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Thelma and Louise

On Female Violence in Thelma and Louise

On a wintry day in Southern America, my phone beeped with a notification. A decade-old friend who had been incommunicado in recent years said she was dying and needed to talk to…

The Hateful Eight [2015]: The Bloody, Snowy tale of Murder, Mystery and Madness

“The Hateful Eight” is unlike something the man has ever made. I am a fan of the kind of story-telling which breaks the story into separate chapters (a la Kill Bill) and it was nice to see QT bringing back that thing here. In the end, The Hateful Eight stands as a grandeur of a film, which is not perfect by all means, and too much long (thanks to the poor editing, I guess), but still a great mystery thriller masquerading as a snowboarding western. This one, might not be as entertaining as his earlier films (keeping aside Death Proof, of course), but still Quentin Tarantino should be lauded for his eighth effort. The ninth, I hope tops this one.