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Do Faithful Movie Adaptations Work?

Do Faithful Movie Adaptations Work?: For decades, filmgoers have scrutinized on-screen adaptations for their fidelity to their original work. However, with the onset of modern internet fandoms over the years, the discourse…

10 Greatest Best Picture Oscar Winners

The Best Picture Oscar has been one of the most prestigious awards in pop culture, and though credibility is an argument that’s inclusive of the concept of awards itself, there’s no denying…

Zootopia [2016] : Animalistic tendencies!

Move away cutesy films with dance numbers where the princess has to kiss the frog to make things right. Disney has finally made a film that doesn’t have to hide behind a white inflated toy. Here’s a film that, in spite of its very similar premise, reinvents ideas and takes imagination to la la land. Zootopia will be hated by that racist friend of yours who’s busy making internet memes because life hasn’t told him to believe in himself yet. The film take you to a journey of self-discovery, while accounting important grounds about race differences in a world where superiority and inferiority should just be words in a dictionary and nothing more.

The Great Cinematographers and their “Visions of Light”: A love letter to the DOP

Great cinematography has a tendency of sneaking up on you. When it’s done well, the average moviegoer will have a sense of appreciation for the level of visual beauty on display but most people aren’t really conscious of the artistry involved and the incredible level of work that goes into the making of all of those pretty pictures. I know for me personally, it took many years of film appreciation before it finally occurred to me the extremely important place that cinematography holds within the movie making process.