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Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception

10 Films To Watch If You Love Inception (2010)

10 Films To Watch If You Love Inception (2010): It has been 11 years since Christopher Nolan’s Inception came out. Yet today, we talk about it with great awe and reverence. Leonardo…

12 Monkeys Explained

12 Monkeys (1995) Movie Ending, Explained & Themes Analyzed

12 Monkeys (1995) Explained: “The movie never changes. It can’t change. But every time you see it, it seems different because you’re different,” muses the central character, James Cole – a disoriented…

Heath Ledger

Every Heath Ledger Performance Ranked

In a recent interview with a magazine, Jake Gyllenhaal, who starred opposite Heath Ledger in Ang Lee’s groundbreaking film Brokeback Mountain, said that the late actor refused to present at the 2007…

The pre-reviews of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote [2018]

Cinephiles must feel a sense of relief for him that this labored production of love is finally complete with a happy ending, yet there must also be a sense of frustration that this story he struggled so long to convey will be drowned out by the enormity of its surrounding story that he didn’t intend to tell.

10 Overlooked Fantasy Films That You Probably Didn’t See

Fantasy is so often rigidly defined and cornered into just Swords and Sorcery films. It can be so much more and so much more, well, fantastic! Instead of offering you ten of the best films, or any arbitrary ranking, I’m offering instead ten films that sometimes get overlooked as fantasy. It might broaden the spectrum of what it is we call fantasy and what is under the realm of the fantastical.