2018

Holiday (2018): ‘Sundance’ Review

Isabella Eklöf breaks the moral compass on your head in her beguiling, seductive & disturbing first feature Holiday (2018). By putting Sascha, a young trophy girlfriend of a drug lord at the…

5 Young ‘Bad Guys’ in Commercial Bollywood Cinema

For years villains have been an integral part of our movies. Even though the protagonists in our Hindi films have always had the last laugh, yet it is the antagonist that makes them look larger than life. Since years now, the antagonists in our movies have evolved like no other character has. While the heroes’ characters are more or less cut out from the same skin, it is the antagonist’s’ character that has changed many a garb, many a persona, many a mode.