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7 Great Movies based on Great Comic Books

While Captain America: The First Avenger received mixed reviews, its sequel was loved by one and all. It was a tremendously entertaining film which engaged the audience with its smart writing. Chris Evans shined in this film as the superhero himself. While I personally found the first movie a mere spectacle, this one was craftsmanship with twice the spectacle. Every last dollar spent on the movie was clearly visible on the screen. It had a thematic structure that impressed masses and critics.

Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [2016]

The biggest gladiator match in the history of comic-book films feels like a stinking turd that jumps from one scene to another without even transitioning properly. At the end of the day when you look at the film it frustrates you and makes you angry. It just feels like that random drunk guy who doesn’t know where he is coming from and where he needs to move next. And finally when he gets his senses he keeps throwing up on his way home.