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Baar Baar Dekho [2016] : As confused as the protagonist!

Baar Baar Dekho is a confused film. It tries so hard to be smart, savvy and good looking. But not a single aspect of the film lights up emotions or sends tragic signals down your veins. It’s About Time Bollywood realized that A Time Traveller’s Wife should never be Katrina Kaif. It has become so mundane and incredibly sad to see her speak, dance and even show us some mighty curves. But it’s not just Kaif’s fault here. Nitya Mehra’s film that’s about a ‘mathematician’ trapped in a ‘time-lapse’ which doesn’t follow any laws governed by either. It neither works on logic nor does it wants to. If only the director paid more attention to the plot and not the prosthetic hair, makeup and the VFX for the year 2034, this would have been at least watchable. But then again, that’s just me being overly hopeful for something that wouldn’t happen.