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The 70 Most Anticipated Films of 2019

Like every other year, we have made our anticipated list by digging deep enough to find little independent gems that are going to dazzle us in time. Here are the 70 most…

Borg McEnroe [2017]: The IceBorg versus the SuperBrat

The sharp and kinetic editing rendering the relentless appeal, unblemished period design, muted colours, exquisitely shot and stunning aerial photography, we are able to suspend all disbelief that we’re watching a sports film.

American Honey [2016] : Spider-Woman of the Dumpster!

Diamonds in the skies have never been so far, nor the mud in the ground ever felt so close. Insects have gradually started crawling over the dead remains of a lost generation…

Fury [2014] Review – A Brutal Tank Drama with Battle-Scarred Soldiers

David Ayer’s last two films were at the extreme pole- Sabotage being a totally forgetfully bore action thriller while End of Watch being one of the best crime dramas. Heavily stylized & dramatized Fury falls just somewhere in middle of it. Fury depicts the horror of war quite well with the dash of some great action scenes & undercurrent of jingoism. The opening scene of Wardaddy(played by Brad Pitt) killing a German cavalry officer with a knife, then cutting his eye sets the tone of the film and later