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Spotlight [2015] – The People who took on a Blighted ‘System’

Tom McCarthy’s stupendous drama “Spotlight” (2015) opens and ends on the confined spaces of two different institutions – police and press. One silenced a crime, while the other stood alone to shine down its ‘spotlight’. Contemporary movies about journalists have often taken a cynical and audacious look at the profession. Tom McCarthy’s film offers a counter-argument for the worthiness of the investigative journalism; about how it could stand up against an entity that deems itself as ‘untouchable’. “Spotlight” reminds of us why effective journalism is a significant part of a healthy democracy. It asks tough questions on the mechanism of a powerful institution that abuses its followers’ faith, but at the same time it’s not the kind of film that takes on an insipid judgemental stand. There’s a torrential flow of humane moments in “Spotlight” that is so sincere and non-sentimental.