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Best Georgian Films 06

The 25 Best Georgian Films of All Time

Georgian film is more than 110 years old with its pioneer director Vasil Amashukeli who started making short documentaries back in 1908. In 1912 Amashukeli shot the first full-length documentary in the…

The 10 Best James Bond Movies of All Time

On 30th September 2021, the 28th film in the James Bond Movies Franchise, No Time To Die, finally comes out in theatres. It is the fifth film starring Daniel Craig, and it…

Marnie 1964

Lookback at Hitchcock: Marnie [1964]

I should point this out that for a film that wasn’t received well upon its release, “Marnie (1964)” has formulated a more worthy place now. Based on Winston Graham’s book, the film…

Lookback on Lumet: The Offence [1973]

This film doesn’t shy away, but instead deeply examines the atrocities that police officers like Johnson witness on a regular basis, how it affects their psyche and their home-life, and how when confronted face-to-face with what seems like pure evil, these darker forces that have grown from within drastically take control.


Dr. No [1962] Review: A Great Spy Thriller with a Tough and Stylish hero

Dr. No was the first chance for the fans of Ian Fleming’s Bond novel to see it adapted on the big screen. Little did the people know that it will transcend itself into one of the longest running spy franchise that is still going strong. During the making of Dr. No, stakes were quite high. Ian Fleming was upset with the selection of Scottish working class Bond, Sean Connery. Producers of the Bond film picked the sixth novel, which was grittier and darker in tone to start with. Now, we all know how Dr. No has not only shaped the career Sean Connery but also provided the solid foundation for following Bond flicks. Dr. No is arguably considered as the best Bond film and also one of the closest cinematic interpretations of any Bond novel that has rightly captured the essence of novel.