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Warriors of Future

Warriors of Future (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Directed by Yuen Fai Ng, ‘Warriors of Future’ is a Cantonese science fiction film. While trying to present the themes pertinent to our lives, it resorts to being a Transformers-like mindless action…

A Clockwork Orange (1972)

All Stanley Kubrick Movies Ranked from Great to Greatest

It happened last week, a preoccupation with a feeling of unease and a desire to escape my surrounding space to take solace in activities that are smeared with artistic excellence, perfection, and…

Best Sci-Fi Movies 1

10 Best Sci-Fi Movies of The Decade (2010s)

10 Best Sci-Fi Movies of The 2010s: Science fiction is one if not the most influential genre of film. The reason being that it can be molded to whatever you please. It…