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20 Most Anxiety-Inducing Movies of the 2010s Decade

20 Most Anxiety-Inducing Movies: Cinema has the power to move you. While some films can fill you with a breath of rain-washed garden air, others can make you feel as if you…

50 Best Japanese Films of the 21st Century

It is a general idea that the Japanese cinema’s downfall started in the 1980s, and the 90s economic stagnation knocked the film industry down until its revival through J-horror (in the late…


10 South Korean Thrillers With Notable Socio-Economic Commentary

10 South Korean Thrillers With Notable Socio-Economic Commentary: South Korean filmmakers did not have the freedom to exercise their expression throughout the Japanese invasion of Korea. The military dictatorial rule till the…


Beginning [2020]: ‘MUBI’ Review – We Live In a Patriarchy, Let’s Begin There

Cannes 2020 selected Déa Kulumbegashvili’s ‘Beginning’ (Dastaskisi) was supposed to play in competition along with Wes Anderson’s ‘The French Dispatch.’ While the former had a drip-drip-drip release since September, I assume nobody but Anderson has seen the latter. Cannes, for its glory, selected Steve McQueen’s ‘Mangrove’ and ‘Lovers Rock’ to play in the competition. They picked Nir Bergman’s ‘Here We Are’ and Francis Lee’s ‘Ammonite,’ too. My money, however, would have been on ‘Beginning’ to be the next ‘Parasite’.

mother! [2017]: Earth’s Bleeding Heart

Aronofsky has toyed around the concepts of religion for a long span of his career. He took an audacious swing at the ideas of The Tree being a source of eternal life…

Mother! [2017]: An Exercise in Gender Studies

If Noah was a misstep, mother! is pretty concrete proof that Aronofsky is back on firm footing and definitely seems to be equipped with a provocative edge to his dark sense of theatrical storytelling. He pushes, prods, provokes and stupefies. Aided by a hypnotic performance by Jennifer Lawrence, he does something a lot of filmmakers today forget to do: he makes watching a film a personal experience for each individual viewer.