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American Honey [2016] : Spider-Woman of the Dumpster!

Diamonds in the skies have never been so far, nor the mud in the ground ever felt so close. Insects have gradually started crawling over the dead remains of a lost generation…

Gueros [2014] Review : A Romantic & Insightful Take on ‘Slackerdom’

The meaning of the word ‘Gueros’ is defined before the movie rolls on. It means ‘light-skinned people’ (a derisive slang), and so there might be a thought on the back of your mind that it’s about racism (and the resulting class divide) in Mexican society. Yeah, it touches that subject with a dash of deadpan humor. Actually, the sensational social commentary in “Gueros” peacefully unveils in the background, while our attention is grabbed by the witty, expressionistic images

Mississippi Grind [2015] Review : You win some, You lose some.

Mississippi Grind can better be described as a character study of two people who have nothing in common except for their passion for ‘gambling’. Even if you are not a sucker for gambling based films, “Mississippi Grind” is immensely likable and irresistible, with a few good take away moments imbibed in it.